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How to join the ATLAS Virtual Organization (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Step 1: CERN HR registration

CERN requires everyone who is part of ATLAS or USATLAS to be registered with CERN HR. If you aren't already, you need to do so.

To check whether you are registered, follow these steps:

  • Go to http://graybook.cern.ch/ExperimentSearch.html
  • Select "ATLAS" as experiment, enter your Last name in "Family Name" and click search
  • If you can find yourself in the result, then you are already registered
  • If you cannot fine yourself in the result, then you need to register

To register with CERN, please follow these steps:

  • Download and complete the ATLAS Registration form at http://atlas.web.cern.ch/Atlas/ATLASreg_form.doc Since it is a Word document, you can edit it and send it via e-mail.
    • YOUR CERN IDENTIFICATION NUM - you can leave blank
    • CERN OFFICE AND PHONE NUMBER - you can leave blank
    • ATLAS AUTHORLIST - if you are not a physicist, and do not know what this means, answer NO
    • HOME ADDRESS WHEN AT CERN - you can leave blank
  • E-mail the completed form to Claire.Massip@cern.ch OR Connie.Potter@cern.ch.
  • Send a copy of your license or passport, via FAX to + 41 22 767 8350

You will be contacted by the ATLAS Secretariat to confirm your registration.

Step 2: Register through the ATLAS VOMRS (Virtual Organization Management Registration Service)

Access to ATLAS grid resources is granted by joining the ATLAS VO. This is a three-step process that is accomplished entirely via the web.

  • Be sure to use the same browser you imported your certificate in, since registration page will require your certificate to authenticate you.
  • Read the LCG Usage Rules.

Becoming a candidate:

To become a candidate for the ATLAS VO you must perform the Phase I registration.

  • Go to the ATLAS VOMRS server. Note that your personal certificate DN and Certificate Authority are noted in red at the lower left of the window. If it is not, then you need to load your certificate into your browser before proceeding.
  • Click on "Phase I Registration' on the left side bar.
  • Fill out the requested information. Under Grid job submission rights, select the default value of full.
  • As a USATLAS candidate, you should select John R. Hover as your VO Representative.
  • If you receive an error message that your email address is not registered at CERN, you may need to wait a day or two after your registration has been confirmed so that your information can be completely processed.
  • You will recieve an e-mail when your identity has been confirmed.

Becoming an applicant:

Once your basic identity has been established you are "candidate". To become an applicant you need to perform Phase II registration. In this phase you select groups and/or roles you wish to be authorized for within the VO and formally agree to be bound by the LCG Usage Rules.

  • Go to the ATLAS VOMRS server again. You should now see "Phase II Registration" on the left side bar.
  • Click on "Phase II Registration' on the left side bar.
  • You should select /atlas/usatlas and /atlas/lcg1 as groups to join. Do not select any Roles. Only ATLAS/USATLAS software managers and system administrators need (or will be permitted) to be authorized for the "production' and 'software' Roles and groups. Those applicants will definitely know who they are. Your application may be delayed if you request groups or roles for which you shouldn't be authorized.
  • You will recieve an e-mail when your application has been approved.

Becoming a member:

Within a few days, your application will be reviewed by your Representative and (presumably) approved. You will recieve an e-mail confirmation that you are officially a member of the VO and can begin using grid software. Note that there may be up to 24 hours of lag between your final approval and the point at which all ATLAS sites worldwide will recognize your credentials.

-- JohnHover - 26 Jul 2006

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