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Minutes of a meeting to discuss role of Proof at Tier3/Tier2 facilities.
  • Note: This is following up from the last November's Tier2/Tier3 workshop at SLAC we discussed options for supporting analysis at various facilities. See the Facility planning session of that workshop here. One of the issues was to consider introduction of PROOF (+xrootd) services at Tier2 facilities by the summer. We discussed as a first step writing down a skeletal plan on how to get there.
  • Coordinates: Thursday, 12:30 pm Chicago / 1:30 pm BNL / 7:30 pm CERN; Phone: (605) 475-6000, Access code: 735188
  • Attendees: Rob Gardner, Asoka DeSilva? , Sergey Panitkin, Bryan Caron

Possible topics

  • Updates on proof+condor scheduling (Neng)
  • Updates/news from Sergey
  • Continue our discussion of catalog/data management issues
  • Setting up a small "tier3" proof-xrootd testbed (Rob)

BNL news (Sergey)

  • Restoring analysis files - file naming issue on the existing farm.
  • Discussion with the proof team regarding computing on demand.
  • Discussion of mass storage interface in xrootd, to stage data on demand.
  • Working on dCache-based dynamic staging model, at the job level. (Similar to the Alice model - analysis train model, pre-staged independent of jobs, automatically from dataset requests.)

Progress at UC (Rob)

  • Private network issues
  • for proof, no problem
  • for xrd, will need to setup proxy mode in the redirector
  • for authentication - xrootd uses a plugin structure; see very nice talk during last S&C in June 07 (Sanjay); on client side, will need a simlar plugin on the client.
  • Note - at BNL, its setup within the acas farm perimeter, not visible from outside. Can redirect local port via an ssh tunnel to the redirector, via the gateway machine.

Other tools needed for Tier3

  • Generic tools for administration for multiple nodes. BNL uses tentacle (python). There are many. Very site/admin-specific.
  • DQ2 user tools, and limited number of grid client tools.
  • Catalog - LFC or LRC? Want to standardize and leverage packages and documentation.

TRIUMF (Asoka)

  • 7 servers delivered for a testbed. Xeon dual core 2.8 GHz, 2.5 GB/2core, 40GB disk.
  • Focus on Tier3's in Canda.

Alberta (Bryan)

  • Tier2 running dCache. Carved out subset of nodes for proof-xrootd.
  • Examples from Neng work fine.
  • Interested in tying into dCache. Use of xrootd-door of dCache.

Release recommendation reminder

  • Sergey suggests using root 5.14 (older one) for using xrootd and FDR data. Better compatibility w/ Athena and Rel 13 data.


  • Please post questions, experiences on the proof-xrootd hypernews
  • Possible interest here in bestman-xrootd - will post some insructions from Wei @ SLAC on the hypernews.
  • Next meeting: two weeks from today; use Hypernews.

-- RobertGardner - 01 Apr 2008

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