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This is a template topic for use with the PublishAddOn? . It illustrates how to set up a topic in a web to simplify publishing. To use it, take a copy of the raw text of this topic, and paste it into a new topic in your own web.

Publish topics from the Support web

* Name of the URL and folder space inside $TWiki::cfg{PublishContrib}{Dir} and $TWiki::cfg{PublishContrib}{URL}. e.g. test, prod. Defaults to '', so publishes to the top of those.
    • Set INSTANCE =
  • Comma-separated list of wildcard patterns? that match the names of topics to include
    • Set INCLUSIONS = *
  • Comma-separated list of wildcard patterns? that match the names of topics to exclude
    • Set EXCLUSIONS = Web*,Publish*
  • A regular expression that will cause a topic to be excluded if the RE matches the topic content *# Set FILTER =
  • Skin for published HTML
    • Set PUBLISHSKIN = text
  • Set templates to use (defaults to view)
    • Set TEMPLATES = view
  • Format to publish in (file, pdf, tgz, zip)
    • Set FORMAT = file
  • Set whether to show debug output (defaults to '', for no)
    • Set DEBUG =
  • If set, additional options that will be passed to the output generator *# Set EXTRAS =

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