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To Report BNL/USATLAS Specific Issues regarding Service Challenge, bnl-sc@rcf.rhic.bnl.gov.

This email list includes the managers and service administrators from USATLAS participating Tier 1 & Tier 2 centers.

To Get General Support for Service Challenge:

Email Usage
mailto:fts-support@cern.ch Support list for the gLite File Transfer Service Software
mailto:hep-service-lfc@cern.ch Support list for LHC File Catalog Software
mailto:hep-service-dpm@cern.ch Support list for the LCG Disk Pool Manager
mailto:castor2.support@cern.ch Support list for the new CASTOR2 software

All Tier 1 Site Contact and Configurations

Tier One Information

Service Challenge Monitoring

The Plots for Service Challenge 3 Service Phase and Service Challenge 3 Rerun

Service Challenge Slides


Service Challenge 3 Daily Report at Tier 0

Service Challenge 3 Links





FTS SRMCP and Third Party Transfer Comparison

Service Challenge 4

During this service phase, ATLAS will focus on the Tier0 exercise, as part of which transfer from Tier0 to Tier1 will be done.

BNL Tier1 deployment



Miguel and Simone will install ATLAS DDM site service on this host remotely.


endpoint : srm://dcsrm.usatlas.bnl.gov:8443//pnfs/usatlas.bnl.gov/sc_tier2/usatlas1

Any files put into this dCache directory will not be deleted immediately, but nor will they be migrated into HPSS backend tape system. The life time of these files basically depends on the disk space usage on the read pools. This senario fits well with the Tier0 exercise data, which can be recylced periodically.

FTS (version 1.4)

WS interface: https://fts01.usatlas.bnl.gov:8443/BNL-fts/glite-data-transfer-fts/js-monitor.html

SC3 monitoring



ATLAS DDM MOnitoring


Admin Document

FTS 1.3 twiki:


FTS 1.4 twikis:



User Document

FTS: http://www.atlasgrid.bnl.gov/SC3/BNL-FTS.html

LHCOPN Toplogy and Tier 0/Tier 1 Site CIDR Address Blocks:

LHCOPN Toplogy and Tier 0/Tier 1 Site CIDR Address Blocks

LHCOPN Logical View:

LHCOPN Logical View

Detailed L2 Links in LHCOPN Connecting T0 and T1 sites:

Detailed L2 Links in LHCOPN Connecting T0 and T1 sites

Newer Version of L2 Links in LHCOPN Connecting T0 and T1 sites

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