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Warning: the information on this page comes from the Rome production and does not correspond exactly to the values in the CSC production. While the general features are correct, these tables should not be relied on for precise mass and branching ratio values.


"Coannihilation" point. Cross section (LO) - 6.8pb

Small mass splitting for both left and right-handed sleptons:

  • M(chi2^0) - M(LL) = 8.5 GeV
  • M(LR) - M(chi1^0) = 17 GeV
  • M(chi2^0) - M(stau2) = 6.6 GeV
  • M(stau1) - M(chi1^0) = 9.5 GeV


  • reconstruction of soft leptons and taus, tau measurements, small h --> bbbar signal

 *                                          *
 *  ISAJET     V7.71   18-OCT-2004 16:52:09 *
 *                                          *

 Minimal supergravity (mSUGRA) model:

 M_0,  M_(1/2),  A_0,  tan(beta),  sgn(mu),  M_t =
    70.000   350.000     0.000    10.000     1.0   175.000

 ISASUGRA unification:
 M_GUT      = 0.203E+17   g_GUT          =0.711      alpha_GUT =0.040
 FT_GUT     = 0.513       FB_GUT         = 0.050     FL_GUT = 0.069

 1/alpha_em =  127.81     sin**2(thetaw) =0.2309     a_s^DRB   =  0.118
 M_1        =  141.20     M_2            =  270.97   M_3       =  791.38
 mu(Q)      =  455.77     B(Q)           =   60.64   Q         =  625.90
 M_H1^2     = 0.516E+05   M_H2^2         =-0.205E+06 TANBQ     =    9.704

 ISAJET masses (with signs):
 M(GL)  =   831.84
 M(UL)  =   753.90   M(UR)  =   730.28   M(DL)  =   758.15   M(DR) =   728.51
 M(B1)  =   699.97   M(B2)  =   723.50   M(T1)  =   573.66   M(T2) =   754.39
 M(SN)  =   239.84   M(EL)  =   252.73   M(ER)  =   155.73
 M(NTAU)=   239.10   M(TAU1)=   147.73   M(TAU2)=   254.92
 M(Z1)  =  -136.72   M(Z2)  =  -262.03   M(Z3)  =   460.82   M(Z4) =  -479.08
 M(W1)  =  -262.35   M(W2)  =  -478.30
 M(HL)  =   115.80   M(HH)  =   515.16   M(HA)  =   511.57   M(H+) =   521.08

 theta_t=   1.0574   theta_b=   0.3704   theta_l=   1.3789   alpha_h=   0.1064

 NEUTRALINO MASSES (SIGNED) =  -136.716  -262.030   460.816  -479.081
 EIGENVECTOR 1       =   0.04502  -0.11396  -0.03387   0.99189
 EIGENVECTOR 2       =   0.15437  -0.24558  -0.95460  -0.06781
 EIGENVECTOR 3       =  -0.70914  -0.70021   0.06872  -0.04592
 EIGENVECTOR 4       =  -0.68649   0.66061  -0.28787   0.09722

 CHARGINO MASSES (SIGNED)  =  -262.352  -478.296
 GAMMAL, GAMMAR             =   1.93683   1.79758

 ISAJET equivalent input:
 MSSMA:   831.84  455.77  511.57   10.00
 MSSMB:   724.16  695.94  699.09  245.99  147.17
 MSSMC:   669.56  692.60  580.26  245.27  144.64 -629.34 -922.26 -216.14
 MSSME:   141.20  270.97

 ISASUSY decay modes:
 Parent --> daughters                  Width          Branching ratio

 TP     -->  UP     DB     BT                0.40521E+00    0.33333E+00
 TP     -->  CH     SB     BT                0.40521E+00    0.33333E+00
 TP     -->  E+     NUE    BT                0.13507E+00    0.11111E+00
 TP     -->  MU+    NUM    BT                0.13507E+00    0.11111E+00
 TP     -->  TAU+   NUT    BT                0.13507E+00    0.11111E+00
 GLSS   -->  W1SS+  BT     TB                0.35680E-02    0.32678E-03
 GLSS   -->  W1SS-  TP     BB                0.35680E-02    0.32678E-03
 GLSS   -->  W2SS+  BT     TB                0.76695E-03    0.70241E-04
 GLSS   -->  W2SS-  TP     BB                0.76695E-03    0.70241E-04
 GLSS   -->  Z1SS   GL                       0.37440E-05    0.34290E-06
 GLSS   -->  Z1SS   TP     TB                0.60284E-03    0.55211E-04
 GLSS   -->  Z2SS   GL                       0.10776E-04    0.98691E-06
 GLSS   -->  Z2SS   TP     TB                0.19382E-02    0.17751E-03
 GLSS   -->  Z3SS   GL                       0.29866E-03    0.27353E-04
 GLSS   -->  Z3SS   TP     TB                0.21043E-04    0.19273E-05
 GLSS   -->  Z4SS   GL                       0.21120E-03    0.19343E-04
 GLSS   -->  Z4SS   TP     TB                0.84948E-05    0.77801E-06
 GLSS   -->  UBL    UP                       0.31138E+00    0.28518E-01
 GLSS   -->  UPL    UB                       0.31138E+00    0.28518E-01
 GLSS   -->  DBL    DN                       0.27990E+00    0.25635E-01
 GLSS   -->  DNL    DB                       0.27990E+00    0.25635E-01
 GLSS   -->  UBR    UP                       0.51311E+00    0.46993E-01
 GLSS   -->  UPR    UB                       0.51311E+00    0.46993E-01
 GLSS   -->  DBR    DN                       0.52993E+00    0.48534E-01
 GLSS   -->  DNR    DB                       0.52993E+00    0.48534E-01
 GLSS   -->  SBL    ST                       0.27990E+00    0.25634E-01
 GLSS   -->  STL    SB                       0.27990E+00    0.25634E-01
 GLSS   -->  SBR    ST                       0.52992E+00    0.48533E-01
 GLSS   -->  STR    SB                       0.52992E+00    0.48533E-01
 GLSS   -->  CBL    CH                       0.31133E+00    0.28513E-01
 GLSS   -->  CHL    CB                       0.31133E+00    0.28513E-01
 GLSS   -->  CBR    CH                       0.51305E+00    0.46988E-01
 GLSS   -->  CHR    CB                       0.51305E+00    0.46988E-01
 GLSS   -->  BB1    BT                       0.80819E+00    0.74019E-01
 GLSS   -->  BT1    BB                       0.80819E+00    0.74019E-01
 GLSS   -->  BB2    BT                       0.59757E+00    0.54729E-01
 GLSS   -->  BT2    BB                       0.59757E+00    0.54729E-01
 GLSS   -->  TB1    TP                       0.77920E+00    0.71364E-01
 GLSS   -->  TP1    TB                       0.77920E+00    0.71364E-01
 UPL    -->  Z1SS   UP                       0.64885E-01    0.89930E-02
 UPL    -->  Z2SS   UP                       0.22939E+01    0.31794E+00
 UPL    -->  Z3SS   UP                       0.45288E-02    0.62769E-03
 UPL    -->  Z4SS   UP                       0.82260E-01    0.11401E-01
 UPL    -->  W1SS+  DN                       0.46549E+01    0.64516E+00
 UPL    -->  W2SS+  DN                       0.11456E+00    0.15877E-01
 DNL    -->  Z1SS   DN                       0.13884E+00    0.19668E-01
 DNL    -->  Z2SS   DN                       0.21965E+01    0.31118E+00
 DNL    -->  Z3SS   DN                       0.75493E-02    0.10695E-02
 DNL    -->  Z4SS   DN                       0.10760E+00    0.15243E-01
 DNL    -->  W1SS-  UP                       0.43120E+01    0.61087E+00
 DNL    -->  W2SS-  UP                       0.29630E+00    0.41977E-01
 STL    -->  Z1SS   ST                       0.13884E+00    0.19669E-01
 STL    -->  Z2SS   ST                       0.21965E+01    0.31118E+00
 STL    -->  Z3SS   ST                       0.75493E-02    0.10695E-02
 STL    -->  Z4SS   ST                       0.10760E+00    0.15243E-01
 STL    -->  W1SS-  CH                       0.43119E+01    0.61087E+00
 STL    -->  W2SS-  CH                       0.29630E+00    0.41976E-01
 CHL    -->  Z1SS   CH                       0.64885E-01    0.89930E-02
 CHL    -->  Z2SS   CH                       0.22939E+01    0.31793E+00
 CHL    -->  Z3SS   CH                       0.45287E-02    0.62768E-03
 CHL    -->  Z4SS   CH                       0.82259E-01    0.11401E-01
 CHL    -->  W1SS+  ST                       0.46549E+01    0.64517E+00
 CHL    -->  W2SS+  ST                       0.11456E+00    0.15877E-01
 BT1    -->  Z1SS   BT                       0.19545E+00    0.26351E-01
 BT1    -->  Z2SS   BT                       0.17878E+01    0.24102E+00
 BT1    -->  Z3SS   BT                       0.32688E-01    0.44070E-02
 BT1    -->  Z4SS   BT                       0.62992E-01    0.84924E-02
 BT1    -->  W1SS-  TP                       0.27852E+01    0.37550E+00
 BT1    -->  W2SS-  TP                       0.17986E+01    0.24248E+00
 BT1    -->  W-     TP1                      0.75469E+00    0.10175E+00
 TP1    -->  Z1SS   TP                       0.78274E+00    0.22824E+00
 TP1    -->  Z2SS   TP                       0.52157E+00    0.15209E+00
 TP1    -->  W1SS+  BT                       0.16563E+01    0.48297E+00
 TP1    -->  W2SS+  BT                       0.46880E+00    0.13670E+00
 UPR    -->  Z1SS   UP                       0.15123E+01    0.99207E+00
 UPR    -->  Z2SS   UP                       0.57630E-02    0.37805E-02
 UPR    -->  Z3SS   UP                       0.12607E-02    0.82698E-03
 UPR    -->  Z4SS   UP                       0.50634E-02    0.33216E-02
 DNR    -->  Z1SS   DN                       0.37703E+00    0.99210E+00
 DNR    -->  Z2SS   DN                       0.14352E-02    0.37765E-02
 DNR    -->  Z3SS   DN                       0.31238E-03    0.82199E-03
 DNR    -->  Z4SS   DN                       0.12535E-02    0.32985E-02
 STR    -->  Z1SS   ST                       0.37703E+00    0.99210E+00
 STR    -->  Z2SS   ST                       0.14352E-02    0.37765E-02
 STR    -->  Z3SS   ST                       0.31238E-03    0.82199E-03
 STR    -->  Z4SS   ST                       0.12535E-02    0.32985E-02
 CHR    -->  Z1SS   CH                       0.15123E+01    0.99207E+00
 CHR    -->  Z2SS   CH                       0.57629E-02    0.37805E-02
 CHR    -->  Z3SS   CH                       0.12606E-02    0.82698E-03
 CHR    -->  Z4SS   CH                       0.50634E-02    0.33216E-02
 BT2    -->  Z1SS   BT                       0.30860E+00    0.17543E+00
 BT2    -->  Z2SS   BT                       0.17742E+00    0.10086E+00
 BT2    -->  Z3SS   BT                       0.60112E-01    0.34172E-01
 BT2    -->  Z4SS   BT                       0.92941E-01    0.52834E-01
 BT2    -->  W1SS-  TP                       0.27821E+00    0.15815E+00
 BT2    -->  W2SS-  TP                       0.60374E+00    0.34320E+00
 BT2    -->  W-     TP1                      0.23810E+00    0.13535E+00
 TP2    -->  W1SS+  BT                       0.24321E+01    0.22902E+00
 TP2    -->  W2SS+  BT                       0.16566E+01    0.15600E+00
 TP2    -->  Z0     TP1                      0.12421E+01    0.11697E+00
 TP2    -->  HL0    TP1                      0.54741E+00    0.51547E-01
 TP2    -->  Z1SS   TP                       0.26443E+00    0.24900E-01
 TP2    -->  Z2SS   TP                       0.10409E+01    0.98017E-01
 TP2    -->  Z3SS   TP                       0.90670E+00    0.85381E-01
 TP2    -->  Z4SS   TP                       0.25293E+01    0.23817E+00
 EL-    -->  Z1SS   E-                       0.13915E+00    0.99996E+00
 EL-    -->  TAU1-  E-     TAU+              0.21448E-05    0.15413E-04
 EL-    -->  TAU1+  E-     TAU-              0.30833E-05    0.22156E-04
 MUL-   -->  Z1SS   MU-                      0.13915E+00    0.99996E+00
 MUL-   -->  TAU1-  MU-    TAU+              0.21448E-05    0.15413E-04
 MUL-   -->  TAU1+  MU-    TAU-              0.30833E-05    0.22157E-04
 TAU1-  -->  Z1SS   TAU-                     0.14987E-01    0.10000E+01
 NUEL   -->  Z1SS   NUE                      0.15425E+00    0.99996E+00
 NUEL   -->  TAU1-  NUE    TAU+              0.67098E-06    0.43499E-05
 NUEL   -->  TAU1+  NUE    TAU-              0.10954E-05    0.71014E-05
 NUEL   -->  TAU1+  E-     NUT               0.42742E-05    0.27709E-04
 NUML   -->  Z1SS   NUM                      0.15425E+00    0.99996E+00
 NUML   -->  TAU1-  NUM    TAU+              0.67098E-06    0.43499E-05
 NUML   -->  TAU1+  NUM    TAU-              0.10954E-05    0.71014E-05
 NUML   -->  TAU1+  MU-    NUT               0.42742E-05    0.27709E-04
 NUTL   -->  Z1SS   NUT                      0.15285E+00    0.95235E+00
 NUTL   -->  W+     TAU1-                    0.76459E-02    0.47638E-01
 NUTL   -->  TAU1+  NUT    TAU-              0.64644E-06    0.40277E-05
 NUTL   -->  TAU1-  NUT    TAU+              0.10436E-05    0.65024E-05
 ER-    -->  Z1SS   E-                       0.40981E-01    0.10000E+01
 ER-    -->  TAU1-  E-     TAU+              0.32976E-13    0.80468E-12
 ER-    -->  TAU1+  E-     TAU-              0.14009E-13    0.34184E-12
 ER-    -->  TAU1-  NUE    ANUT              0.46780E-19    0.11415E-17
 MUR-   -->  Z1SS   MU-                      0.40980E-01    0.10000E+01
 MUR-   -->  TAU1-  MU-    TAU+              0.32977E-13    0.80471E-12
 MUR-   -->  TAU1+  MU-    TAU-              0.14009E-13    0.34185E-12
 MUR-   -->  TAU1-  NUM    ANUT              0.19888E-14    0.48531E-13
 TAU2-  -->  Z1SS   TAU-                     0.15702E+00    0.95417E+00
 TAU2-  -->  Z0     TAU1-                    0.75413E-02    0.45828E-01
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   GM                       0.73906E-09    0.55038E-08
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   Z0                       0.13185E-02    0.98185E-02
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   UP     UB                0.27051E-07    0.20145E-06
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   DN     DB                0.49770E-07    0.37064E-06
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   ST     SB                0.49770E-07    0.37064E-06
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   CH     CB                0.27050E-07    0.20144E-06
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   BT     BB                0.10113E-06    0.75309E-06
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   TAU-   TAU+              0.31174E-08    0.23215E-07
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   HL0                      0.75900E-02    0.56523E-01
 Z2SS   -->  EL-    E+                       0.26384E-02    0.19648E-01
 Z2SS   -->  EL+    E-                       0.26384E-02    0.19648E-01
 Z2SS   -->  MUL-   MU+                      0.26382E-02    0.19647E-01
 Z2SS   -->  MUL+   MU-                      0.26382E-02    0.19647E-01
 Z2SS   -->  ER-    E+                       0.12819E-02    0.95465E-02
 Z2SS   -->  ER+    E-                       0.12819E-02    0.95465E-02
 Z2SS   -->  MUR-   MU+                      0.12819E-02    0.95465E-02
 Z2SS   -->  MUR+   MU-                      0.12819E-02    0.95465E-02
 Z2SS   -->  TAU1-  TAU+                     0.15946E-01    0.11875E+00
 Z2SS   -->  TAU1+  TAU-                     0.15946E-01    0.11875E+00
 Z2SS   -->  TAU2-  TAU+                     0.14767E-02    0.10997E-01
 Z2SS   -->  TAU2+  TAU-                     0.14767E-02    0.10997E-01
 Z2SS   -->  NUEL   ANUE                     0.12211E-01    0.90936E-01
 Z2SS   -->  ANUEL  NUE                      0.12211E-01    0.90936E-01
 Z2SS   -->  NUML   ANUM                     0.12211E-01    0.90936E-01
 Z2SS   -->  ANUML  NUM                      0.12211E-01    0.90936E-01
 Z2SS   -->  NUTL   ANUT                     0.13002E-01    0.96825E-01
 Z2SS   -->  ANUTL  NUT                      0.13002E-01    0.96825E-01
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   GM                       0.37375E-06    0.15347E-06
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   GM                       0.50478E-06    0.20728E-06
 Z3SS   -->  W1SS+  W-                       0.70770E+00    0.29060E+00
 Z3SS   -->  W1SS-  W+                       0.70770E+00    0.29060E+00
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   Z0                       0.27915E+00    0.11463E+00
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   Z0                       0.56863E+00    0.23349E+00
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   UP     UB                0.37526E-07    0.15409E-07
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   DN     DB                0.14997E-07    0.61583E-08
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   ST     SB                0.14997E-07    0.61583E-08
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   CH     CB                0.37526E-07    0.15409E-07
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   BT     BB                0.68962E-05    0.28318E-05
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   TAU-   TAU+              0.80076E-06    0.32881E-06
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   UP     UB                0.26331E-07    0.10812E-07
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   DN     DB                0.39632E-07    0.16274E-07
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   ST     SB                0.39632E-07    0.16274E-07
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   CH     CB                0.26331E-07    0.10812E-07
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   BT     BB                0.29397E-05    0.12071E-05
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   TAU-   TAU+              0.22691E-06    0.93175E-07
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   HL0                      0.48019E-01    0.19718E-01
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   HL0                      0.22952E-01    0.94248E-02
 Z3SS   -->  EL-    E+                       0.89661E-03    0.36817E-03
 Z3SS   -->  EL+    E-                       0.89661E-03    0.36817E-03
 Z3SS   -->  MUL-   MU+                      0.89661E-03    0.36817E-03
 Z3SS   -->  MUL+   MU-                      0.89661E-03    0.36817E-03
 Z3SS   -->  ER-    E+                       0.19387E-02    0.79608E-03
 Z3SS   -->  ER+    E-                       0.19387E-02    0.79608E-03
 Z3SS   -->  MUR-   MU+                      0.19387E-02    0.79608E-03
 Z3SS   -->  MUR+   MU-                      0.19387E-02    0.79608E-03
 Z3SS   -->  TAU1-  TAU+                     0.16467E-01    0.67618E-02
 Z3SS   -->  TAU1+  TAU-                     0.16467E-01    0.67618E-02
 Z3SS   -->  TAU2-  TAU+                     0.14753E-01    0.60581E-02
 Z3SS   -->  TAU2+  TAU-                     0.14753E-01    0.60581E-02
 Z3SS   -->  NUEL   ANUE                     0.45518E-02    0.18691E-02
 Z3SS   -->  ANUEL  NUE                      0.45518E-02    0.18691E-02
 Z3SS   -->  NUML   ANUM                     0.45518E-02    0.18691E-02
 Z3SS   -->  ANUML  NUM                      0.45518E-02    0.18691E-02
 Z3SS   -->  NUTL   ANUT                     0.45727E-02    0.18777E-02
 Z3SS   -->  ANUTL  NUT                      0.45727E-02    0.18777E-02
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   GM                       0.82824E-06    0.25975E-06
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   GM                       0.87900E-10    0.27567E-10
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   GM                       0.51229E-08    0.16066E-08
 Z4SS   -->  W1SS+  W-                       0.81486E+00    0.25555E+00
 Z4SS   -->  W1SS-  W+                       0.81486E+00    0.25555E+00
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   Z0                       0.58914E-01    0.18477E-01
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   Z0                       0.47401E-01    0.14866E-01
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   UP     UB                0.60095E-06    0.18847E-06
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   DN     DB                0.56008E-06    0.17565E-06
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   ST     SB                0.56008E-06    0.17565E-06
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   CH     CB                0.60095E-06    0.18847E-06
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   BT     BB                0.73445E-05    0.23034E-05
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   TAU-   TAU+              0.79143E-06    0.24821E-06
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   UP     UB                0.21385E-05    0.67066E-06
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   DN     DB                0.25231E-05    0.79130E-06
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   ST     SB                0.25231E-05    0.79130E-06
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   CH     CB                0.21384E-05    0.67066E-06
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   BT     BB                0.67756E-05    0.21250E-05
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   TAU-   TAU+              0.23576E-06    0.73938E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   UP     UB                0.22416E-06    0.70300E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   DN     DB                0.28958E-06    0.90818E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   ST     SB                0.28958E-06    0.90818E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   CH     CB                0.22416E-06    0.70300E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   BT     BB                0.12279E-06    0.38508E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   E-     E+                0.65624E-07    0.20581E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   MU-    MU+               0.65624E-07    0.20581E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   TAU-   TAU+              0.57790E-07    0.18124E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   NUE    ANUE              0.13057E-06    0.40950E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   NUM    ANUM              0.13057E-06    0.40950E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   NUT    ANUT              0.13057E-06    0.40950E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   HL0                      0.23665E+00    0.74219E-01
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   HL0                      0.54575E+00    0.17116E+00
 Z4SS   -->  EL-    E+                       0.28864E-01    0.90521E-02
 Z4SS   -->  EL+    E-                       0.28864E-01    0.90521E-02
 Z4SS   -->  MUL-   MU+                      0.28864E-01    0.90521E-02
 Z4SS   -->  MUL+   MU-                      0.28864E-01    0.90521E-02
 Z4SS   -->  ER-    E+                       0.92113E-02    0.28888E-02
 Z4SS   -->  ER+    E-                       0.92113E-02    0.28888E-02
 Z4SS   -->  MUR-   MU+                      0.92113E-02    0.28888E-02
 Z4SS   -->  MUR+   MU-                      0.92113E-02    0.28888E-02
 Z4SS   -->  TAU1-  TAU+                     0.12835E-01    0.40252E-02
 Z4SS   -->  TAU1+  TAU-                     0.12835E-01    0.40252E-02
 Z4SS   -->  TAU2-  TAU+                     0.47928E-01    0.15031E-01
 Z4SS   -->  TAU2+  TAU-                     0.47928E-01    0.15031E-01
 Z4SS   -->  NUEL   ANUE                     0.65959E-01    0.20686E-01
 Z4SS   -->  ANUEL  NUE                      0.65959E-01    0.20686E-01
 Z4SS   -->  NUML   ANUM                     0.65959E-01    0.20686E-01
 Z4SS   -->  ANUML  NUM                      0.65959E-01    0.20686E-01
 Z4SS   -->  NUTL   ANUT                     0.66232E-01    0.20771E-01
 Z4SS   -->  ANUTL  NUT                      0.66232E-01    0.20771E-01
 W1SS+  -->  Z1SS   UP     DB                0.74058E-07    0.52886E-06
 W1SS+  -->  Z1SS   CH     SB                0.74058E-07    0.52886E-06
 W1SS+  -->  Z1SS   TAU+   NUT               0.27766E-08    0.19828E-07
 W1SS+  -->  Z1SS   W+                       0.12274E-01    0.87648E-01
 W1SS+  -->  Z2SS   E+     NUE               0.17417E-14    0.12438E-13
 W1SS+  -->  Z2SS   MU+    NUM               0.17417E-14    0.12438E-13
 W1SS+  -->  NUEL   E+                       0.28293E-01    0.20205E+00
 W1SS+  -->  NUML   MU+                      0.28293E-01    0.20204E+00
 W1SS+  -->  NUTL   TAU+                     0.30392E-01    0.21704E+00
 W1SS+  -->  EL+    NUE                      0.49939E-02    0.35662E-01
 W1SS+  -->  MUL+   NUM                      0.49939E-02    0.35662E-01
 W1SS+  -->  TAU1+  NUT                      0.27969E-01    0.19973E+00
 W1SS+  -->  TAU2+  NUT                      0.28242E-02    0.20168E-01
 W2SS+  -->  Z1SS   UP     DB                0.80646E-06    0.25783E-06
 W2SS+  -->  Z1SS   CH     SB                0.80646E-06    0.25783E-06
 W2SS+  -->  Z1SS   TAU+   NUT               0.54930E-06    0.17562E-06
 W2SS+  -->  Z1SS   W+                       0.24004E+00    0.76741E-01
 W2SS+  -->  Z2SS   UP     DB                0.19939E-05    0.63747E-06
 W2SS+  -->  Z2SS   CH     SB                0.19939E-05    0.63747E-06
 W2SS+  -->  Z2SS   TAU+   NUT               0.46610E-06    0.14902E-06
 W2SS+  -->  Z2SS   W+                       0.89499E+00    0.28613E+00
 W2SS+  -->  Z3SS   UP     DB                0.63195E-06    0.20204E-06
 W2SS+  -->  Z3SS   CH     SB                0.63195E-06    0.20204E-06
 W2SS+  -->  Z3SS   E+     NUE               0.21059E-06    0.67326E-07
 W2SS+  -->  Z3SS   MU+    NUM               0.21059E-06    0.67326E-07
 W2SS+  -->  Z3SS   TAU+   NUT               0.21059E-06    0.67326E-07
 W2SS+  -->  NUEL   E+                       0.57034E-01    0.18234E-01
 W2SS+  -->  NUML   MU+                      0.57034E-01    0.18234E-01
 W2SS+  -->  NUTL   TAU+                     0.80672E-01    0.25791E-01
 W2SS+  -->  EL+    NUE                      0.13400E+00    0.42840E-01
 W2SS+  -->  MUL+   NUM                      0.13400E+00    0.42840E-01
 W2SS+  -->  TAU1+  NUT                      0.92730E-02    0.29646E-02
 W2SS+  -->  TAU2+  NUT                      0.14837E+00    0.47436E-01
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  Z0                       0.76770E+00    0.24544E+00
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  DN     DB                0.20367E-05    0.65113E-06
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  ST     SB                0.20366E-05    0.65113E-06
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  UP     UB                0.45974E-05    0.14698E-05
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  CH     CB                0.45974E-05    0.14698E-05
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  HL0                      0.60474E+00    0.19334E+00
 HL0    -->  E-     E+                       0.22437E-10    0.41473E-08
 HL0    -->  MU-    MU+                      0.94731E-06    0.17510E-03
 HL0    -->  TAU-   TAU+                     0.27094E-03    0.50082E-01
 HL0    -->  DN     DB                       0.28157E-07    0.52047E-05
 HL0    -->  ST     SB                       0.11377E-04    0.21030E-02
 HL0    -->  BT     BB                       0.44942E-02    0.83074E+00
 HL0    -->  UP     UB                       0.78909E-08    0.14586E-05
 HL0    -->  CH     CB                       0.19797E-03    0.36594E-01
 HL0    -->  GM     GM                       0.75057E-05    0.13874E-02
 HL0    -->  GL     GL                       0.16348E-03    0.30219E-01
 HL0    -->  W+     E-     ANUE              0.13583E-04    0.25107E-02
 HL0    -->  W+     MU-    ANUM              0.13583E-04    0.25107E-02
 HL0    -->  W+     TAU-   ANUT              0.13583E-04    0.25107E-02
 HL0    -->  W+     UB     DN                0.40749E-04    0.75322E-02
 HL0    -->  W+     CB     ST                0.40749E-04    0.75322E-02
 HL0    -->  W-     E+     NUE               0.13583E-04    0.25107E-02
 HL0    -->  W-     MU+    NUM               0.13583E-04    0.25107E-02
 HL0    -->  W-     TAU+   NUT               0.13583E-04    0.25107E-02
 HL0    -->  W-     UP     DB                0.40749E-04    0.75322E-02
 HL0    -->  W-     CH     SB                0.40749E-04    0.75322E-02
 HL0    -->  Z0     NUE    ANUE              0.12958E-05    0.23952E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     NUM    ANUM              0.12958E-05    0.23952E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     NUT    ANUT              0.12958E-05    0.23952E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     E-     E+                0.65215E-06    0.12055E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     MU-    MU+               0.65215E-06    0.12055E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     TAU-   TAU+              0.65215E-06    0.12055E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     UP     UB                0.22342E-05    0.41298E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     CH     CB                0.22342E-05    0.41298E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     DN     DB                0.28782E-05    0.53202E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     ST     SB                0.28782E-05    0.53202E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     BT     BB                0.28782E-05    0.53202E-03
 HH0    -->  E-     E+                       0.87424E-08    0.87137E-08
 HH0    -->  MU-    MU+                      0.36912E-03    0.36791E-03
 HH0    -->  TAU-   TAU+                     0.10571E+00    0.10537E+00
 HH0    -->  DN     DB                       0.10773E-04    0.10738E-04
 HH0    -->  ST     SB                       0.43529E-02    0.43386E-02
 HH0    -->  BT     BB                       0.67205E+00    0.66984E+00
 HH0    -->  UP     UB                       0.39357E-09    0.39227E-09
 HH0    -->  CH     CB                       0.80360E-05    0.80096E-05
 HH0    -->  TP     TB                       0.16638E+00    0.16584E+00
 HH0    -->  GM     GM                       0.16160E-05    0.16107E-05
 HH0    -->  GL     GL                       0.28092E-03    0.28000E-03
 HH0    -->  W+     W-                       0.17672E-02    0.17614E-02
 HH0    -->  Z0     Z0                       0.87027E-03    0.86741E-03
 HH0    -->  Z1SS   Z1SS                     0.10426E-01    0.10392E-01
 HH0    -->  Z1SS   Z2SS                     0.28601E-01    0.28508E-01
 HH0    -->  HL0    HL0                      0.17997E-02    0.17937E-02
 HH0    -->  EL-    EL+                      0.10416E-03    0.10382E-03
 HH0    -->  ER-    ER+                      0.32180E-03    0.32074E-03
 HH0    -->  MUL-   MUL+                     0.10411E-03    0.10377E-03
 HH0    -->  MUR-   MUR+                     0.32162E-03    0.32056E-03
 HH0    -->  TAU1-  TAU1+                    0.17798E-02    0.17740E-02
 HH0    -->  TAU2-  TAU2+                    0.59906E-05    0.59710E-05
 HH0    -->  TAU1-  TAU2+                    0.29788E-02    0.29690E-02
 HH0    -->  TAU2-  TAU1+                    0.29788E-02    0.29690E-02
 HH0    -->  NUEL   ANUEL                    0.68441E-03    0.68217E-03
 HH0    -->  NUML   ANUML                    0.68441E-03    0.68217E-03
 HH0    -->  NUTL   ANUTL                    0.69804E-03    0.69575E-03
 HA0    -->  E-     E+                       0.86935E-08    0.76089E-08
 HA0    -->  MU-    MU+                      0.36706E-03    0.32126E-03
 HA0    -->  TAU-   TAU+                     0.10513E+00    0.92011E-01
 HA0    -->  DN     DB                       0.10714E-04    0.93769E-05
 HA0    -->  ST     SB                       0.43288E-02    0.37888E-02
 HA0    -->  BT     BB                       0.66846E+00    0.58506E+00
 HA0    -->  UP     UB                       0.34280E-09    0.30003E-09
 HA0    -->  CH     CB                       0.70057E-05    0.61317E-05
 HA0    -->  TP     TB                       0.25630E+00    0.22433E+00
 HA0    -->  GM     GM                       0.10056E-05    0.88015E-06
 HA0    -->  GL     GL                       0.23529E-03    0.20594E-03
 HA0    -->  Z1SS   Z1SS                     0.16955E-01    0.14840E-01
 HA0    -->  Z1SS   Z2SS                     0.82158E-01    0.71907E-01
 HA0    -->  HL0    Z0                       0.15463E-02    0.13534E-02
 HA0    -->  EL-    ER+                      0.20395E-10    0.17851E-10
 HA0    -->  ER-    EL+                      0.20395E-10    0.17851E-10
 HA0    -->  MUL-   MUR+                     0.86113E-06    0.75369E-06
 HA0    -->  MUR-   MUL+                     0.86113E-06    0.75369E-06
 HA0    -->  TAU1-  TAU2+                    0.35243E-02    0.30846E-02
 HA0    -->  TAU2-  TAU1+                    0.35243E-02    0.30846E-02
 H+     -->  NUE    E+                       0.88552E-08    0.94278E-08
 H+     -->  NUM    MU+                      0.37388E-03    0.39806E-03
 H+     -->  NUT    TAU+                     0.10708E+00    0.11401E+00
 H+     -->  UP     DB                       0.99715E-05    0.10616E-04
 H+     -->  CH     SB                       0.40353E-02    0.42963E-02
 H+     -->  TP     BB                       0.70943E+00    0.75530E+00
 H+     -->  W1SS+  Z1SS                     0.10665E+00    0.11355E+00
 H+     -->  HL0    W+                       0.16708E-02    0.17789E-02
 H+     -->  EL+    NUEL                     0.66823E-03    0.71144E-03
 H+     -->  MUL+   NUML                     0.66811E-03    0.71131E-03
 H+     -->  TAU1+  NUTL                     0.85077E-02    0.90578E-02
 H+     -->  TAU2+  NUTL                     0.16678E-03    0.17756E-03


"Focus point" region Cross section (LO) = 4.9 pb

  • Mainly gluino/neutralino/chargino production.
    Production Mode Probability
    chi^0 chi-charged 61.2%
    pair of chi-charged 22.8%
    pair of chi^0 4.4%
    pair of gluinos 11.6%
  • Higgsino is LSP
  • Heavy flavor decays


  • b tagging, reconstruction of complex events

 *                                          *
 *  ISAJET     V7.71   18-OCT-2004 16:52:09 *
 *                                          *

 Minimal supergravity (mSUGRA) model:

 M_0,  M_(1/2),  A_0,  tan(beta),  sgn(mu),  M_t =
  3550.000   300.000     0.000    10.000     1.0   175.000

 ISASUGRA unification:
 M_GUT      = 0.255E+17   g_GUT          =0.693      alpha_GUT =0.038
 FT_GUT     = 0.519       FB_GUT         = 0.050     FL_GUT = 0.068

 1/alpha_em =  127.82     sin**2(thetaw) =0.2310     a_s^DRB   =  0.118
 M_1        =  123.01     M_2            =  237.77   M_3       =  700.06
 mu(Q)      =  167.68     B(Q)           = 7615.04   Q         = 2538.97
 M_H1^2     = 0.121E+08   M_H2^2         = 0.257E+06 TANBQ     =    9.530

 ISAJET masses (with signs):
 M(GL)  =   856.59
 M(UL)  =  3563.24   M(UR)  =  3574.18   M(DL)  =  3564.13   M(DR) =  3576.13
 M(B1)  =  2924.80   M(B2)  =  3500.55   M(T1)  =  2131.11   M(T2) =  2935.36
 M(SN)  =  3546.32   M(EL)  =  3547.50   M(ER)  =  3547.46
 M(NTAU)=  3532.27   M(TAU1)=  3519.65   M(TAU2)=  3533.67
 M(Z1)  =  -103.35   M(Z2)  =  -160.37   M(Z3)  =   179.76   M(Z4) =  -294.90
 M(W1)  =  -149.42   M(W2)  =  -286.80
 M(HL)  =   119.01   M(HH)  =  3529.74   M(HA)  =  3506.62   M(H+) =  3530.61

 theta_t=   1.5544   theta_b=   0.0037   theta_l=   1.4754   alpha_h=   0.0998

 NEUTRALINO MASSES (SIGNED) =  -103.346  -160.374   179.756  -294.903
 EIGENVECTOR 1       =   0.33460  -0.50179  -0.22177   0.76620
 EIGENVECTOR 2       =   0.43339  -0.45903  -0.46133  -0.62341
 EIGENVECTOR 3       =   0.72014   0.67655  -0.12249   0.09313
 EIGENVECTOR 4       =  -0.42616   0.28246  -0.85029   0.12498

 CHARGINO MASSES (SIGNED)  =  -149.418  -286.805
 GAMMAL, GAMMAR             =   2.73565   2.48953

 ISAJET equivalent input:
 MSSMA:   856.59  167.68 3506.62   10.00
 MSSMB:  3515.71 3527.99 3526.33 3536.67 3544.32
 MSSMC:  2888.73 3503.68 2099.06 3522.97 3516.78 -529.79 -774.24 -185.25
 MSSME:   123.01  237.77

 ISASUSY decay modes:
 Parent --> daughters                  Width          Branching ratio

 TP     -->  UP     DB     BT                0.40521E+00    0.33333E+00
 TP     -->  CH     SB     BT                0.40521E+00    0.33333E+00
 TP     -->  E+     NUE    BT                0.13507E+00    0.11111E+00
 TP     -->  MU+    NUM    BT                0.13507E+00    0.11111E+00
 TP     -->  TAU+   NUT    BT                0.13507E+00    0.11111E+00
 GLSS   -->  W1SS+  DN     UB                0.40674E-05    0.92657E-02
 GLSS   -->  W1SS-  UP     DB                0.40674E-05    0.92657E-02
 GLSS   -->  W1SS+  ST     CB                0.40674E-05    0.92657E-02
 GLSS   -->  W1SS-  CH     SB                0.40674E-05    0.92657E-02
 GLSS   -->  W1SS+  BT     TB                0.53100E-04    0.12096E+00
 GLSS   -->  W1SS-  TP     BB                0.53100E-04    0.12096E+00
 GLSS   -->  W2SS+  DN     UB                0.71710E-05    0.16336E-01
 GLSS   -->  W2SS-  UP     DB                0.71710E-05    0.16336E-01
 GLSS   -->  W2SS+  ST     CB                0.71710E-05    0.16336E-01
 GLSS   -->  W2SS-  CH     SB                0.71710E-05    0.16336E-01
 GLSS   -->  W2SS+  BT     TB                0.43590E-04    0.99299E-01
 GLSS   -->  W2SS-  TP     BB                0.43590E-04    0.99299E-01
 GLSS   -->  Z1SS   GL                       0.30012E-05    0.68367E-02
 GLSS   -->  Z1SS   UP     UB                0.26796E-05    0.61042E-02
 GLSS   -->  Z1SS   DN     DB                0.17586E-05    0.40061E-02
 GLSS   -->  Z1SS   ST     SB                0.17586E-05    0.40061E-02
 GLSS   -->  Z1SS   CH     CB                0.26796E-05    0.61042E-02
 GLSS   -->  Z1SS   BT     BB                0.37763E-05    0.86025E-02
 GLSS   -->  Z1SS   TP     TB                0.13136E-04    0.29925E-01
 GLSS   -->  Z2SS   GL                       0.61379E-05    0.13982E-01
 GLSS   -->  Z2SS   UP     UB                0.41510E-05    0.94560E-02
 GLSS   -->  Z2SS   DN     DB                0.13270E-05    0.30228E-02
 GLSS   -->  Z2SS   ST     SB                0.13270E-05    0.30228E-02
 GLSS   -->  Z2SS   CH     CB                0.41510E-05    0.94560E-02
 GLSS   -->  Z2SS   BT     BB                0.29806E-05    0.67898E-02
 GLSS   -->  Z2SS   TP     TB                0.39286E-04    0.89494E-01
 GLSS   -->  Z3SS   GL                       0.14748E-04    0.33597E-01
 GLSS   -->  Z3SS   UP     UB                0.62656E-07    0.14273E-03
 GLSS   -->  Z3SS   DN     DB                0.82144E-07    0.18712E-03
 GLSS   -->  Z3SS   ST     SB                0.82144E-07    0.18712E-03
 GLSS   -->  Z3SS   CH     CB                0.62656E-07    0.14273E-03
 GLSS   -->  Z3SS   BT     BB                0.11555E-05    0.26323E-02
 GLSS   -->  Z3SS   TP     TB                0.47175E-04    0.10747E+00
 GLSS   -->  Z4SS   GL                       0.41346E-05    0.94187E-02
 GLSS   -->  Z4SS   UP     UB                0.32406E-05    0.73822E-02
 GLSS   -->  Z4SS   DN     DB                0.35721E-05    0.81373E-02
 GLSS   -->  Z4SS   ST     SB                0.35721E-05    0.81373E-02
 GLSS   -->  Z4SS   CH     CB                0.32406E-05    0.73822E-02
 GLSS   -->  Z4SS   BT     BB                0.82382E-05    0.18767E-01
 GLSS   -->  Z4SS   TP     TB                0.23126E-04    0.52681E-01
 UPL    -->  Z1SS   UP                       0.99206E-01    0.45744E-03
 UPL    -->  Z2SS   UP                       0.49482E+01    0.22816E-01
 UPL    -->  Z3SS   UP                       0.16588E+00    0.76486E-03
 UPL    -->  Z4SS   UP                       0.10128E+02    0.46699E-01
 UPL    -->  GLSS   UP                       0.17182E+03    0.79225E+00
 UPL    -->  W1SS+  DN                       0.11007E+02    0.50755E-01
 UPL    -->  W2SS+  DN                       0.18707E+02    0.86257E-01
 DNL    -->  Z1SS   DN                       0.19643E+01    0.90575E-02
 DNL    -->  Z2SS   DN                       0.18003E+01    0.83017E-02
 DNL    -->  Z3SS   DN                       0.29070E+00    0.13405E-02
 DNL    -->  Z4SS   DN                       0.11283E+02    0.52026E-01
 DNL    -->  GLSS   DN                       0.17187E+03    0.79250E+00
 DNL    -->  W1SS-  UP                       0.46623E+01    0.21498E-01
 DNL    -->  W2SS-  UP                       0.25000E+02    0.11528E+00
 STL    -->  Z1SS   ST                       0.19643E+01    0.90575E-02
 STL    -->  Z2SS   ST                       0.18003E+01    0.83017E-02
 STL    -->  Z3SS   ST                       0.29070E+00    0.13405E-02
 STL    -->  Z4SS   ST                       0.11283E+02    0.52026E-01
 STL    -->  GLSS   ST                       0.17187E+03    0.79250E+00
 STL    -->  W1SS-  CH                       0.46623E+01    0.21498E-01
 STL    -->  W2SS-  CH                       0.25000E+02    0.11528E+00
 CHL    -->  Z1SS   CH                       0.99206E-01    0.45744E-03
 CHL    -->  Z2SS   CH                       0.49482E+01    0.22816E-01
 CHL    -->  Z3SS   CH                       0.16588E+00    0.76486E-03
 CHL    -->  Z4SS   CH                       0.10128E+02    0.46699E-01
 CHL    -->  GLSS   CH                       0.17182E+03    0.79225E+00
 CHL    -->  W1SS+  ST                       0.11007E+02    0.50756E-01
 CHL    -->  W2SS+  ST                       0.18707E+02    0.86257E-01
 BT1    -->  Z1SS   BT                       0.18523E+01    0.87111E-02
 BT1    -->  Z2SS   BT                       0.16707E+01    0.78569E-02
 BT1    -->  Z3SS   BT                       0.65797E+00    0.30943E-02
 BT1    -->  Z4SS   BT                       0.92638E+01    0.43567E-01
 BT1    -->  GLSS   BT                       0.13520E+03    0.63583E+00
 BT1    -->  W1SS-  TP                       0.28601E+02    0.13451E+00
 BT1    -->  W2SS-  TP                       0.34947E+02    0.16435E+00
 BT1    -->  W-     TP1                      0.44219E+00    0.20795E-02
 TP1    -->  GLSS   TP                       0.83939E+02    0.57693E+00
 TP1    -->  Z1SS   TP                       0.60375E+01    0.41496E-01
 TP1    -->  Z2SS   TP                       0.72596E+01    0.49896E-01
 TP1    -->  Z3SS   TP                       0.14806E+02    0.10177E+00
 TP1    -->  Z4SS   TP                       0.49131E+01    0.33769E-01
 TP1    -->  W1SS+  BT                       0.18556E+02    0.12754E+00
 TP1    -->  W2SS+  BT                       0.99826E+01    0.68612E-01
 UPR    -->  Z1SS   UP                       0.47354E+01    0.26237E-01
 UPR    -->  Z2SS   UP                       0.31274E+01    0.17328E-01
 UPR    -->  Z3SS   UP                       0.69724E-01    0.38632E-03
 UPR    -->  Z4SS   UP                       0.12449E+00    0.68975E-03
 UPR    -->  GLSS   UP                       0.17243E+03    0.95536E+00
 DNR    -->  Z1SS   DN                       0.11845E+01    0.67860E-02
 DNR    -->  Z2SS   DN                       0.78229E+00    0.44818E-02
 DNR    -->  Z3SS   DN                       0.17440E-01    0.99917E-04
 DNR    -->  Z4SS   DN                       0.31140E-01    0.17840E-03
 DNR    -->  GLSS   DN                       0.17253E+03    0.98845E+00
 STR    -->  Z1SS   ST                       0.11845E+01    0.67860E-02
 STR    -->  Z2SS   ST                       0.78229E+00    0.44818E-02
 STR    -->  Z3SS   ST                       0.17440E-01    0.99917E-04
 STR    -->  Z4SS   ST                       0.31140E-01    0.17840E-03
 STR    -->  GLSS   ST                       0.17253E+03    0.98845E+00
 CHR    -->  Z1SS   CH                       0.47354E+01    0.26237E-01
 CHR    -->  Z2SS   CH                       0.31274E+01    0.17328E-01
 CHR    -->  Z3SS   CH                       0.69724E-01    0.38632E-03
 CHR    -->  Z4SS   CH                       0.12449E+00    0.68975E-03
 CHR    -->  GLSS   CH                       0.17243E+03    0.95536E+00
 BT2    -->  Z1SS   BT                       0.14299E+01    0.82881E-02
 BT2    -->  Z2SS   BT                       0.99799E+00    0.57847E-02
 BT2    -->  Z3SS   BT                       0.52798E+00    0.30604E-02
 BT2    -->  Z4SS   BT                       0.12590E+00    0.72975E-03
 BT2    -->  GLSS   BT                       0.16832E+03    0.97563E+00
 BT2    -->  W1SS-  TP                       0.91816E+00    0.53220E-02
 BT2    -->  W2SS-  TP                       0.18621E+00    0.10794E-02
 BT2    -->  W-     TP1                      0.24813E-04    0.14382E-06
 BT2    -->  W-     TP2                      0.94930E-02    0.55025E-04
 BT2    -->  Z0     BT1                      0.50224E-02    0.29112E-04
 BT2    -->  HL0    BT1                      0.41414E-02    0.24005E-04
 TP2    -->  GLSS   TP                       0.13451E+03    0.63282E+00
 TP2    -->  W1SS+  BT                       0.93469E+01    0.43975E-01
 TP2    -->  W2SS+  BT                       0.15946E+02    0.75020E-01
 TP2    -->  Z0     TP1                      0.23102E+00    0.10869E-02
 TP2    -->  HL0    TP1                      0.47422E+00    0.22311E-02
 TP2    -->  Z1SS   TP                       0.43668E+01    0.20545E-01
 TP2    -->  Z2SS   TP                       0.11361E+02    0.53449E-01
 TP2    -->  Z3SS   TP                       0.20546E+02    0.96665E-01
 TP2    -->  Z4SS   TP                       0.15773E+02    0.74206E-01
 EL-    -->  Z1SS   E-                       0.59243E+00    0.12141E-01
 EL-    -->  Z2SS   E-                       0.96125E+01    0.19699E+00
 EL-    -->  Z3SS   E-                       0.75538E-01    0.15480E-02
 EL-    -->  Z4SS   E-                       0.89966E+01    0.18437E+00
 EL-    -->  W1SS-  NUE                      0.46404E+01    0.95095E-01
 EL-    -->  W2SS-  NUE                      0.24880E+02    0.50986E+00
 MUL-   -->  Z1SS   MU-                      0.59243E+00    0.12141E-01
 MUL-   -->  Z2SS   MU-                      0.96125E+01    0.19699E+00
 MUL-   -->  Z3SS   MU-                      0.75538E-01    0.15480E-02
 MUL-   -->  Z4SS   MU-                      0.89966E+01    0.18437E+00
 MUL-   -->  W1SS-  NUM                      0.46404E+01    0.95095E-01
 MUL-   -->  W2SS-  NUM                      0.24880E+02    0.50986E+00
 TAU1-  -->  Z1SS   TAU-                     0.10771E+02    0.55229E+00
 TAU1-  -->  Z2SS   TAU-                     0.71303E+01    0.36562E+00
 TAU1-  -->  Z3SS   TAU-                     0.39750E+00    0.20383E-01
 TAU1-  -->  Z4SS   TAU-                     0.25322E+00    0.12985E-01
 TAU1-  -->  W1SS-  NUT                      0.92803E+00    0.47587E-01
 TAU1-  -->  W2SS-  NUT                      0.22072E-01    0.11318E-02
 NUEL   -->  Z1SS   NUE                      0.61593E+01    0.12616E+00
 NUEL   -->  Z2SS   NUE                      0.20943E+00    0.42899E-02
 NUEL   -->  Z3SS   NUE                      0.44798E+00    0.91762E-02
 NUEL   -->  Z4SS   NUE                      0.12433E+02    0.25467E+00
 NUEL   -->  W1SS+  E-                       0.10955E+02    0.22439E+00
 NUEL   -->  W2SS+  E-                       0.18615E+02    0.38131E+00
 NUML   -->  Z1SS   NUM                      0.61593E+01    0.12616E+00
 NUML   -->  Z2SS   NUM                      0.20943E+00    0.42899E-02
 NUML   -->  Z3SS   NUM                      0.44798E+00    0.91762E-02
 NUML   -->  Z4SS   NUM                      0.12433E+02    0.25467E+00
 NUML   -->  W1SS+  MU-                      0.10955E+02    0.22439E+00
 NUML   -->  W2SS+  MU-                      0.18615E+02    0.38131E+00
 NUTL   -->  Z1SS   NUT                      0.61348E+01    0.12441E+00
 NUTL   -->  Z2SS   NUT                      0.20860E+00    0.42301E-02
 NUTL   -->  Z3SS   NUT                      0.44619E+00    0.90481E-02
 NUTL   -->  Z4SS   NUT                      0.12382E+02    0.25110E+00
 NUTL   -->  W1SS+  TAU-                     0.11494E+02    0.23309E+00
 NUTL   -->  W2SS+  TAU-                     0.18647E+02    0.37813E+00
 NUTL   -->  TAU1-  NUT    TAU+              0.85769E-09    0.17393E-10
 NUTL   -->  TAU1-  NUE    E+                0.83772E-09    0.16988E-10
 NUTL   -->  TAU1-  NUM    MU+               0.83772E-09    0.16988E-10
 NUTL   -->  TAU1-  UP     DB                0.25132E-08    0.50964E-10
 NUTL   -->  TAU1-  CH     SB                0.25132E-08    0.50964E-10
 ER-    -->  Z1SS   E-                       0.10575E+02    0.58774E+00
 ER-    -->  Z2SS   E-                       0.69837E+01    0.38816E+00
 ER-    -->  Z3SS   E-                       0.15569E+00    0.86535E-02
 ER-    -->  Z4SS   E-                       0.27795E+00    0.15448E-01
 MUR-   -->  Z1SS   MU-                      0.10575E+02    0.58774E+00
 MUR-   -->  Z2SS   MU-                      0.69837E+01    0.38816E+00
 MUR-   -->  Z3SS   MU-                      0.15569E+00    0.86535E-02
 MUR-   -->  Z4SS   MU-                      0.27795E+00    0.15448E-01
 TAU2-  -->  Z1SS   TAU-                     0.65855E+00    0.13435E-01
 TAU2-  -->  Z2SS   TAU-                     0.96633E+01    0.19714E+00
 TAU2-  -->  Z3SS   TAU-                     0.46315E+00    0.94489E-02
 TAU2-  -->  Z4SS   TAU-                     0.90924E+01    0.18550E+00
 TAU2-  -->  W1SS-  NUT                      0.42740E+01    0.87196E-01
 TAU2-  -->  W2SS-  NUT                      0.24865E+02    0.50728E+00
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   GM                       0.86445E-07    0.69882E-02
 Z2SS   -->  W1SS-  UP     DB                0.62819E-07    0.50782E-02
 Z2SS   -->  W1SS-  NUE    E+                0.20940E-07    0.16927E-02
 Z2SS   -->  W1SS-  NUM    MU+               0.20940E-07    0.16927E-02
 Z2SS   -->  W1SS+  DN     UB                0.62819E-07    0.50782E-02
 Z2SS   -->  W1SS+  E-     ANUE              0.20940E-07    0.16927E-02
 Z2SS   -->  W1SS+  MU-    ANUM              0.20940E-07    0.16927E-02
 Z2SS   -->  W1SS-  CH     SB                0.62819E-07    0.50782E-02
 Z2SS   -->  W1SS-  NUT    TAU+              0.20940E-07    0.16927E-02
 Z2SS   -->  W1SS+  ST     CB                0.62819E-07    0.50782E-02
 Z2SS   -->  W1SS+  TAU-   ANUT              0.20940E-07    0.16927E-02
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   UP     UB                0.14175E-05    0.11459E+00
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   DN     DB                0.18288E-05    0.14784E+00
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   ST     SB                0.18288E-05    0.14784E+00
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   CH     CB                0.14175E-05    0.11459E+00
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   BT     BB                0.17110E-05    0.13832E+00
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   E-     E+                0.41161E-06    0.33275E-01
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   MU-    MU+               0.41161E-06    0.33275E-01
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   TAU-   TAU+              0.40844E-06    0.33018E-01
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   NUE    ANUE              0.82384E-06    0.66599E-01
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   NUM    ANUM              0.82384E-06    0.66599E-01
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   NUT    ANUT              0.82383E-06    0.66598E-01
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   GM                       0.12588E-06    0.13844E-03
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   GM                       0.23363E-08    0.25695E-05
 Z3SS   -->  W1SS-  UP     DB                0.72720E-05    0.79977E-02
 Z3SS   -->  W1SS-  NUE    E+                0.24240E-05    0.26659E-02
 Z3SS   -->  W1SS-  NUM    MU+               0.24240E-05    0.26659E-02
 Z3SS   -->  W1SS+  DN     UB                0.72720E-05    0.79977E-02
 Z3SS   -->  W1SS+  E-     ANUE              0.24240E-05    0.26659E-02
 Z3SS   -->  W1SS+  MU-    ANUM              0.24240E-05    0.26659E-02
 Z3SS   -->  W1SS-  CH     SB                0.72720E-05    0.79977E-02
 Z3SS   -->  W1SS-  NUT    TAU+              0.24240E-05    0.26659E-02
 Z3SS   -->  W1SS+  ST     CB                0.72720E-05    0.79977E-02
 Z3SS   -->  W1SS+  TAU-   ANUT              0.24240E-05    0.26659E-02
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   UP     UB                0.10224E-03    0.11245E+00
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   DN     DB                0.13183E-03    0.14498E+00
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   ST     SB                0.13183E-03    0.14498E+00
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   CH     CB                0.10224E-03    0.11245E+00
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   BT     BB                0.12833E-03    0.14114E+00
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   E-     E+                0.29905E-04    0.32889E-01
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   MU-    MU+               0.29905E-04    0.32889E-01
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   TAU-   TAU+              0.29764E-04    0.32735E-01
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   NUE    ANUE              0.59514E-04    0.65454E-01
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   NUM    ANUM              0.59514E-04    0.65454E-01
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   NUT    ANUT              0.59514E-04    0.65454E-01
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   UP     UB                0.11701E-06    0.12869E-03
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   DN     DB                0.15086E-06    0.16592E-03
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   ST     SB                0.15086E-06    0.16592E-03
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   CH     CB                0.11701E-06    0.12869E-03
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   BT     BB                0.70641E-07    0.77691E-04
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   E-     E+                0.34227E-07    0.37643E-04
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   MU-    MU+               0.34227E-07    0.37643E-04
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   TAU-   TAU+              0.30525E-07    0.33571E-04
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   NUE    ANUE              0.68102E-07    0.74899E-04
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   NUM    ANUM              0.68102E-07    0.74899E-04
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   NUT    ANUT              0.68102E-07    0.74899E-04
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   GM                       0.26069E-06    0.23634E-06
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   GM                       0.22517E-05    0.20413E-05
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   GM                       0.37798E-05    0.34266E-05
 Z4SS   -->  W1SS+  W-                       0.44950E+00    0.40751E+00
 Z4SS   -->  W1SS-  W+                       0.44950E+00    0.40751E+00
 Z4SS   -->  W2SS-  UP     DB                0.42780E-07    0.38783E-07
 Z4SS   -->  W2SS-  NUE    E+                0.14260E-07    0.12928E-07
 Z4SS   -->  W2SS-  NUM    MU+               0.14260E-07    0.12928E-07
 Z4SS   -->  W2SS+  DN     UB                0.42780E-07    0.38783E-07
 Z4SS   -->  W2SS+  E-     ANUE              0.14260E-07    0.12928E-07
 Z4SS   -->  W2SS+  MU-    ANUM              0.14260E-07    0.12928E-07
 Z4SS   -->  W2SS-  CH     SB                0.42780E-07    0.38783E-07
 Z4SS   -->  W2SS-  NUT    TAU+              0.14260E-07    0.12928E-07
 Z4SS   -->  W2SS+  ST     CB                0.42780E-07    0.38783E-07
 Z4SS   -->  W2SS+  TAU-   ANUT              0.14260E-07    0.12928E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   Z0                       0.49622E-05    0.44986E-05
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   Z0                       0.11870E-01    0.10761E-01
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   Z0                       0.12500E+00    0.11332E+00
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   UP     UB                0.80680E-10    0.73143E-10
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   DN     DB                0.11294E-08    0.10239E-08
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   ST     SB                0.11294E-08    0.10239E-08
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   CH     CB                0.80680E-10    0.73143E-10
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   BT     BB                0.27365E-08    0.24809E-08
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   E-     E+                0.14426E-09    0.13078E-09
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   MU-    MU+               0.14426E-09    0.13078E-09
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   TAU-   TAU+              0.17198E-09    0.15591E-09
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   NUE    ANUE              0.13386E-08    0.12135E-08
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   NUM    ANUM              0.13386E-08    0.12135E-08
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   NUT    ANUT              0.13601E-08    0.12330E-08
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   UP     UB                0.73596E-09    0.66720E-09
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   DN     DB                0.29595E-09    0.26830E-09
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   ST     SB                0.29595E-09    0.26830E-09
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   CH     CB                0.73596E-09    0.66720E-09
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   BT     BB                0.75967E-09    0.68870E-09
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   E-     E+                0.44123E-09    0.40001E-09
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   MU-    MU+               0.44123E-09    0.40001E-09
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   TAU-   TAU+              0.46466E-09    0.42125E-09
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   NUE    ANUE              0.13020E-10    0.11803E-10
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   NUM    ANUM              0.13020E-10    0.11803E-10
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   NUT    ANUT              0.13229E-10    0.11993E-10
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   UP     UB                0.46724E-11    0.42359E-11
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   DN     DB                0.90641E-11    0.82173E-11
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   ST     SB                0.90641E-11    0.82173E-11
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   CH     CB                0.46724E-11    0.42359E-11
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   BT     BB                0.24182E-07    0.21923E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   E-     E+                0.68491E-12    0.62092E-12
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   MU-    MU+               0.68491E-12    0.62092E-12
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   TAU-   TAU+              0.50337E-08    0.45634E-08
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   NUE    ANUE              0.52879E-11    0.47938E-11
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   NUM    ANUM              0.52879E-11    0.47938E-11
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   NUT    ANUT              0.53729E-11    0.48710E-11
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   HL0                      0.25340E-02    0.22973E-02
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   HL0                      0.64633E-01    0.58595E-01
 W1SS+  -->  Z1SS   UP     DB                0.38954E-04    0.33334E+00
 W1SS+  -->  Z1SS   CH     SB                0.38954E-04    0.33334E+00
 W1SS+  -->  Z1SS   E+     NUE               0.12984E-04    0.11111E+00
 W1SS+  -->  Z1SS   MU+    NUM               0.12984E-04    0.11111E+00
 W1SS+  -->  Z1SS   TAU+   NUT               0.12984E-04    0.11111E+00
 W2SS+  -->  Z1SS   UP     DB                0.65242E-09    0.78115E-09
 W2SS+  -->  Z1SS   CH     SB                0.65242E-09    0.78115E-09
 W2SS+  -->  Z1SS   E+     NUE               0.83985E-09    0.10056E-08
 W2SS+  -->  Z1SS   MU+    NUM               0.83985E-09    0.10056E-08
 W2SS+  -->  Z1SS   TAU+   NUT               0.90270E-09    0.10808E-08
 W2SS+  -->  Z1SS   W+                       0.41828E-01    0.50081E-01
 W2SS+  -->  Z2SS   UP     DB                0.29251E-09    0.35023E-09
 W2SS+  -->  Z2SS   CH     SB                0.29251E-09    0.35023E-09
 W2SS+  -->  Z2SS   E+     NUE               0.27729E-09    0.33200E-09
 W2SS+  -->  Z2SS   MU+    NUM               0.27729E-09    0.33200E-09
 W2SS+  -->  Z2SS   TAU+   NUT               0.30536E-09    0.36561E-09
 W2SS+  -->  Z2SS   W+                       0.31595E+00    0.37828E+00
 W2SS+  -->  Z3SS   UP     DB                0.28140E-10    0.33692E-10
 W2SS+  -->  Z3SS   CH     SB                0.28140E-10    0.33692E-10
 W2SS+  -->  Z3SS   E+     NUE               0.90714E-11    0.10861E-10
 W2SS+  -->  Z3SS   MU+    NUM               0.90714E-11    0.10861E-10
 W2SS+  -->  Z3SS   TAU+   NUT               0.24262E-10    0.29049E-10
 W2SS+  -->  Z3SS   W+                       0.15434E+00    0.18479E+00
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  Z0                       0.25326E+00    0.30323E+00
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  DN     DB                0.10827E-08    0.12963E-08
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  ST     SB                0.10827E-08    0.12963E-08
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  UP     UB                0.61192E-09    0.73266E-09
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  CH     CB                0.61192E-09    0.73266E-09
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  NUE    ANUE              0.20784E-09    0.24885E-09
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  NUM    ANUM              0.20784E-09    0.24885E-09
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  NUT    ANUT              0.21453E-09    0.25685E-09
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  E-     E+                0.36786E-09    0.44044E-09
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  MU-    MU+               0.36786E-09    0.44044E-09
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  TAU-   TAU+              0.37377E-09    0.44752E-09
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  HL0                      0.69840E-01    0.83620E-01
 HL0    -->  E-     E+                       0.20297E-10    0.39797E-08
 HL0    -->  MU-    MU+                      0.85698E-06    0.16803E-03
 HL0    -->  TAU-   TAU+                     0.24513E-03    0.48062E-01
 HL0    -->  DN     DB                       0.25462E-07    0.49924E-05
 HL0    -->  ST     SB                       0.10288E-04    0.20172E-02
 HL0    -->  BT     BB                       0.40485E-02    0.79379E+00
 HL0    -->  UP     UB                       0.81178E-08    0.15917E-05
 HL0    -->  CH     CB                       0.20282E-03    0.39767E-01
 HL0    -->  GM     GM                       0.87324E-05    0.17122E-02
 HL0    -->  GL     GL                       0.17763E-03    0.34828E-01
 HL0    -->  W+     E-     ANUE              0.20692E-04    0.40572E-02
 HL0    -->  W+     MU-    ANUM              0.20692E-04    0.40572E-02
 HL0    -->  W+     TAU-   ANUT              0.20692E-04    0.40572E-02
 HL0    -->  W+     UB     DN                0.62077E-04    0.12172E-01
 HL0    -->  W+     CB     ST                0.62077E-04    0.12172E-01
 HL0    -->  W-     E+     NUE               0.20692E-04    0.40572E-02
 HL0    -->  W-     MU+    NUM               0.20692E-04    0.40572E-02
 HL0    -->  W-     TAU+   NUT               0.20692E-04    0.40572E-02
 HL0    -->  W-     UP     DB                0.62077E-04    0.12172E-01
 HL0    -->  W-     CH     SB                0.62077E-04    0.12172E-01
 HL0    -->  Z0     NUE    ANUE              0.23083E-05    0.45260E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     NUM    ANUM              0.23083E-05    0.45260E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     NUT    ANUT              0.23083E-05    0.45260E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     E-     E+                0.11618E-05    0.22779E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     MU-    MU+               0.11618E-05    0.22779E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     TAU-   TAU+              0.11618E-05    0.22779E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     UP     UB                0.39801E-05    0.78039E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     CH     CB                0.39801E-05    0.78039E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     DN     DB                0.51274E-05    0.10053E-02
 HL0    -->  Z0     ST     SB                0.51274E-05    0.10053E-02
 HL0    -->  Z0     BT     BB                0.51274E-05    0.10053E-02
 HH0    -->  E-     E+                       0.59982E-07    0.11047E-08
 HH0    -->  MU-    MU+                      0.25325E-02    0.46644E-04
 HH0    -->  TAU-   TAU+                     0.72536E+00    0.13359E-01
 HH0    -->  DN     DB                       0.72801E-04    0.13408E-05
 HH0    -->  ST     SB                       0.29415E-01    0.54176E-03
 HH0    -->  BT     BB                       0.34246E+01    0.63074E-01
 HH0    -->  UP     UB                       0.23378E-08    0.43057E-10
 HH0    -->  CH     CB                       0.38322E-04    0.70581E-06
 HL0    -->  Z0     ST     SB                0.51274E-05    0.10053E-02
 HL0    -->  Z0     BT     BB                0.51274E-05    0.10053E-02
 HH0    -->  E-     E+                       0.59982E-07    0.11047E-08
 HH0    -->  MU-    MU+                      0.25325E-02    0.46644E-04
 HH0    -->  TAU-   TAU+                     0.72536E+00    0.13359E-01
 HH0    -->  DN     DB                       0.72801E-04    0.13408E-05
 HH0    -->  ST     SB                       0.29415E-01    0.54176E-03
 HH0    -->  BT     BB                       0.34246E+01    0.63074E-01
 HH0    -->  UP     UB                       0.23378E-08    0.43057E-10
 HH0    -->  CH     CB                       0.38322E-04    0.70581E-06
 HH0    -->  TP     TB                       0.17046E+01    0.31395E-01
 HH0    -->  GM     GM                       0.77824E-05    0.14333E-06
 HH0    -->  GL     GL                       0.25853E-03    0.47616E-05
 HH0    -->  W+     W-                       0.45439E-03    0.83688E-05
 HH0    -->  Z0     Z0                       0.23303E-03    0.42918E-05
 HH0    -->  Z1SS   Z1SS                     0.26526E+01    0.48855E-01
 HH0    -->  Z1SS   Z2SS                     0.15195E+01    0.27986E-01
 HH0    -->  Z1SS   Z3SS                     0.23444E+01    0.43179E-01
 HH0    -->  Z1SS   Z4SS                     0.10991E+01    0.20242E-01
 HH0    -->  Z2SS   Z2SS                     0.70706E-01    0.13022E-02
 HH0    -->  Z2SS   Z3SS                     0.40734E-02    0.75022E-04
 HH0    -->  Z2SS   Z4SS                     0.17910E+01    0.32986E-01
 HH0    -->  Z3SS   Z3SS                     0.48974E+00    0.90199E-02
 HH0    -->  Z3SS   Z4SS                     0.77486E+01    0.14271E+00
 HH0    -->  Z4SS   Z4SS                     0.13690E+01    0.25213E-01
 HH0    -->  W1SS+  W1SS-                    0.80546E+01    0.14835E+00
 HH0    -->  W2SS+  W2SS-                    0.18815E+01    0.34652E-01
 HH0    -->  W1SS+  W2SS-                    0.96907E+01    0.17848E+00
 HH0    -->  W1SS-  W2SS+                    0.96907E+01    0.17848E+00
 HH0    -->  HL0    HL0                      0.18189E-02    0.33500E-04
 HA0    -->  E-     E+                       0.59591E-07    0.11085E-08
 HA0    -->  MU-    MU+                      0.25160E-02    0.46801E-04
 HA0    -->  TAU-   TAU+                     0.72063E+00    0.13404E-01
 HA0    -->  DN     DB                       0.72330E-04    0.13454E-05
 HA0    -->  ST     SB                       0.29225E-01    0.54361E-03
 HA0    -->  BT     BB                       0.34025E+01    0.63289E-01
 HA0    -->  UP     UB                       0.23143E-08    0.43049E-10
 HA0    -->  CH     CB                       0.37963E-04    0.70616E-06
 HA0    -->  TP     TB                       0.17009E+01    0.31638E-01
 HA0    -->  GM     GM                       0.31710E-04    0.58985E-06
 HA0    -->  GL     GL                       0.39963E-03    0.74334E-05
 HA0    -->  Z1SS   Z1SS                     0.34549E+01    0.64265E-01
 HA0    -->  Z1SS   Z2SS                     0.21760E+01    0.40477E-01
 HA0    -->  Z1SS   Z3SS                     0.12650E+01    0.23530E-01
 HA0    -->  Z1SS   Z4SS                     0.11568E+01    0.21517E-01
 HA0    -->  Z2SS   Z2SS                     0.10348E+00    0.19249E-02
 HA0    -->  Z2SS   Z3SS                     0.34609E-02    0.64376E-04
 HA0    -->  Z2SS   Z4SS                     0.25881E+01    0.48141E-01
 HA0    -->  Z3SS   Z3SS                     0.32052E+00    0.59621E-02
 HA0    -->  Z3SS   Z4SS                     0.53213E+01    0.98982E-01
 HA0    -->  Z4SS   Z4SS                     0.25713E+01    0.47829E-01
 HA0    -->  W1SS+  W1SS-                    0.10026E+02    0.18650E+00
 HA0    -->  W2SS+  W2SS-                    0.38339E+01    0.71314E-01
 HA0    -->  W1SS+  W2SS-                    0.75414E+01    0.14028E+00
 HA0    -->  W1SS-  W2SS+                    0.75414E+01    0.14028E+00
 HA0    -->  HL0    Z0                       0.45033E-03    0.83765E-05
 H+     -->  NUE    E+                       0.59999E-07    0.11135E-08
 H+     -->  NUM    MU+                      0.25333E-02    0.47014E-04
 H+     -->  NUT    TAU+                     0.72556E+00    0.13466E-01
 H+     -->  UP     DB                       0.67563E-04    0.12539E-05
 H+     -->  CH     SB                       0.27333E-01    0.50727E-03
 H+     -->  TP     BB                       0.47449E+01    0.88059E-01
 H+     -->  W1SS+  Z1SS                     0.31732E+01    0.58890E-01
 H+     -->  W1SS+  Z2SS                     0.34081E+01    0.63250E-01
 H+     -->  W1SS+  Z3SS                     0.29157E+01    0.54112E-01
 H+     -->  W1SS+  Z4SS                     0.11248E+02    0.20875E+00
 H+     -->  W2SS+  Z1SS                     0.47748E+01    0.88615E-01
 H+     -->  W2SS+  Z2SS                     0.12233E+02    0.22704E+00
 H+     -->  W2SS+  Z3SS                     0.10580E+02    0.19635E+00
 H+     -->  W2SS+  Z4SS                     0.48770E-01    0.90510E-03
 H+     -->  HL0    W+                       0.45388E-03    0.84234E-05


"Bulk" region. Cross section (LO) = 19.3pb

Generic point with no special mass degeneracies.

 *                                          *
 *  ISAJET     V7.71   18-OCT-2004 16:52:09 *
 *                                          *

 Minimal supergravity (mSUGRA) model:

 M_0,  M_(1/2),  A_0,  tan(beta),  sgn(mu),  M_t =
   100.000   300.000  -300.000     6.000     1.0   175.000

 ISASUGRA unification:
 M_GUT      = 0.213E+17   g_GUT          =0.712      alpha_GUT =0.040
 FT_GUT     = 0.518       FB_GUT         = 0.030     FL_GUT = 0.041

 1/alpha_em =  127.81     sin**2(thetaw) =0.2308     a_s^DRB   =  0.119
 M_1        =  120.57     M_2            =  232.29   M_3       =  686.46
 mu(Q)      =  456.88     B(Q)           =   98.08   Q         =  526.68
 M_H1^2     = 0.468E+05   M_H2^2         =-0.204E+06 TANBQ     =    5.831

 ISAJET masses (with signs):
 M(GL)  =   722.29
 M(UL)  =   658.15   M(UR)  =   638.51   M(DL)  =   662.83   M(DR) =   637.41
 M(B1)  =   602.58   M(B2)  =   631.59   M(T1)  =   449.61   M(T2) =   668.31
 M(SN)  =   218.77   M(EL)  =   232.29   M(ER)  =   156.94
 M(NTAU)=   218.11   M(TAU1)=   151.67   M(TAU2)=   233.65
 M(Z1)  =  -116.23   M(Z2)  =  -223.58   M(Z3)  =   460.01   M(Z4) =  -478.41
 M(W1)  =  -223.63   M(W2)  =  -476.20
 M(HL)  =   114.89   M(HH)  =   516.32   M(HA)  =   512.26   M(H+) =   521.62

 theta_t=   1.0190   theta_b=   0.2360   theta_l=   1.3936   alpha_h=   0.1766

 NEUTRALINO MASSES (SIGNED) =  -116.226  -223.577   460.005  -478.409
 EIGENVECTOR 1       =   0.04649  -0.11311  -0.04503   0.99147
 EIGENVECTOR 2       =   0.13301  -0.22157  -0.96309  -0.07526
 EIGENVECTOR 3       =  -0.70937  -0.70033   0.06656  -0.04361
 EIGENVECTOR 4       =   0.69061  -0.66907   0.25689  -0.09704

 CHARGINO MASSES (SIGNED)  =  -223.629  -476.201
 GAMMAL, GAMMAR             =   1.90204   1.76721

 ISAJET equivalent input:
 MSSMA:   722.29  456.88  512.26    6.00
 MSSMB:   634.09  610.39  613.00  225.95  149.48
 MSSMC:   574.58  608.74  479.23  225.31  147.48 -638.44-1061.22 -484.70
 MSSME:   120.57  232.29

 ISASUSY decay modes:
 Parent --> daughters                  Width          Branching ratio

 TP     -->  UP     DB     BT                0.40521E+00    0.33333E+00
 TP     -->  CH     SB     BT                0.40521E+00    0.33333E+00
 TP     -->  E+     NUE    BT                0.13507E+00    0.11111E+00
 TP     -->  MU+    NUM    BT                0.13507E+00    0.11111E+00
 TP     -->  TAU+   NUT    BT                0.13507E+00    0.11111E+00
 GLSS   -->  W1SS+  BT     TB                0.19779E-02    0.20558E-03
 GLSS   -->  W1SS-  TP     BB                0.19779E-02    0.20558E-03
 GLSS   -->  W2SS+  BT     TB                0.45997E-04    0.47809E-05
 GLSS   -->  W2SS-  TP     BB                0.45997E-04    0.47809E-05
 GLSS   -->  Z1SS   GL                       0.39779E-05    0.41345E-06
 GLSS   -->  Z1SS   TP     TB                0.31793E-03    0.33045E-04
 GLSS   -->  Z2SS   GL                       0.10519E-04    0.10934E-05
 GLSS   -->  Z2SS   TP     TB                0.79338E-03    0.82463E-04
 GLSS   -->  Z3SS   GL                       0.16092E-03    0.16726E-04
 GLSS   -->  Z4SS   GL                       0.95627E-04    0.99393E-05
 GLSS   -->  UBL    UP                       0.24782E+00    0.25757E-01
 GLSS   -->  UPL    UB                       0.24782E+00    0.25757E-01
 GLSS   -->  DBL    DN                       0.21441E+00    0.22285E-01
 GLSS   -->  DNL    DB                       0.21441E+00    0.22285E-01
 GLSS   -->  UBR    UP                       0.41079E+00    0.42697E-01
 GLSS   -->  UPR    UB                       0.41079E+00    0.42697E-01
 GLSS   -->  DBR    DN                       0.42100E+00    0.43758E-01
 GLSS   -->  DNR    DB                       0.42100E+00    0.43758E-01
 GLSS   -->  SBL    ST                       0.21440E+00    0.22285E-01
 GLSS   -->  STL    SB                       0.21440E+00    0.22285E-01
 GLSS   -->  SBR    ST                       0.42100E+00    0.43758E-01
 GLSS   -->  STR    SB                       0.42100E+00    0.43758E-01
 GLSS   -->  CBL    CH                       0.24775E+00    0.25751E-01
 GLSS   -->  CHL    CB                       0.24775E+00    0.25751E-01
 GLSS   -->  CBR    CH                       0.41073E+00    0.42690E-01
 GLSS   -->  CHR    CB                       0.41073E+00    0.42690E-01
 GLSS   -->  BB1    BT                       0.77796E+00    0.80860E-01
 GLSS   -->  BT1    BB                       0.77796E+00    0.80860E-01
 GLSS   -->  BB2    BT                       0.48867E+00    0.50792E-01
 GLSS   -->  BT2    BB                       0.48867E+00    0.50792E-01
 GLSS   -->  TB1    TP                       0.95332E+00    0.99086E-01
 GLSS   -->  TP1    TB                       0.95332E+00    0.99086E-01
 UPL    -->  Z1SS   UP                       0.48527E-01    0.76145E-02
 UPL    -->  Z2SS   UP                       0.20688E+01    0.32462E+00
 UPL    -->  Z3SS   UP                       0.24863E-02    0.39013E-03
 UPL    -->  Z4SS   UP                       0.35228E-01    0.55277E-02
 UPL    -->  W1SS+  DN                       0.41701E+01    0.65433E+00
 UPL    -->  W2SS+  DN                       0.47906E-01    0.75170E-02
 DNL    -->  Z1SS   DN                       0.13468E+00    0.21658E-01
 DNL    -->  Z2SS   DN                       0.19748E+01    0.31755E+00
 DNL    -->  Z3SS   DN                       0.41664E-02    0.66998E-03
 DNL    -->  Z4SS   DN                       0.48303E-01    0.77674E-02
 DNL    -->  W1SS-  UP                       0.39186E+01    0.63013E+00
 DNL    -->  W2SS-  UP                       0.13817E+00    0.22219E-01
 STL    -->  Z1SS   ST                       0.13468E+00    0.21658E-01
 STL    -->  Z2SS   ST                       0.19748E+01    0.31756E+00
 STL    -->  Z3SS   ST                       0.41664E-02    0.66999E-03
 STL    -->  Z4SS   ST                       0.48303E-01    0.77675E-02
 STL    -->  W1SS-  CH                       0.39185E+01    0.63013E+00
 STL    -->  W2SS-  CH                       0.13816E+00    0.22218E-01
 CHL    -->  Z1SS   CH                       0.48526E-01    0.76144E-02
 CHL    -->  Z2SS   CH                       0.20688E+01    0.32461E+00
 CHL    -->  Z3SS   CH                       0.24862E-02    0.39012E-03
 CHL    -->  Z4SS   CH                       0.35227E-01    0.55276E-02
 CHL    -->  W1SS+  ST                       0.41701E+01    0.65434E+00
 CHL    -->  W2SS+  ST                       0.47906E-01    0.75171E-02
 BT1    -->  Z1SS   BT                       0.14466E+00    0.23586E-01
 BT1    -->  Z2SS   BT                       0.16405E+01    0.26747E+00
 BT1    -->  Z3SS   BT                       0.69507E-02    0.11333E-02
 BT1    -->  Z4SS   BT                       0.24517E-01    0.39973E-02
 BT1    -->  W1SS-  TP                       0.23510E+01    0.38332E+00
 BT1    -->  W-     TP1                      0.19657E+01    0.32050E+00
 TP1    -->  Z1SS   TP                       0.49314E+00    0.25919E+00
 TP1    -->  Z2SS   TP                       0.23945E+00    0.12585E+00
 TP1    -->  W1SS+  BT                       0.11700E+01    0.61496E+00
 UPR    -->  Z1SS   UP                       0.13264E+01    0.99286E+00
 UPR    -->  Z2SS   UP                       0.62933E-02    0.47107E-02
 UPR    -->  Z3SS   UP                       0.63502E-03    0.47533E-03
 UPR    -->  Z4SS   UP                       0.26148E-02    0.19572E-02
 DNR    -->  Z1SS   DN                       0.33095E+00    0.99288E+00
 DNR    -->  Z2SS   DN                       0.15691E-02    0.47074E-02
 DNR    -->  Z3SS   DN                       0.15730E-03    0.47191E-03
 DNR    -->  Z4SS   DN                       0.64679E-03    0.19404E-02
 STR    -->  Z1SS   ST                       0.33095E+00    0.99288E+00
 STR    -->  Z2SS   ST                       0.15691E-02    0.47074E-02
 STR    -->  Z3SS   ST                       0.15730E-03    0.47191E-03
 STR    -->  Z4SS   ST                       0.64679E-03    0.19404E-02
 CHR    -->  Z1SS   CH                       0.13264E+01    0.99286E+00
 CHR    -->  Z2SS   CH                       0.62933E-02    0.47107E-02
 CHR    -->  Z3SS   CH                       0.63501E-03    0.47532E-03
 CHR    -->  Z4SS   CH                       0.26147E-02    0.19572E-02
 BT2    -->  Z1SS   BT                       0.30414E+00    0.42306E+00
 BT2    -->  Z2SS   BT                       0.70663E-01    0.98293E-01
 BT2    -->  Z3SS   BT                       0.12564E-01    0.17476E-01
 BT2    -->  Z4SS   BT                       0.18160E-01    0.25261E-01
 BT2    -->  W1SS-  TP                       0.10169E+00    0.14146E+00
 BT2    -->  W-     TP1                      0.21168E+00    0.29445E+00
 TP2    -->  W1SS+  BT                       0.21586E+01    0.25245E+00
 TP2    -->  W2SS+  BT                       0.10313E+01    0.12061E+00
 TP2    -->  Z0     TP1                      0.23916E+01    0.27970E+00
 TP2    -->  HL0    TP1                      0.75866E+00    0.88727E-01
 TP2    -->  Z1SS   TP                       0.24914E+00    0.29138E-01
 TP2    -->  Z2SS   TP                       0.87653E+00    0.10251E+00
 TP2    -->  Z3SS   TP                       0.19885E+00    0.23256E-01
 TP2    -->  Z4SS   TP                       0.88590E+00    0.10361E+00
 EL-    -->  Z1SS   E-                       0.13732E+00    0.90320E+00
 EL-    -->  Z2SS   E-                       0.53481E-02    0.35177E-01
 EL-    -->  W1SS-  NUE                      0.93685E-02    0.61620E-01
 EL-    -->  TAU1-  E-     TAU+              0.29232E-09    0.19227E-08
 EL-    -->  TAU1+  E-     TAU-              0.97180E-10    0.63919E-09
 MUL-   -->  Z1SS   MU-                      0.13732E+00    0.90321E+00
 MUL-   -->  Z2SS   MU-                      0.53478E-02    0.35174E-01
 MUL-   -->  W1SS-  NUM                      0.93686E-02    0.61621E-01
 MUL-   -->  TAU1-  MU-    TAU+              0.29232E-09    0.19227E-08
 MUL-   -->  TAU1+  MU-    TAU-              0.97180E-10    0.63919E-09
 TAU1-  -->  Z1SS   TAU-                     0.12695E+00    0.10000E+01
 NUEL   -->  Z1SS   NUE                      0.16513E+00    0.99997E+00
 NUEL   -->  TAU1-  NUE    TAU+              0.64858E-06    0.39276E-05
 NUEL   -->  TAU1+  NUE    TAU-              0.81197E-06    0.49171E-05
 NUEL   -->  TAU1+  E-     NUT               0.29448E-05    0.17833E-04
 NUML   -->  Z1SS   NUM                      0.16513E+00    0.99997E+00
 NUML   -->  TAU1-  NUM    TAU+              0.64858E-06    0.39276E-05
 NUML   -->  TAU1+  NUM    TAU-              0.81197E-06    0.49171E-05
 NUML   -->  TAU1+  MU-    NUT               0.29448E-05    0.17833E-04
 NUTL   -->  Z1SS   NUT                      0.16384E+00    0.99932E+00
 NUTL   -->  TAU1+  NUT    TAU-              0.59502E-06    0.36292E-05
 NUTL   -->  TAU1-  NUT    TAU+              0.12933E-04    0.78883E-04
 NUTL   -->  TAU1-  NUE    E+                0.12186E-04    0.74325E-04
 NUTL   -->  TAU1-  NUM    MU+               0.12186E-04    0.74325E-04
 NUTL   -->  TAU1-  UP     DB                0.36558E-04    0.22298E-03
 NUTL   -->  TAU1-  CH     SB                0.36558E-04    0.22298E-03
 ER-    -->  Z1SS   E-                       0.15997E+00    0.10000E+01
 ER-    -->  TAU1-  E-     TAU+              0.45801E-14    0.28631E-13
 ER-    -->  TAU1+  E-     TAU-              0.21727E-14    0.13582E-13
 ER-    -->  TAU1-  NUE    ANUT              0.85208E-20    0.53266E-19
 MUR-   -->  Z1SS   MU-                      0.15997E+00    0.10000E+01
 MUR-   -->  TAU1-  MU-    TAU+              0.45803E-14    0.28633E-13
 MUR-   -->  TAU1+  MU-    TAU-              0.21727E-14    0.13582E-13
 MUR-   -->  TAU1-  NUM    ANUT              0.36298E-15    0.22691E-14
 TAU2-  -->  Z1SS   TAU-                     0.15283E+00    0.89238E+00
 TAU2-  -->  Z2SS   TAU-                     0.65689E-02    0.38356E-01
 TAU2-  -->  W1SS-  NUT                      0.11863E-01    0.69269E-01
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   GM                       0.56166E-07    0.25849E-05
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   Z0                       0.58832E-03    0.27076E-01
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   UP     UB                0.19007E-07    0.87475E-06
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   DN     DB                0.43584E-07    0.20058E-05
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   ST     SB                0.43584E-07    0.20058E-05
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   CH     CB                0.19007E-07    0.87474E-06
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   BT     BB                0.22309E-06    0.10267E-04
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   E-     E+                0.30328E-04    0.13957E-02
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   MU-    MU+               0.30328E-04    0.13957E-02
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   TAU-   TAU+              0.28429E-04    0.13084E-02
 Z2SS   -->  ER-    E+                       0.82873E-03    0.38140E-01
 Z2SS   -->  ER+    E-                       0.82873E-03    0.38140E-01
 Z2SS   -->  MUR-   MU+                      0.82873E-03    0.38140E-01
 Z2SS   -->  MUR+   MU-                      0.82873E-03    0.38140E-01
 Z2SS   -->  TAU1-  TAU+                     0.64910E-02    0.29873E+00
 Z2SS   -->  TAU1+  TAU-                     0.64910E-02    0.29873E+00
 Z2SS   -->  NUEL   ANUE                     0.72242E-03    0.33247E-01
 Z2SS   -->  ANUEL  NUE                      0.72242E-03    0.33247E-01
 Z2SS   -->  NUML   ANUM                     0.72242E-03    0.33247E-01
 Z2SS   -->  ANUML  NUM                      0.72242E-03    0.33247E-01
 Z2SS   -->  NUTL   ANUT                     0.93223E-03    0.42903E-01
 Z2SS   -->  ANUTL  NUT                      0.93223E-03    0.42903E-01
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   GM                       0.11558E-05    0.39189E-06
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   GM                       0.35406E-06    0.12004E-06
 Z3SS   -->  W1SS+  W-                       0.88487E+00    0.30001E+00
 Z3SS   -->  W1SS-  W+                       0.88487E+00    0.30001E+00
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   Z0                       0.30799E+00    0.10442E+00
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   Z0                       0.71768E+00    0.24333E+00
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   UP     UB                0.83352E-07    0.28260E-07
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   DN     DB                0.37306E-07    0.12649E-07
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   ST     SB                0.37306E-07    0.12649E-07
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   CH     CB                0.83351E-07    0.28260E-07
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   BT     BB                0.36852E-05    0.12494E-05
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   TAU-   TAU+              0.33500E-06    0.11358E-06
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   UP     UB                0.10656E-06    0.36130E-07
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   DN     DB                0.15615E-06    0.52941E-07
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   ST     SB                0.15615E-06    0.52941E-07
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   CH     CB                0.10656E-06    0.36130E-07
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   BT     BB                0.34346E-05    0.11645E-05
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   TAU-   TAU+              0.15137E-06    0.51323E-07
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   HL0                      0.49538E-01    0.16796E-01
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   HL0                      0.38278E-01    0.12978E-01
 Z3SS   -->  EL-    E+                       0.97476E-03    0.33049E-03
 Z3SS   -->  EL+    E-                       0.97476E-03    0.33049E-03
 Z3SS   -->  MUL-   MU+                      0.97476E-03    0.33049E-03
 Z3SS   -->  MUL+   MU-                      0.97476E-03    0.33049E-03
 Z3SS   -->  ER-    E+                       0.17370E-02    0.58893E-03
 Z3SS   -->  ER+    E-                       0.17370E-02    0.58893E-03
 Z3SS   -->  MUR-   MU+                      0.17370E-02    0.58893E-03
 Z3SS   -->  MUR+   MU-                      0.17370E-02    0.58893E-03
 Z3SS   -->  TAU1-  TAU+                     0.61971E-02    0.21011E-02
 Z3SS   -->  TAU1+  TAU-                     0.61971E-02    0.21011E-02
 Z3SS   -->  TAU2-  TAU+                     0.72101E-02    0.24446E-02
 Z3SS   -->  TAU2+  TAU-                     0.72101E-02    0.24446E-02
 Z3SS   -->  NUEL   ANUE                     0.47510E-02    0.16108E-02
 Z3SS   -->  ANUEL  NUE                      0.47510E-02    0.16108E-02
 Z3SS   -->  NUML   ANUM                     0.47510E-02    0.16108E-02
 Z3SS   -->  ANUML  NUM                      0.47510E-02    0.16108E-02
 Z3SS   -->  NUTL   ANUT                     0.47678E-02    0.16165E-02
 Z3SS   -->  ANUTL  NUT                      0.47678E-02    0.16165E-02
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   GM                       0.31381E-05    0.86965E-06
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   GM                       0.57618E-06    0.15967E-06
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   GM                       0.32899E-08    0.91171E-09
 Z4SS   -->  W1SS+  W-                       0.98088E+00    0.27182E+00
 Z4SS   -->  W1SS-  W+                       0.98088E+00    0.27182E+00
 Z4SS   -->  W2SS-  UP     DB                0.25518E-10    0.70716E-11
 Z4SS   -->  W2SS-  NUE    E+                0.85060E-11    0.23572E-11
 Z4SS   -->  W2SS-  NUM    MU+               0.85060E-11    0.23572E-11
 Z4SS   -->  W2SS+  DN     UB                0.25518E-10    0.70716E-11
 Z4SS   -->  W2SS+  E-     ANUE              0.85060E-11    0.23572E-11
 Z4SS   -->  W2SS+  MU-    ANUM              0.85060E-11    0.23572E-11
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   Z0                       0.60087E-01    0.16651E-01
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   Z0                       0.62673E-01    0.17368E-01
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   UP     UB                0.12096E-05    0.33520E-06
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   DN     DB                0.11251E-05    0.31178E-06
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   ST     SB                0.11251E-05    0.31178E-06
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   CH     CB                0.12095E-05    0.33519E-06
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   BT     BB                0.53389E-05    0.14795E-05
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   TAU-   TAU+              0.34408E-06    0.95353E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   UP     UB                0.63029E-05    0.17467E-05
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   DN     DB                0.75325E-05    0.20874E-05
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   ST     SB                0.75325E-05    0.20874E-05
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   CH     CB                0.63028E-05    0.17467E-05
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   BT     BB                0.16504E-04    0.45735E-05
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   TAU-   TAU+              0.15839E-06    0.43894E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   UP     UB                0.23722E-06    0.65740E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   DN     DB                0.30668E-06    0.84988E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   ST     SB                0.30668E-06    0.84988E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   CH     CB                0.23722E-06    0.65740E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   BT     BB                0.13181E-06    0.36526E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   E-     E+                0.69472E-07    0.19252E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   MU-    MU+               0.69472E-07    0.19252E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   TAU-   TAU+              0.61276E-07    0.16981E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   NUE    ANUE              0.13823E-06    0.38306E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   NUM    ANUM              0.13823E-06    0.38306E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   NUT    ANUT              0.13823E-06    0.38306E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   HL0                      0.26559E+00    0.73602E-01
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   HL0                      0.67597E+00    0.18732E+00
 Z4SS   -->  EL-    E+                       0.24366E-01    0.67524E-02
 Z4SS   -->  EL+    E-                       0.24366E-01    0.67524E-02
 Z4SS   -->  MUL-   MU+                      0.24366E-01    0.67524E-02
 Z4SS   -->  MUL+   MU-                      0.24366E-01    0.67524E-02
 Z4SS   -->  ER-    E+                       0.91235E-02    0.25283E-02
 Z4SS   -->  ER+    E-                       0.91235E-02    0.25283E-02
 Z4SS   -->  MUR-   MU+                      0.91235E-02    0.25283E-02
 Z4SS   -->  MUR+   MU-                      0.91235E-02    0.25283E-02
 Z4SS   -->  TAU1-  TAU+                     0.86065E-02    0.23851E-02
 Z4SS   -->  TAU1+  TAU-                     0.86065E-02    0.23851E-02
 Z4SS   -->  TAU2-  TAU+                     0.33581E-01    0.93061E-02
 Z4SS   -->  TAU2+  TAU-                     0.33581E-01    0.93061E-02
 Z4SS   -->  NUEL   ANUE                     0.60610E-01    0.16796E-01
 Z4SS   -->  ANUEL  NUE                      0.60610E-01    0.16796E-01
 Z4SS   -->  NUML   ANUM                     0.60610E-01    0.16796E-01
 Z4SS   -->  ANUML  NUM                      0.60610E-01    0.16796E-01
 Z4SS   -->  NUTL   ANUT                     0.60804E-01    0.16850E-01
 Z4SS   -->  ANUTL  NUT                      0.60804E-01    0.16850E-01
 W1SS+  -->  Z1SS   UP     DB                0.58847E-07    0.25551E-05
 W1SS+  -->  Z1SS   CH     SB                0.58847E-07    0.25551E-05
 W1SS+  -->  Z1SS   E+     NUE               0.20665E-04    0.89728E-03
 W1SS+  -->  Z1SS   MU+    NUM               0.20665E-04    0.89727E-03
 W1SS+  -->  Z1SS   TAU+   NUT               0.20160E-04    0.87531E-03
 W1SS+  -->  Z1SS   W+                       0.69150E-02    0.30024E+00
 W1SS+  -->  Z2SS   E+     NUE               0.30889E-18    0.13412E-16
 W1SS+  -->  NUEL   E+                       0.16710E-02    0.72555E-01
 W1SS+  -->  NUML   MU+                      0.16707E-02    0.72539E-01
 W1SS+  -->  NUTL   TAU+                     0.20821E-02    0.90403E-01
 W1SS+  -->  TAU1+  NUT                      0.10631E-01    0.46158E+00
 W2SS+  -->  Z1SS   UP     DB                0.15182E-05    0.41853E-06
 W2SS+  -->  Z1SS   CH     SB                0.15182E-05    0.41853E-06
 W2SS+  -->  Z1SS   TAU+   NUT               0.21554E-06    0.59420E-07
 W2SS+  -->  Z1SS   W+                       0.24114E+00    0.66475E-01
 W2SS+  -->  Z2SS   UP     DB                0.63530E-05    0.17514E-05
 W2SS+  -->  Z2SS   CH     SB                0.63529E-05    0.17513E-05
 W2SS+  -->  Z2SS   TAU+   NUT               0.28521E-06    0.78626E-07
 W2SS+  -->  Z2SS   W+                       0.10728E+01    0.29574E+00
 W2SS+  -->  Z3SS   UP     DB                0.43938E-06    0.12113E-06
 W2SS+  -->  Z3SS   CH     SB                0.43938E-06    0.12113E-06
 W2SS+  -->  Z3SS   E+     NUE               0.14640E-06    0.40359E-07
 W2SS+  -->  Z3SS   MU+    NUM               0.14640E-06    0.40359E-07
 W2SS+  -->  Z3SS   TAU+   NUT               0.14640E-06    0.40359E-07
 W2SS+  -->  TP1    BB                       0.72079E-01    0.19870E-01
 W2SS+  -->  NUEL   E+                       0.47515E-01    0.13099E-01
 W2SS+  -->  NUML   MU+                      0.47515E-01    0.13099E-01
 W2SS+  -->  NUTL   TAU+                     0.57132E-01    0.15750E-01
 W2SS+  -->  EL+    NUE                      0.12312E+00    0.33941E-01
 W2SS+  -->  MUL+   NUM                      0.12312E+00    0.33941E-01
 W2SS+  -->  TAU1+  NUT                      0.14647E-02    0.40377E-03
 W2SS+  -->  TAU2+  NUT                      0.13029E+00    0.35918E-01
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  Z0                       0.93762E+00    0.25848E+00
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  DN     DB                0.57509E-05    0.15854E-05
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  ST     SB                0.57509E-05    0.15854E-05
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  UP     UB                0.14238E-04    0.39250E-05
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  CH     CB                0.14238E-04    0.39250E-05
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  HL0                      0.77363E+00    0.21327E+00
 HL0    -->  E-     E+                       0.22288E-10    0.41691E-08
 HL0    -->  MU-    MU+                      0.94105E-06    0.17603E-03
 HL0    -->  TAU-   TAU+                     0.26914E-03    0.50345E-01
 HL0    -->  DN     DB                       0.27975E-07    0.52328E-05
 HL0    -->  ST     SB                       0.11303E-04    0.21143E-02
 HL0    -->  BT     BB                       0.44700E-02    0.83613E+00
 HL0    -->  UP     UB                       0.78103E-08    0.14610E-05
 HL0    -->  CH     CB                       0.19618E-03    0.36697E-01
 HL0    -->  GM     GM                       0.72904E-05    0.13637E-02
 HL0    -->  GL     GL                       0.15941E-03    0.29819E-01
 HL0    -->  W+     E-     ANUE              0.11991E-04    0.22430E-02
 HL0    -->  W+     MU-    ANUM              0.11991E-04    0.22430E-02
 HL0    -->  W+     TAU-   ANUT              0.11991E-04    0.22430E-02
 HL0    -->  W+     UB     DN                0.35974E-04    0.67291E-02
 HL0    -->  W+     CB     ST                0.35974E-04    0.67291E-02
 HL0    -->  W-     E+     NUE               0.11991E-04    0.22430E-02
 HL0    -->  W-     MU+    NUM               0.11991E-04    0.22430E-02
 HL0    -->  W-     TAU+   NUT               0.11991E-04    0.22430E-02
 HL0    -->  W-     UP     DB                0.35974E-04    0.67291E-02
 HL0    -->  W-     CH     SB                0.35974E-04    0.67291E-02
 HL0    -->  Z0     NUE    ANUE              0.10862E-05    0.20317E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     NUM    ANUM              0.10862E-05    0.20317E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     NUT    ANUT              0.10862E-05    0.20317E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     E-     E+                0.54666E-06    0.10225E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     MU-    MU+               0.54666E-06    0.10225E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     TAU-   TAU+              0.54666E-06    0.10225E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     UP     UB                0.18728E-05    0.35032E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     CH     CB                0.18728E-05    0.35032E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     DN     DB                0.24126E-05    0.45129E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     ST     SB                0.24126E-05    0.45129E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     BT     BB                0.24126E-05    0.45129E-03
 HH0    -->  E-     E+                       0.31463E-08    0.35511E-08
 HH0    -->  MU-    MU+                      0.13284E-03    0.14993E-03
 HH0    -->  TAU-   TAU+                     0.38046E-01    0.42940E-01
 HH0    -->  DN     DB                       0.38771E-05    0.43758E-05
 HH0    -->  ST     SB                       0.15665E-02    0.17681E-02
 HH0    -->  BT     BB                       0.22402E+00    0.25283E+00
 HH0    -->  UP     UB                       0.10970E-08    0.12381E-08
 HH0    -->  CH     CB                       0.22393E-04    0.25273E-04
 HH0    -->  TP     TB                       0.46596E+00    0.52590E+00
 HH0    -->  GM     GM                       0.56187E-05    0.63415E-05
 HH0    -->  GL     GL                       0.73657E-03    0.83132E-03
 HH0    -->  W+     W-                       0.50470E-02    0.56962E-02
 HH0    -->  Z0     Z0                       0.24859E-02    0.28057E-02
 HH0    -->  Z1SS   Z1SS                     0.11467E-01    0.12943E-01
 HH0    -->  Z1SS   Z2SS                     0.40017E-01    0.45165E-01
 HH0    -->  Z2SS   Z2SS                     0.17508E-01    0.19760E-01
 HH0    -->  W1SS+  W1SS-                    0.42987E-01    0.48516E-01
 HH0    -->  HL0    HL0                      0.74813E-02    0.84436E-02
 HH0    -->  EL-    EL+                      0.62918E-03    0.71012E-03
 HH0    -->  ER-    ER+                      0.85806E-03    0.96844E-03
 HH0    -->  MUL-   MUL+                     0.62907E-03    0.70999E-03
 HH0    -->  MUR-   MUR+                     0.85789E-03    0.96824E-03
 HH0    -->  TAU1-  TAU1+                    0.39050E-02    0.44074E-02
 HH0    -->  TAU2-  TAU2+                    0.11423E-06    0.12892E-06
 HH0    -->  TAU1-  TAU2+                    0.68231E-02    0.77008E-02
 HH0    -->  TAU2-  TAU1+                    0.68231E-02    0.77008E-02
 HH0    -->  NUEL   ANUEL                    0.26648E-02    0.30076E-02
 HH0    -->  NUML   ANUML                    0.26648E-02    0.30076E-02
 HH0    -->  NUTL   ANUTL                    0.26852E-02    0.30307E-02
 HA0    -->  E-     E+                       0.31339E-08    0.24594E-08
 HA0    -->  MU-    MU+                      0.13232E-03    0.10384E-03
 HA0    -->  TAU-   TAU+                     0.37898E-01    0.29740E-01
 HA0    -->  DN     DB                       0.38621E-05    0.30308E-05
 HA0    -->  ST     SB                       0.15605E-02    0.12246E-02
 HA0    -->  BT     BB                       0.22319E+00    0.17515E+00
 HA0    -->  UP     UB                       0.95351E-09    0.74827E-09
 HA0    -->  CH     CB                       0.19483E-04    0.15290E-04
 HA0    -->  TP     TB                       0.71337E+00    0.55982E+00
 HA0    -->  GM     GM                       0.16433E-05    0.12896E-05
 HA0    -->  GL     GL                       0.61636E-03    0.48369E-03
 HA0    -->  Z1SS   Z1SS                     0.19008E-01    0.14917E-01
 HA0    -->  Z1SS   Z2SS                     0.95582E-01    0.75008E-01
 HA0    -->  Z2SS   Z2SS                     0.10333E+00    0.81090E-01
 HA0    -->  W1SS+  W1SS-                    0.59472E-01    0.46671E-01
 HA0    -->  HL0    Z0                       0.44176E-02    0.34667E-02
 HA0    -->  EL-    ER+                      0.22265E-10    0.17473E-10
 HA0    -->  ER-    EL+                      0.22265E-10    0.17473E-10
 HA0    -->  MUL-   MUR+                     0.94007E-06    0.73773E-06
 HA0    -->  MUR-   MUL+                     0.94007E-06    0.73773E-06
 HA0    -->  TAU1-  TAU2+                    0.78400E-02    0.61524E-02
 HA0    -->  TAU2-  TAU1+                    0.78400E-02    0.61524E-02
 H+     -->  NUE    E+                       0.31912E-08    0.32235E-08
 H+     -->  NUM    MU+                      0.13474E-03    0.13610E-03
 H+     -->  NUT    TAU+                     0.38590E-01    0.38981E-01
 H+     -->  UP     DB                       0.35943E-05    0.36307E-05
 H+     -->  CH     SB                       0.14700E-02    0.14849E-02
 H+     -->  TP     BB                       0.79311E+00    0.80115E+00
 H+     -->  W1SS+  Z1SS                     0.12576E+00    0.12704E+00
 H+     -->  W1SS+  Z2SS                     0.69065E-03    0.69765E-03
 H+     -->  HL0    W+                       0.47666E-02    0.48150E-02
 H+     -->  EL+    NUEL                     0.27564E-02    0.27843E-02
 H+     -->  MUL+   NUML                     0.27562E-02    0.27841E-02
 H+     -->  TAU1+  NUTL                     0.18907E-01    0.19098E-01
 H+     -->  TAU2+  NUTL                     0.10185E-02    0.10289E-02


"Low mass" point, near expected Tevatron Run2 limit. Cross section (LO) = 280pb


  • Separation of SUSY from ttbar with similar signatures

 *                                          *
 *  ISAJET     V7.71   18-OCT-2004 16:52:09 *
 *                                          *

 Minimal supergravity (mSUGRA) model:

 M_0,  M_(1/2),  A_0,  tan(beta),  sgn(mu),  M_t =
   200.000   160.000  -400.000    10.000     1.0   175.000

 ISASUGRA unification:
 M_GUT      = 0.267E+17   g_GUT          =0.718      alpha_GUT =0.041
 FT_GUT     = 0.493       FB_GUT         = 0.048     FL_GUT = 0.068

 1/alpha_em =  127.81     sin**2(thetaw) =0.2308     a_s^DRB   =  0.119
 M_1        =   63.19     M_2            =  123.23   M_3       =  386.08
 mu(Q)      =  303.43     B(Q)           =   47.59   Q         =  297.03
 M_H1^2     = 0.446E+05   M_H2^2         =-0.964E+05 TANBQ     =    9.809

 ISAJET masses (with signs):
 M(GL)  =   413.37
 M(UL)  =   412.25   M(UR)  =   404.92   M(DL)  =   419.84   M(DR) =   406.22
 M(B1)  =   358.49   M(B2)  =   399.18   M(T1)  =   206.04   M(T2) =   445.00
 M(SN)  =   217.92   M(EL)  =   231.94   M(ER)  =   212.88
 M(NTAU)=   215.53   M(TAU1)=   200.50   M(TAU2)=   236.04
 M(Z1)  =   -59.84   M(Z2)  =  -113.48   M(Z3)  =   308.94   M(Z4) =  -327.76
 M(W1)  =  -113.22   M(W2)  =  -326.59
 M(HL)  =   113.98   M(HH)  =   370.47   M(HA)  =   368.18   M(H+) =   378.90

 theta_t=   0.9558   theta_b=   0.2962   theta_l=   1.1158   alpha_h=   0.1101

 NEUTRALINO MASSES (SIGNED) =   -59.837  -113.482   308.935  -327.761
 EIGENVECTOR 1       =   0.05115  -0.17389  -0.08675   0.97960
 EIGENVECTOR 2       =   0.12235  -0.27206  -0.94439  -0.13831
 EIGENVECTOR 3       =  -0.71142  -0.68887   0.11723  -0.07475
 EIGENVECTOR 4       =   0.69014  -0.64900   0.29470  -0.12514

 CHARGINO MASSES (SIGNED)  =  -113.219  -326.586
 GAMMAL, GAMMAR             =   1.99023   1.75590

 ISAJET equivalent input:
 MSSMA:   413.37  303.43  368.18   10.00
 MSSMB:   401.70  391.21  392.29  226.78  208.25
 MSSMC:   342.05  386.96  258.40  224.50  203.17 -439.84 -796.60 -491.58
 MSSME:    63.19  123.23

 ISASUSY decay modes:
 Parent --> daughters                  Width          Branching ratio

 TP     -->  UP     DB     BT                0.40521E+00    0.33333E+00
 TP     -->  CH     SB     BT                0.40521E+00    0.33333E+00
 TP     -->  E+     NUE    BT                0.13507E+00    0.11111E+00
 TP     -->  MU+    NUM    BT                0.13507E+00    0.11111E+00
 TP     -->  TAU+   NUT    BT                0.13507E+00    0.11111E+00
 GLSS   -->  W1SS+  DN     UB                0.30795E-02    0.24084E-02
 GLSS   -->  W1SS-  UP     DB                0.30795E-02    0.24084E-02
 GLSS   -->  W1SS+  ST     CB                0.30795E-02    0.24084E-02
 GLSS   -->  W1SS-  CH     SB                0.30795E-02    0.24084E-02
 GLSS   -->  W1SS+  BT     TB                0.94767E-04    0.74114E-04
 GLSS   -->  W1SS-  TP     BB                0.94767E-04    0.74114E-04
 GLSS   -->  W2SS+  DN     UB                0.21917E-04    0.17141E-04
 GLSS   -->  W2SS-  UP     DB                0.21917E-04    0.17141E-04
 GLSS   -->  W2SS+  ST     CB                0.21917E-04    0.17141E-04
 GLSS   -->  W2SS-  CH     SB                0.21917E-04    0.17141E-04
 GLSS   -->  Z1SS   GL                       0.38434E-05    0.30057E-05
 GLSS   -->  Z1SS   DN     DB                0.36279E-03    0.28372E-03
 GLSS   -->  Z1SS   ST     SB                0.36279E-03    0.28372E-03
 GLSS   -->  Z1SS   TP     TB                0.19575E-07    0.15309E-07
 GLSS   -->  Z2SS   GL                       0.16911E-05    0.13226E-05
 GLSS   -->  Z2SS   DN     DB                0.42931E-02    0.33574E-02
 GLSS   -->  Z2SS   ST     SB                0.42931E-02    0.33574E-02
 GLSS   -->  Z3SS   GL                       0.21814E-04    0.17060E-04
 GLSS   -->  Z3SS   DN     DB                0.53656E-04    0.41963E-04
 GLSS   -->  Z3SS   ST     SB                0.53656E-04    0.41963E-04
 GLSS   -->  Z4SS   GL                       0.68627E-05    0.53670E-05
 GLSS   -->  Z4SS   DN     DB                0.26547E-03    0.20761E-03
 GLSS   -->  Z4SS   ST     SB                0.26547E-03    0.20761E-03
 GLSS   -->  UBL    UP                       0.15305E-03    0.11970E-03
 GLSS   -->  UPL    UB                       0.15305E-03    0.11970E-03
 GLSS   -->  UBR    UP                       0.85788E-02    0.67091E-02
 GLSS   -->  UPR    UB                       0.85788E-02    0.67091E-02
 GLSS   -->  DBR    DN                       0.61548E-02    0.48134E-02
 GLSS   -->  DNR    DB                       0.61548E-02    0.48134E-02
 GLSS   -->  SBR    ST                       0.61523E-02    0.48115E-02
 GLSS   -->  STR    SB                       0.61523E-02    0.48115E-02
 GLSS   -->  CBR    CH                       0.84664E-02    0.66212E-02
 GLSS   -->  CHR    CB                       0.84664E-02    0.66212E-02
 GLSS   -->  BB1    BT                       0.30300E+00    0.23697E+00
 GLSS   -->  BT1    BB                       0.30300E+00    0.23697E+00
 GLSS   -->  BB2    BT                       0.26809E-01    0.20966E-01
 GLSS   -->  BT2    BB                       0.26809E-01    0.20966E-01
 GLSS   -->  TB1    TP                       0.26873E+00    0.21016E+00
 GLSS   -->  TP1    TB                       0.26873E+00    0.21016E+00
 UPL    -->  Z1SS   UP                       0.14297E-01    0.33158E-02
 UPL    -->  Z2SS   UP                       0.13939E+01    0.32328E+00
 UPL    -->  Z3SS   UP                       0.35754E-02    0.82922E-03
 UPL    -->  Z4SS   UP                       0.17348E-01    0.40235E-02
 UPL    -->  W1SS+  DN                       0.28663E+01    0.66477E+00
 UPL    -->  W2SS+  DN                       0.16305E-01    0.37816E-02
 DNL    -->  Z1SS   DN                       0.12021E+00    0.29397E-01
 DNL    -->  Z2SS   DN                       0.12826E+01    0.31364E+00
 DNL    -->  Z3SS   DN                       0.63689E-02    0.15575E-02
 DNL    -->  Z4SS   DN                       0.27192E-01    0.66498E-02
 DNL    -->  GLSS   DN                       0.26422E-01    0.64614E-02
 DNL    -->  W1SS-  UP                       0.25350E+01    0.61994E+00
 DNL    -->  W2SS-  UP                       0.91409E-01    0.22354E-01
 STL    -->  Z1SS   ST                       0.12021E+00    0.29398E-01
 STL    -->  Z2SS   ST                       0.12826E+01    0.31365E+00
 STL    -->  Z3SS   ST                       0.63689E-02    0.15575E-02
 STL    -->  Z4SS   ST                       0.27192E-01    0.66499E-02
 STL    -->  GLSS   ST                       0.26422E-01    0.64616E-02
 STL    -->  W1SS-  CH                       0.25350E+01    0.61993E+00
 STL    -->  W2SS-  CH                       0.91397E-01    0.22351E-01
 CHL    -->  Z1SS   CH                       0.14297E-01    0.33157E-02
 CHL    -->  Z2SS   CH                       0.13939E+01    0.32328E+00
 CHL    -->  Z3SS   CH                       0.35751E-02    0.82916E-03
 CHL    -->  Z4SS   CH                       0.17346E-01    0.40230E-02
 CHL    -->  W1SS+  ST                       0.28663E+01    0.66477E+00
 CHL    -->  W2SS+  ST                       0.16306E-01    0.37818E-02
 BT1    -->  Z1SS   BT                       0.13775E+00    0.38772E-01
 BT1    -->  Z2SS   BT                       0.99971E+00    0.28137E+00
 BT1    -->  Z3SS   BT                       0.38475E-02    0.10829E-02
 BT1    -->  Z4SS   BT                       0.41942E-02    0.11805E-02
 BT1    -->  W1SS-  TP                       0.77726E+00    0.21876E+00
 BT1    -->  W-     TP1                      0.16302E+01    0.45883E+00
 TP1    -->  W1SS+  BT                       0.50440E+00    0.10000E+01
 UPR    -->  Z1SS   UP                       0.84043E+00    0.97964E+00
 UPR    -->  Z2SS   UP                       0.14868E-01    0.17331E-01
 UPR    -->  Z3SS   UP                       0.89329E-03    0.10413E-02
 UPR    -->  Z4SS   UP                       0.17041E-02    0.19864E-02
 DNR    -->  Z1SS   DN                       0.21085E+00    0.97956E+00
 DNR    -->  Z2SS   DN                       0.37331E-02    0.17344E-01
 DNR    -->  Z3SS   DN                       0.22806E-03    0.10596E-02
 DNR    -->  Z4SS   DN                       0.43788E-03    0.20343E-02
 STR    -->  Z1SS   ST                       0.21085E+00    0.97956E+00
 STR    -->  Z2SS   ST                       0.37331E-02    0.17344E-01
 STR    -->  Z3SS   ST                       0.22806E-03    0.10596E-02
 STR    -->  Z4SS   ST                       0.43788E-03    0.20343E-02
 CHR    -->  Z1SS   CH                       0.84042E+00    0.97964E+00
 CHR    -->  Z2SS   CH                       0.14868E-01    0.17331E-01
 CHR    -->  Z3SS   CH                       0.89321E-03    0.10412E-02
 CHR    -->  Z4SS   CH                       0.17039E-02    0.19861E-02
 BT2    -->  Z1SS   BT                       0.17387E+00    0.26587E+00
 BT2    -->  Z2SS   BT                       0.57994E-01    0.88681E-01
 BT2    -->  Z3SS   BT                       0.16834E-01    0.25742E-01
 BT2    -->  Z4SS   BT                       0.16539E-01    0.25290E-01
 BT2    -->  W1SS-  TP                       0.49593E-01    0.75835E-01
 BT2    -->  W-     TP1                      0.33913E+00    0.51859E+00
 TP2    -->  W1SS+  BT                       0.14284E+01    0.25325E+00
 TP2    -->  W2SS+  BT                       0.71788E+00    0.12728E+00
 TP2    -->  Z0     TP1                      0.23986E+01    0.42527E+00
 TP2    -->  HL0    TP1                      0.42235E+00    0.74882E-01
 TP2    -->  W+     BT1                      0.74655E-01    0.13236E-01
 TP2    -->  Z1SS   TP                       0.14904E+00    0.26426E-01
 TP2    -->  Z2SS   TP                       0.44929E+00    0.79659E-01
 EL-    -->  Z1SS   E-                       0.17354E+00    0.10168E+00
 EL-    -->  Z2SS   E-                       0.58813E+00    0.34460E+00
 EL-    -->  W1SS-  NUE                      0.94505E+00    0.55372E+00
 EL-    -->  TAU1-  E-     TAU+              0.11590E-10    0.67907E-11
 EL-    -->  TAU1+  E-     TAU-              0.47810E-11    0.28013E-11
 MUL-   -->  Z1SS   MU-                      0.17354E+00    0.10168E+00
 MUL-   -->  Z2SS   MU-                      0.58813E+00    0.34460E+00
 MUL-   -->  W1SS-  NUM                      0.94505E+00    0.55373E+00
 MUL-   -->  TAU1-  MU-    TAU+              0.11590E-10    0.67907E-11
 MUL-   -->  TAU1+  MU-    TAU-              0.47810E-11    0.28013E-11
 TAU1-  -->  Z1SS   TAU-                     0.69827E+00    0.72241E+00
 TAU1-  -->  Z2SS   TAU-                     0.10372E+00    0.10731E+00
 TAU1-  -->  W1SS-  NUT                      0.16460E+00    0.17029E+00
 NUEL   -->  Z1SS   NUE                      0.30648E+00    0.18935E+00
 NUEL   -->  Z2SS   NUE                      0.36742E+00    0.22700E+00
 NUEL   -->  W1SS+  E-                       0.94472E+00    0.58366E+00
 NUEL   -->  TAU1-  NUE    TAU+              0.15465E-11    0.95546E-12
 NUEL   -->  TAU1+  NUE    TAU-              0.86413E-12    0.53387E-12
 NUEL   -->  TAU1+  E-     NUT               0.45307E-11    0.27991E-11
 NUML   -->  Z1SS   NUM                      0.30648E+00    0.18935E+00
 NUML   -->  Z2SS   NUM                      0.36742E+00    0.22700E+00
 NUML   -->  W1SS+  MU-                      0.94472E+00    0.58366E+00
 NUML   -->  TAU1-  NUM    TAU+              0.15465E-11    0.95546E-12
 NUML   -->  TAU1+  NUM    TAU-              0.86413E-12    0.53387E-12
 NUML   -->  TAU1+  MU-    NUT               0.45314E-11    0.27996E-11
 NUTL   -->  Z1SS   NUT                      0.30203E+00    0.19107E+00
 NUTL   -->  Z2SS   NUT                      0.35740E+00    0.22611E+00
 NUTL   -->  W1SS+  TAU-                     0.92125E+00    0.58282E+00
 NUTL   -->  TAU1+  NUT    TAU-              0.81021E-12    0.51257E-12
 NUTL   -->  TAU1-  NUT    TAU+              0.39177E-07    0.24785E-07
 NUTL   -->  TAU1-  NUE    E+                0.39176E-07    0.24785E-07
 NUTL   -->  TAU1-  NUM    MU+               0.39176E-07    0.24785E-07
 NUTL   -->  TAU1-  UP     DB                0.11753E-06    0.74354E-07
 NUTL   -->  TAU1-  CH     SB                0.11753E-06    0.74354E-07
 ER-    -->  Z1SS   E-                       0.88134E+00    0.98810E+00
 ER-    -->  Z2SS   E-                       0.10614E-01    0.11900E-01
 ER-    -->  TAU1-  E-     TAU+              0.37878E-13    0.42467E-13
 ER-    -->  TAU1+  E-     TAU-              0.42851E-13    0.48041E-13
 ER-    -->  TAU1-  NUE    ANUT              0.14694E-20    0.16474E-20
 MUR-   -->  Z1SS   MU-                      0.88134E+00    0.98810E+00
 MUR-   -->  Z2SS   MU-                      0.10614E-01    0.11900E-01
 MUR-   -->  TAU1-  MU-    TAU+              0.37879E-13    0.42467E-13
 MUR-   -->  TAU1+  MU-    TAU-              0.42851E-13    0.48042E-13
 MUR-   -->  TAU1-  NUM    ANUT              0.62568E-16    0.70147E-16
 TAU2-  -->  Z1SS   TAU-                     0.32146E+00    0.20957E+00
 TAU2-  -->  Z2SS   TAU-                     0.47271E+00    0.30818E+00
 TAU2-  -->  W1SS-  NUT                      0.73972E+00    0.48225E+00
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   GM                       0.71237E-09    0.37645E-03
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   UP     UB                0.21766E-06    0.11502E+00
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   DN     DB                0.32896E-06    0.17384E+00
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   ST     SB                0.32896E-06    0.17384E+00
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   CH     CB                0.21766E-06    0.11502E+00
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   BT     BB                0.35811E-06    0.18924E+00
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   E-     E+                0.58916E-07    0.31134E-01
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   MU-    MU+               0.58916E-07    0.31134E-01
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   TAU-   TAU+              0.13503E-06    0.71357E-01
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   NUE    ANUE              0.59977E-07    0.31694E-01
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   NUM    ANUM              0.59977E-07    0.31694E-01
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   NUT    ANUT              0.67462E-07    0.35650E-01
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   GM                       0.22168E-05    0.12663E-05
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   GM                       0.30250E-09    0.17280E-09
 Z3SS   -->  W1SS+  W-                       0.54182E+00    0.30951E+00
 Z3SS   -->  W1SS-  W+                       0.54182E+00    0.30951E+00
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   Z0                       0.18528E+00    0.10584E+00
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   Z0                       0.35020E+00    0.20005E+00
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   UP     UB                0.26892E-06    0.15362E-06
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   DN     DB                0.17777E-06    0.10155E-06
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   ST     SB                0.17777E-06    0.10155E-06
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   CH     CB                0.26891E-06    0.15361E-06
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   BT     BB                0.91090E-05    0.52034E-05
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   TAU-   TAU+              0.65848E-06    0.37615E-06
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   UP     UB                0.70577E-06    0.40317E-06
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   DN     DB                0.90330E-06    0.51600E-06
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   ST     SB                0.90330E-06    0.51600E-06
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   CH     CB                0.70575E-06    0.40315E-06
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   BT     BB                0.18558E-04    0.10601E-04
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   TAU-   TAU+              0.46649E-06    0.26648E-06
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   HL0                      0.44795E-01    0.25589E-01
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   HL0                      0.38063E-01    0.21743E-01
 Z3SS   -->  EL-    E+                       0.71770E-03    0.40998E-03
 Z3SS   -->  EL+    E-                       0.71770E-03    0.40998E-03
 Z3SS   -->  MUL-   MU+                      0.71770E-03    0.40998E-03
 Z3SS   -->  MUL+   MU-                      0.71770E-03    0.40998E-03
 Z3SS   -->  ER-    E+                       0.12109E-02    0.69174E-03
 Z3SS   -->  ER+    E-                       0.12109E-02    0.69174E-03
 Z3SS   -->  MUR-   MU+                      0.12109E-02    0.69174E-03
 Z3SS   -->  MUR+   MU-                      0.12109E-02    0.69174E-03
 Z3SS   -->  TAU1-  TAU+                     0.23339E-02    0.13332E-02
 Z3SS   -->  TAU1+  TAU-                     0.23339E-02    0.13332E-02
 Z3SS   -->  TAU2-  TAU+                     0.55649E-02    0.31789E-02
 Z3SS   -->  TAU2+  TAU-                     0.55649E-02    0.31789E-02
 Z3SS   -->  NUEL   ANUE                     0.41138E-02    0.23500E-02
 Z3SS   -->  ANUEL  NUE                      0.41138E-02    0.23500E-02
 Z3SS   -->  NUML   ANUM                     0.41138E-02    0.23500E-02
 Z3SS   -->  ANUML  NUM                      0.41138E-02    0.23500E-02
 Z3SS   -->  NUTL   ANUT                     0.42931E-02    0.24524E-02
 Z3SS   -->  ANUTL  NUT                      0.42931E-02    0.24524E-02
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   GM                       0.52174E-05    0.24341E-05
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   GM                       0.24534E-05    0.11446E-05
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   GM                       0.45731E-09    0.21335E-09
 Z4SS   -->  W1SS+  W-                       0.64263E+00    0.29981E+00
 Z4SS   -->  W1SS-  W+                       0.64263E+00    0.29981E+00
 Z4SS   -->  W2SS-  UP     DB                0.11221E-11    0.52348E-12
 Z4SS   -->  W2SS-  NUE    E+                0.37402E-12    0.17449E-12
 Z4SS   -->  W2SS-  NUM    MU+               0.37402E-12    0.17449E-12
 Z4SS   -->  W2SS+  DN     UB                0.11221E-11    0.52348E-12
 Z4SS   -->  W2SS+  E-     ANUE              0.37402E-12    0.17449E-12
 Z4SS   -->  W2SS+  MU-    ANUM              0.37402E-12    0.17449E-12
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   Z0                       0.67065E-01    0.31289E-01
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   Z0                       0.77551E-01    0.36181E-01
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   UP     UB                0.19960E-05    0.93121E-06
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   DN     DB                0.24555E-05    0.11456E-05
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   ST     SB                0.24555E-05    0.11456E-05
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   CH     CB                0.19959E-05    0.93118E-06
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   BT     BB                0.14204E-04    0.66266E-05
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   TAU-   TAU+              0.70533E-06    0.32907E-06
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   UP     UB                0.16797E-04    0.78366E-05
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   DN     DB                0.18398E-04    0.85836E-05
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   ST     SB                0.18398E-04    0.85836E-05
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   CH     CB                0.16797E-04    0.78363E-05
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   BT     BB                0.68627E-04    0.32017E-04
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   TAU-   TAU+              0.50166E-06    0.23404E-06
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   UP     UB                0.24597E-06    0.11476E-06
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   DN     DB                0.32225E-06    0.15034E-06
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   ST     SB                0.32225E-06    0.15034E-06
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   CH     CB                0.24597E-06    0.11476E-06
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   BT     BB                0.14739E-06    0.68761E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   E-     E+                0.72477E-07    0.33813E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   MU-    MU+               0.72477E-07    0.33813E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   TAU-   TAU+              0.64250E-07    0.29975E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   NUE    ANUE              0.14421E-06    0.67278E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   NUM    ANUM              0.14421E-06    0.67278E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   NUT    ANUT              0.14421E-06    0.67278E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   HL0                      0.14790E+00    0.69001E-01
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   HL0                      0.30500E+00    0.14229E+00
 Z4SS   -->  EL-    E+                       0.87753E-02    0.40940E-02
 Z4SS   -->  EL+    E-                       0.87753E-02    0.40940E-02
 Z4SS   -->  MUL-   MU+                      0.87753E-02    0.40940E-02
 Z4SS   -->  MUL+   MU-                      0.87753E-02    0.40940E-02
 Z4SS   -->  ER-    E+                       0.43634E-02    0.20357E-02
 Z4SS   -->  ER+    E-                       0.43634E-02    0.20357E-02
 Z4SS   -->  MUR-   MU+                      0.43634E-02    0.20357E-02
 Z4SS   -->  MUR+   MU-                      0.43634E-02    0.20357E-02
 Z4SS   -->  TAU1-  TAU+                     0.12091E-02    0.56410E-03
 Z4SS   -->  TAU1+  TAU-                     0.12091E-02    0.56410E-03
 Z4SS   -->  TAU2-  TAU+                     0.16657E-01    0.77711E-02
 Z4SS   -->  TAU2+  TAU-                     0.16657E-01    0.77711E-02
 Z4SS   -->  NUEL   ANUE                     0.28372E-01    0.13237E-01
 Z4SS   -->  ANUEL  NUE                      0.28372E-01    0.13237E-01
 Z4SS   -->  NUML   ANUM                     0.28372E-01    0.13237E-01
 Z4SS   -->  ANUML  NUM                      0.28372E-01    0.13237E-01
 Z4SS   -->  NUTL   ANUT                     0.29359E-01    0.13697E-01
 Z4SS   -->  ANUTL  NUT                      0.29359E-01    0.13697E-01
 W1SS+  -->  Z1SS   UP     DB                0.66604E-05    0.32562E+00
 W1SS+  -->  Z1SS   CH     SB                0.66604E-05    0.32562E+00
 W1SS+  -->  Z1SS   E+     NUE               0.23518E-05    0.11498E+00
 W1SS+  -->  Z1SS   MU+    NUM               0.23518E-05    0.11498E+00
 W1SS+  -->  Z1SS   TAU+   NUT               0.24301E-05    0.11881E+00
 W2SS+  -->  Z1SS   UP     DB                0.33875E-05    0.97299E-06
 W2SS+  -->  Z1SS   CH     SB                0.33875E-05    0.97299E-06
 W2SS+  -->  Z1SS   TAU+   NUT               0.24935E-06    0.71620E-07
 W2SS+  -->  Z1SS   W+                       0.12341E+00    0.35446E-01
 W2SS+  -->  Z2SS   UP     DB                0.20070E-04    0.57649E-05
 W2SS+  -->  Z2SS   CH     SB                0.20070E-04    0.57649E-05
 W2SS+  -->  Z2SS   TAU+   NUT               0.12756E-05    0.36640E-06
 W2SS+  -->  Z2SS   W+                       0.69438E+00    0.19945E+00
 W2SS+  -->  Z3SS   UP     DB                0.65595E-06    0.18841E-06
 W2SS+  -->  Z3SS   CH     SB                0.65595E-06    0.18841E-06
 W2SS+  -->  Z3SS   E+     NUE               0.21793E-06    0.62598E-07
 W2SS+  -->  Z3SS   MU+    NUM               0.21793E-06    0.62598E-07
 W2SS+  -->  Z3SS   TAU+   NUT               0.21794E-06    0.62598E-07
 W2SS+  -->  TP1    BB                       0.14887E+01    0.42762E+00
 W2SS+  -->  NUEL   E+                       0.14331E-01    0.41163E-02
 W2SS+  -->  NUML   MU+                      0.14331E-01    0.41163E-02
 W2SS+  -->  NUTL   TAU+                     0.23293E-01    0.66906E-02
 W2SS+  -->  EL+    NUE                      0.56004E-01    0.16086E-01
 W2SS+  -->  MUL+   NUM                      0.56004E-01    0.16086E-01
 W2SS+  -->  TAU1+  NUT                      0.13833E-02    0.39734E-03
 W2SS+  -->  TAU2+  NUT                      0.57578E-01    0.16538E-01
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  Z0                       0.55168E+00    0.15846E+00
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  DN     DB                0.11527E-04    0.33109E-05
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  ST     SB                0.11526E-04    0.33108E-05
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  UP     UB                0.43456E-04    0.12482E-04
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  CH     CB                0.43456E-04    0.12482E-04
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  HL0                      0.40020E+00    0.11495E+00
 HL0    -->  E-     E+                       0.23638E-10    0.42177E-08
 HL0    -->  MU-    MU+                      0.99802E-06    0.17808E-03
 HL0    -->  TAU-   TAU+                     0.28543E-03    0.50930E-01
 HL0    -->  DN     DB                       0.29672E-07    0.52944E-05
 HL0    -->  ST     SB                       0.11989E-04    0.21392E-02
 HL0    -->  BT     BB                       0.47465E-02    0.84692E+00
 HL0    -->  UP     UB                       0.77623E-08    0.13850E-05
 HL0    -->  CH     CB                       0.19522E-03    0.34833E-01
 HL0    -->  GM     GM                       0.68680E-05    0.12255E-02
 HL0    -->  GL     GL                       0.15447E-03    0.27561E-01
 HL0    -->  W+     E-     ANUE              0.10539E-04    0.18804E-02
 HL0    -->  W+     MU-    ANUM              0.10539E-04    0.18804E-02
 HL0    -->  W+     TAU-   ANUT              0.10539E-04    0.18804E-02
 HL0    -->  W+     UB     DN                0.31616E-04    0.56413E-02
 HL0    -->  W+     CB     ST                0.31616E-04    0.56413E-02
 HL0    -->  W-     E+     NUE               0.10539E-04    0.18804E-02
 HL0    -->  W-     MU+    NUM               0.10539E-04    0.18804E-02
 HL0    -->  W-     TAU+   NUT               0.10539E-04    0.18804E-02
 HL0    -->  W-     UP     DB                0.31616E-04    0.56413E-02
 HL0    -->  W-     CH     SB                0.31616E-04    0.56413E-02
 HL0    -->  Z0     NUE    ANUE              0.90210E-06    0.16096E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     NUM    ANUM              0.90210E-06    0.16096E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     NUT    ANUT              0.90210E-06    0.16096E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     E-     E+                0.45402E-06    0.81011E-04
 HL0    -->  Z0     MU-    MU+               0.45402E-06    0.81011E-04
 HL0    -->  Z0     TAU-   TAU+              0.45402E-06    0.81011E-04
 HL0    -->  Z0     UP     UB                0.15554E-05    0.27754E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     CH     CB                0.15554E-05    0.27754E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     DN     DB                0.20038E-05    0.35753E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     ST     SB                0.20038E-05    0.35753E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     BT     BB                0.20038E-05    0.35753E-03
 HH0    -->  E-     E+                       0.62819E-08    0.63472E-08
 HH0    -->  MU-    MU+                      0.26523E-03    0.26799E-03
 HH0    -->  TAU-   TAU+                     0.75957E-01    0.76746E-01
 HH0    -->  DN     DB                       0.77663E-05    0.78470E-05
 HH0    -->  ST     SB                       0.31380E-02    0.31706E-02
 HH0    -->  BT     BB                       0.45181E+00    0.45650E+00
 HH0    -->  UP     UB                       0.30393E-09    0.30709E-09
 HH0    -->  CH     CB                       0.64736E-05    0.65409E-05
 HH0    -->  TP     TB                       0.16006E-01    0.16172E-01
 HH0    -->  GM     GM                       0.23415E-05    0.23658E-05
 HH0    -->  GL     GL                       0.23364E-03    0.23607E-03
 HH0    -->  W+     W-                       0.13713E-02    0.13856E-02
 HH0    -->  Z0     Z0                       0.65064E-03    0.65740E-03
 HH0    -->  Z1SS   Z1SS                     0.28889E-01    0.29190E-01
 HH0    -->  Z1SS   Z2SS                     0.99648E-01    0.10068E+00
 HH0    -->  Z1SS   Z3SS                     0.12288E-01    0.12416E-01
 HH0    -->  Z2SS   Z2SS                     0.76674E-01    0.77471E-01
 HH0    -->  W1SS+  W1SS-                    0.22257E+00    0.22488E+00
 HH0    -->  HL0    HL0                      0.20286E-03    0.20497E-03
 HA0    -->  E-     E+                       0.62568E-08    0.50739E-08
 HA0    -->  MU-    MU+                      0.26417E-03    0.21423E-03
 HA0    -->  TAU-   TAU+                     0.75660E-01    0.61355E-01
 HA0    -->  DN     DB                       0.77357E-05    0.62732E-05
 HA0    -->  ST     SB                       0.31256E-02    0.25347E-02
 HA0    -->  BT     BB                       0.45020E+00    0.36508E+00
 HA0    -->  UP     UB                       0.24752E-09    0.20072E-09
 HA0    -->  CH     CB                       0.52764E-05    0.42788E-05
 HA0    -->  TP     TB                       0.11189E+00    0.90733E-01
 HA0    -->  GM     GM                       0.34897E-06    0.28299E-06
 HA0    -->  GL     GL                       0.81541E-04    0.66124E-04
 HA0    -->  Z1SS   Z1SS                     0.36345E-01    0.29474E-01
 HA0    -->  Z1SS   Z2SS                     0.14552E+00    0.11801E+00
 HA0    -->  Z2SS   Z2SS                     0.14728E+00    0.11943E+00
 HA0    -->  W1SS+  W1SS-                    0.26175E+00    0.21226E+00
 HA0    -->  HL0    Z0                       0.10283E-02    0.83386E-03
 H+     -->  NUE    E+                       0.64390E-08    0.94734E-08
 H+     -->  NUM    MU+                      0.27187E-03    0.39998E-03
 H+     -->  NUT    TAU+                     0.77863E-01    0.11456E+00
 H+     -->  UP     DB                       0.72507E-05    0.10668E-04
 H+     -->  CH     SB                       0.29344E-02    0.43173E-02
 H+     -->  TP     BB                       0.38551E+00    0.56719E+00
 H+     -->  W1SS+  Z1SS                     0.20756E+00    0.30537E+00
 H+     -->  W1SS+  Z2SS                     0.43307E-02    0.63716E-02
 H+     -->  HL0    W+                       0.12143E-02    0.17866E-02


"Funnel region" point. Cross section (LO) = 4.5pb

Taus dominate.


  • Tau ID, tau measurements, tau polarization?

 *                                          *
 *  ISAJET     V7.71   18-OCT-2004 16:52:09 *
 *                                          *

 Minimal supergravity (mSUGRA) model:

 M_0,  M_(1/2),  A_0,  tan(beta),  sgn(mu),  M_t =
   320.000   375.000     0.000    50.000     1.0   175.000

 ISASUGRA unification:
 M_GUT      = 0.201E+17   g_GUT          =0.708      alpha_GUT =0.040
 FT_GUT     = 0.547       FB_GUT         = 0.303     FL_GUT = 0.539

 1/alpha_em =  127.80     sin**2(thetaw) =0.2309     a_s^DRB   =  0.118
 M_1        =  152.71     M_2            =  292.54   M_3       =  845.02
 mu(Q)      =  472.94     B(Q)           =    8.77   Q         =  677.33
 M_H1^2     =-0.703E+05   M_H2^2         =-0.222E+06 TANBQ     =   49.633

 ISAJET masses (with signs):
 M(GL)  =   894.33
 M(UL)  =   858.38   M(UR)  =   834.88   M(DL)  =   862.15   M(DR) =   833.02
 M(B1)  =   715.96   M(B2)  =   779.62   M(T1)  =   642.80   M(T2) =   798.93
 M(SN)  =   402.61   M(EL)  =   410.66   M(ER)  =   351.77
 M(NTAU)=   359.20   M(TAU1)=   181.40   M(TAU2)=   392.26
 M(Z1)  =  -149.52   M(Z2)  =  -287.78   M(Z3)  =   478.08   M(Z4) =  -493.27
 M(W1)  =  -288.09   M(W2)  =  -493.46
 M(HL)  =   116.84   M(HH)  =   386.50   M(HA)  =   384.07   M(H+) =   398.80

 theta_t=   1.0333   theta_b=   0.7947   theta_l=   1.1550   alpha_h=   0.0204

 NEUTRALINO MASSES (SIGNED) =  -149.524  -287.779   478.081  -493.269
 EIGENVECTOR 1       =   0.03596  -0.10660  -0.02135   0.99342
 EIGENVECTOR 2       =   0.14678  -0.24263  -0.95754  -0.05193
 EIGENVECTOR 3       =   0.70863   0.70032  -0.07143   0.04796
 EIGENVECTOR 4       =   0.68921  -0.66282   0.27848  -0.09008

 CHARGINO MASSES (SIGNED)  =  -288.089  -493.456
 GAMMAL, GAMMAR             =   1.92878   1.78421

 ISAJET equivalent input:
 MSSMA:   894.33  472.94  384.07   50.00
 MSSMB:   826.32  798.28  801.38  405.73  348.06
 MSSMC:   716.23  720.71  644.87  363.08  232.54 -642.42 -795.07  -57.23
 MSSME:   152.71  292.54

 ISASUSY decay modes:
 Parent --> daughters                  Width          Branching ratio

 TP     -->  UP     DB     BT                0.40521E+00    0.33333E+00
 TP     -->  CH     SB     BT                0.40521E+00    0.33333E+00
 TP     -->  E+     NUE    BT                0.13507E+00    0.11111E+00
 TP     -->  MU+    NUM    BT                0.13507E+00    0.11111E+00
 TP     -->  TAU+   NUT    BT                0.13507E+00    0.11111E+00
 GLSS   -->  W1SS+  BT     TB                0.58322E-02    0.82808E-03
 GLSS   -->  W1SS-  TP     BB                0.58322E-02    0.82808E-03
 GLSS   -->  W2SS+  BT     TB                0.30187E-02    0.42860E-03
 GLSS   -->  W2SS-  TP     BB                0.30187E-02    0.42860E-03
 GLSS   -->  Z1SS   GL                       0.62276E-05    0.88422E-06
 GLSS   -->  Z1SS   TP     TB                0.11627E-02    0.16508E-03
 GLSS   -->  Z2SS   GL                       0.16344E-04    0.23205E-05
 GLSS   -->  Z2SS   TP     TB                0.31323E-02    0.44473E-03
 GLSS   -->  Z3SS   GL                       0.39917E-03    0.56676E-04
 GLSS   -->  Z3SS   TP     TB                0.41714E-03    0.59226E-04
 GLSS   -->  Z4SS   GL                       0.29649E-03    0.42097E-04
 GLSS   -->  Z4SS   TP     TB                0.27690E-02    0.39315E-03
 GLSS   -->  UBL    UP                       0.64649E-01    0.91790E-02
 GLSS   -->  UPL    UB                       0.64649E-01    0.91790E-02
 GLSS   -->  DBL    DN                       0.52018E-01    0.73856E-02
 GLSS   -->  DNL    DB                       0.52018E-01    0.73856E-02
 GLSS   -->  UBR    UP                       0.17207E+00    0.24431E-01
 GLSS   -->  UPR    UB                       0.17207E+00    0.24431E-01
 GLSS   -->  DBR    DN                       0.18257E+00    0.25922E-01
 GLSS   -->  DNR    DB                       0.18257E+00    0.25922E-01
 GLSS   -->  SBL    ST                       0.52017E-01    0.73855E-02
 GLSS   -->  STL    SB                       0.52017E-01    0.73855E-02
 GLSS   -->  SBR    ST                       0.18257E+00    0.25921E-01
 GLSS   -->  STR    SB                       0.18257E+00    0.25921E-01
 GLSS   -->  CBL    CH                       0.64602E-01    0.91723E-02
 GLSS   -->  CHL    CB                       0.64602E-01    0.91723E-02
 GLSS   -->  CBR    CH                       0.17202E+00    0.24424E-01
 GLSS   -->  CHR    CB                       0.17202E+00    0.24424E-01
 GLSS   -->  BB1    BT                       0.13009E+01    0.18471E+00
 GLSS   -->  BT1    BB                       0.13009E+01    0.18471E+00
 GLSS   -->  BB2    BT                       0.62767E+00    0.89119E-01
 GLSS   -->  BT2    BB                       0.62767E+00    0.89119E-01
 GLSS   -->  TB1    TP                       0.63749E+00    0.90512E-01
 GLSS   -->  TP1    TB                       0.63749E+00    0.90512E-01
 UPL    -->  Z1SS   UP                       0.87678E-01    0.10379E-01
 UPL    -->  Z2SS   UP                       0.26621E+01    0.31512E+00
 UPL    -->  Z3SS   UP                       0.67471E-02    0.79867E-03
 UPL    -->  Z4SS   UP                       0.11124E+00    0.13168E-01
 UPL    -->  W1SS+  DN                       0.54348E+01    0.64333E+00
 UPL    -->  W2SS+  DN                       0.14531E+00    0.17201E-01
 DNL    -->  Z1SS   DN                       0.14118E+00    0.17014E-01
 DNL    -->  Z2SS   DN                       0.25753E+01    0.31035E+00
 DNL    -->  Z3SS   DN                       0.11199E-01    0.13497E-02
 DNL    -->  Z4SS   DN                       0.14289E+00    0.17219E-01
 DNL    -->  W1SS-  UP                       0.50246E+01    0.60551E+00
 DNL    -->  W2SS-  UP                       0.40288E+00    0.48552E-01
 STL    -->  Z1SS   ST                       0.14118E+00    0.17014E-01
 STL    -->  Z2SS   ST                       0.25753E+01    0.31036E+00
 STL    -->  Z3SS   ST                       0.11199E-01    0.13497E-02
 STL    -->  Z4SS   ST                       0.14289E+00    0.17219E-01
 STL    -->  W1SS-  CH                       0.50245E+01    0.60551E+00
 STL    -->  W2SS-  CH                       0.40288E+00    0.48551E-01
 CHL    -->  Z1SS   CH                       0.87677E-01    0.10379E-01
 CHL    -->  Z2SS   CH                       0.26621E+01    0.31512E+00
 CHL    -->  Z3SS   CH                       0.67470E-02    0.79866E-03
 CHL    -->  Z4SS   CH                       0.11124E+00    0.13168E-01
 CHL    -->  W1SS+  ST                       0.54348E+01    0.64333E+00
 CHL    -->  W2SS+  ST                       0.14531E+00    0.17201E-01
 BT1    -->  Z1SS   BT                       0.50995E+00    0.79604E-01
 BT1    -->  Z2SS   BT                       0.17602E+01    0.27477E+00
 BT1    -->  Z3SS   BT                       0.69840E+00    0.10902E+00
 BT1    -->  Z4SS   BT                       0.41070E+00    0.64111E-01
 BT1    -->  W1SS-  TP                       0.25978E+01    0.40552E+00
 BT1    -->  W2SS-  TP                       0.42904E+00    0.66974E-01
 TP1    -->  Z1SS   TP                       0.89671E+00    0.19385E+00
 TP1    -->  Z2SS   TP                       0.66274E+00    0.14327E+00
 TP1    -->  W1SS+  BT                       0.19889E+01    0.42994E+00
 TP1    -->  W2SS+  BT                       0.10776E+01    0.23294E+00
 UPR    -->  Z1SS   UP                       0.17450E+01    0.99294E+00
 UPR    -->  Z2SS   UP                       0.39517E-02    0.22487E-02
 UPR    -->  Z3SS   UP                       0.19609E-02    0.11158E-02
 UPR    -->  Z4SS   UP                       0.64892E-02    0.36926E-02
 DNR    -->  Z1SS   DN                       0.43515E+00    0.99297E+00
 DNR    -->  Z2SS   DN                       0.98456E-03    0.22467E-02
 DNR    -->  Z3SS   DN                       0.48702E-03    0.11113E-02
 DNR    -->  Z4SS   DN                       0.16110E-02    0.36761E-02
 STR    -->  Z1SS   ST                       0.43515E+00    0.99297E+00
 STR    -->  Z2SS   ST                       0.98456E-03    0.22467E-02
 STR    -->  Z3SS   ST                       0.48702E-03    0.11113E-02
 STR    -->  Z4SS   ST                       0.16110E-02    0.36761E-02
 CHR    -->  Z1SS   CH                       0.17450E+01    0.99294E+00
 CHR    -->  Z2SS   CH                       0.39517E-02    0.22487E-02
 CHR    -->  Z3SS   CH                       0.19609E-02    0.11158E-02
 CHR    -->  Z4SS   CH                       0.64892E-02    0.36925E-02
 BT2    -->  Z1SS   BT                       0.81358E-01    0.92497E-02
 BT2    -->  Z2SS   BT                       0.64459E+00    0.73285E-01
 BT2    -->  Z3SS   BT                       0.11611E+01    0.13201E+00
 BT2    -->  Z4SS   BT                       0.12781E+01    0.14531E+00
 BT2    -->  W1SS-  TP                       0.85032E+00    0.96674E-01
 BT2    -->  W2SS-  TP                       0.40680E+01    0.46250E+00
 BT2    -->  W-     TP1                      0.71219E+00    0.80971E-01
 TP2    -->  W1SS+  BT                       0.28412E+01    0.22460E+00
 TP2    -->  W2SS+  BT                       0.32895E+01    0.26004E+00
 TP2    -->  Z0     TP1                      0.75835E+00    0.59949E-01
 TP2    -->  HL0    TP1                      0.29453E+00    0.23283E-01
 TP2    -->  W+     BT1                      0.13597E-01    0.10748E-02
 TP2    -->  Z1SS   TP                       0.33550E+00    0.26522E-01
 TP2    -->  Z2SS   TP                       0.10562E+01    0.83498E-01
 TP2    -->  Z3SS   TP                       0.11036E+01    0.87241E-01
 TP2    -->  Z4SS   TP                       0.29575E+01    0.23379E+00
 EL-    -->  Z1SS   E-                       0.35802E+00    0.22723E+00
 EL-    -->  Z2SS   E-                       0.43532E+00    0.27630E+00
 EL-    -->  W1SS-  NUE                      0.78221E+00    0.49646E+00
 EL-    -->  TAU1-  E-     TAU+              0.12309E-05    0.78122E-06
 EL-    -->  TAU1+  E-     TAU-              0.11407E-05    0.72399E-06
 MUL-   -->  Z1SS   MU-                      0.35802E+00    0.22723E+00
 MUL-   -->  Z2SS   MU-                      0.43532E+00    0.27630E+00
 MUL-   -->  W1SS-  NUM                      0.78221E+00    0.49646E+00
 MUL-   -->  TAU1-  MU-    TAU+              0.12309E-05    0.78122E-06
 MUL-   -->  TAU1+  MU-    TAU-              0.11407E-05    0.72399E-06
 TAU1-  -->  Z1SS   TAU-                     0.87906E-01    0.10000E+01
 NUEL   -->  Z1SS   NUE                      0.40542E+00    0.26563E+00
 NUEL   -->  Z2SS   NUE                      0.34987E+00    0.22924E+00
 NUEL   -->  W1SS+  E-                       0.77092E+00    0.50512E+00
 NUEL   -->  TAU1-  NUE    TAU+              0.23882E-05    0.15648E-05
 NUEL   -->  TAU1+  NUE    TAU-              0.14877E-05    0.97479E-06
 NUEL   -->  TAU1+  E-     NUT               0.11673E-04    0.76484E-05
 NUML   -->  Z1SS   NUM                      0.40542E+00    0.26563E+00
 NUML   -->  Z2SS   NUM                      0.34987E+00    0.22924E+00
 NUML   -->  W1SS+  MU-                      0.77092E+00    0.50512E+00
 NUML   -->  TAU1-  NUM    TAU+              0.23882E-05    0.15648E-05
 NUML   -->  TAU1+  NUM    TAU-              0.14877E-05    0.97479E-06
 NUML   -->  TAU1+  MU-    NUT               0.11738E-04    0.76907E-05
 NUTL   -->  Z1SS   NUT                      0.33264E+00    0.14515E+00
 NUTL   -->  Z2SS   NUT                      0.16736E+00    0.73028E-01
 NUTL   -->  W1SS+  TAU-                     0.39603E+00    0.17281E+00
 NUTL   -->  W+     TAU1-                    0.13957E+01    0.60901E+00
 NUTL   -->  TAU1+  NUT    TAU-              0.75281E-05    0.32849E-05
 NUTL   -->  TAU1-  NUT    TAU+              0.53379E-06    0.23292E-06
 ER-    -->  Z1SS   E-                       0.11853E+01    0.99955E+00
 ER-    -->  Z2SS   E-                       0.52769E-03    0.44500E-03
 ER-    -->  TAU1-  E-     TAU+              0.19735E-07    0.16643E-07
 ER-    -->  TAU1+  E-     TAU-              0.73792E-07    0.62228E-07
 ER-    -->  TAU1-  NUE    ANUT              0.12047E-12    0.10159E-12
 MUR-   -->  Z1SS   MU-                      0.11853E+01    0.99955E+00
 MUR-   -->  Z2SS   MU-                      0.52769E-03    0.44500E-03
 MUR-   -->  TAU1-  MU-    TAU+              0.19735E-07    0.16643E-07
 MUR-   -->  TAU1+  MU-    TAU-              0.73792E-07    0.62228E-07
 MUR-   -->  TAU1-  NUM    ANUT              0.51128E-08    0.43116E-08
 TAU2-  -->  Z1SS   TAU-                     0.46605E+00    0.19071E+00
 TAU2-  -->  Z2SS   TAU-                     0.24388E+00    0.99800E-01
 TAU2-  -->  W1SS-  NUT                      0.38112E+00    0.15596E+00
 TAU2-  -->  Z0     TAU1-                    0.93138E+00    0.38113E+00
 TAU2-  -->  HL0    TAU1-                    0.42128E+00    0.17239E+00
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   GM                       0.11412E-06    0.55721E-06
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   Z0                       0.17037E-02    0.83188E-02
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   UP     UB                0.29495E-07    0.14402E-06
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   DN     DB                0.43095E-07    0.21042E-06
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   ST     SB                0.43095E-07    0.21042E-06
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   CH     CB                0.29495E-07    0.14402E-06
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   BT     BB                0.26420E-05    0.12900E-04
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   E-     E+                0.37020E-05    0.18076E-04
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   MU-    MU+               0.37020E-05    0.18076E-04
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   TAU-   TAU+              0.33027E-05    0.16126E-04
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   NUE    ANUE              0.41521E-05    0.20273E-04
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   NUM    ANUM              0.41521E-05    0.20273E-04
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   NUT    ANUT              0.85456E-05    0.41726E-04
 Z2SS   -->  Z1SS   HL0                      0.72070E-02    0.35190E-01
 Z2SS   -->  TAU1-  TAU+                     0.97931E-01    0.47817E+00
 Z2SS   -->  TAU1+  TAU-                     0.97931E-01    0.47817E+00
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   GM                       0.36489E-06    0.11654E-06
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   GM                       0.34499E-06    0.11018E-06
 Z3SS   -->  W1SS+  W-                       0.60770E+00    0.19409E+00
 Z3SS   -->  W1SS-  W+                       0.60770E+00    0.19409E+00
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   Z0                       0.24254E+00    0.77464E-01
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   Z0                       0.48401E+00    0.15458E+00
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   UP     UB                0.24610E-07    0.78601E-08
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   DN     DB                0.89024E-08    0.28433E-08
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   ST     SB                0.89024E-08    0.28433E-08
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   CH     CB                0.24610E-07    0.78601E-08
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   BT     BB                0.81320E-03    0.25972E-03
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   TAU-   TAU+              0.19124E-03    0.61077E-04
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   UP     UB                0.13026E-07    0.41604E-08
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   DN     DB                0.20061E-07    0.64073E-08
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   ST     SB                0.20061E-07    0.64073E-08
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   CH     CB                0.13026E-07    0.41604E-08
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   BT     BB                0.13245E-03    0.42303E-04
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   TAU-   TAU+              0.25163E-04    0.80367E-05
 Z3SS   -->  Z1SS   HL0                      0.54370E-01    0.17365E-01
 Z3SS   -->  Z2SS   HL0                      0.21507E-01    0.68690E-02
 Z3SS   -->  EL-    E+                       0.14049E-03    0.44871E-04
 Z3SS   -->  EL+    E-                       0.14049E-03    0.44871E-04
 Z3SS   -->  MUL-   MU+                      0.14049E-03    0.44871E-04
 Z3SS   -->  MUL+   MU-                      0.14049E-03    0.44871E-04
 Z3SS   -->  ER-    E+                       0.58822E-03    0.18787E-03
 Z3SS   -->  ER+    E-                       0.58822E-03    0.18787E-03
 Z3SS   -->  MUR-   MU+                      0.58822E-03    0.18787E-03
 Z3SS   -->  MUR+   MU-                      0.58822E-03    0.18787E-03
 Z3SS   -->  TAU1-  TAU+                     0.46814E+00    0.14952E+00
 Z3SS   -->  TAU1+  TAU-                     0.46814E+00    0.14952E+00
 Z3SS   -->  TAU2-  TAU+                     0.82972E-01    0.26500E-01
 Z3SS   -->  TAU2+  TAU-                     0.82972E-01    0.26500E-01
 Z3SS   -->  NUEL   ANUE                     0.81374E-03    0.25990E-03
 Z3SS   -->  ANUEL  NUE                      0.81374E-03    0.25990E-03
 Z3SS   -->  NUML   ANUM                     0.81374E-03    0.25990E-03
 Z3SS   -->  ANUML  NUM                      0.81374E-03    0.25990E-03
 Z3SS   -->  NUTL   ANUT                     0.18250E-02    0.58288E-03
 Z3SS   -->  ANUTL  NUT                      0.18250E-02    0.58288E-03
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   GM                       0.49210E-06    0.15008E-06
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   GM                       0.55368E-07    0.16886E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   GM                       0.23183E-08    0.70701E-09
 Z4SS   -->  W1SS+  W-                       0.69230E+00    0.21113E+00
 Z4SS   -->  W1SS-  W+                       0.69230E+00    0.21113E+00
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   Z0                       0.66522E-01    0.20287E-01
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   Z0                       0.49464E-01    0.15085E-01
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   UP     UB                0.33168E-06    0.10115E-06
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   DN     DB                0.27749E-06    0.84628E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   ST     SB                0.27749E-06    0.84628E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   CH     CB                0.33168E-06    0.10115E-06
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   BT     BB                0.91193E-03    0.27811E-03
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   TAU-   TAU+              0.21818E-03    0.66538E-04
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   UP     UB                0.89440E-06    0.27276E-06
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   DN     DB                0.10656E-05    0.32498E-06
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   ST     SB                0.10656E-05    0.32498E-06
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   CH     CB                0.89439E-06    0.27276E-06
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   BT     BB                0.14601E-03    0.44529E-04
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   TAU-   TAU+              0.26761E-04    0.81614E-05
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   UP     UB                0.90100E-07    0.27478E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   DN     DB                0.11633E-06    0.35478E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   ST     SB                0.11633E-06    0.35478E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   CH     CB                0.90100E-07    0.27478E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   BT     BB                0.32581E-07    0.99363E-08
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   E-     E+                0.26371E-07    0.80425E-08
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   MU-    MU+               0.26371E-07    0.80425E-08
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   TAU-   TAU+              0.22109E-07    0.67426E-08
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   NUE    ANUE              0.52470E-07    0.16002E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   NUM    ANUM              0.52470E-07    0.16002E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z3SS   NUT    ANUT              0.52470E-07    0.16002E-07
 Z4SS   -->  Z1SS   HL0                      0.21341E+00    0.65085E-01
 Z4SS   -->  Z2SS   HL0                      0.49628E+00    0.15135E+00
 Z4SS   -->  EL-    E+                       0.51265E-02    0.15634E-02
 Z4SS   -->  EL+    E-                       0.51265E-02    0.15634E-02
 Z4SS   -->  MUL-   MU+                      0.51265E-02    0.15634E-02
 Z4SS   -->  MUL+   MU-                      0.51265E-02    0.15634E-02
 Z4SS   -->  ER-    E+                       0.24586E-02    0.74981E-03
 Z4SS   -->  ER+    E-                       0.24586E-02    0.74981E-03
 Z4SS   -->  MUR-   MU+                      0.24586E-02    0.74981E-03
 Z4SS   -->  MUR+   MU-                      0.24586E-02    0.74981E-03
 Z4SS   -->  TAU1-  TAU+                     0.35048E+00    0.10689E+00
 Z4SS   -->  TAU1+  TAU-                     0.35048E+00    0.10689E+00
 Z4SS   -->  TAU2-  TAU+                     0.11852E+00    0.36144E-01
 Z4SS   -->  TAU2+  TAU-                     0.11852E+00    0.36144E-01
 Z4SS   -->  NUEL   ANUE                     0.12445E-01    0.37952E-02
 Z4SS   -->  ANUEL  NUE                      0.12445E-01    0.37952E-02
 Z4SS   -->  NUML   ANUM                     0.12445E-01    0.37952E-02
 Z4SS   -->  ANUML  NUM                      0.12445E-01    0.37952E-02
 Z4SS   -->  NUTL   ANUT                     0.24643E-01    0.75153E-02
 Z4SS   -->  ANUTL  NUT                      0.24643E-01    0.75153E-02
 W1SS+  -->  Z1SS   UP     DB                0.71430E-07    0.36371E-06
 W1SS+  -->  Z1SS   CH     SB                0.71430E-07    0.36371E-06
 W1SS+  -->  Z1SS   E+     NUE               0.78628E-05    0.40036E-04
 W1SS+  -->  Z1SS   MU+    NUM               0.78628E-05    0.40036E-04
 W1SS+  -->  Z1SS   TAU+   NUT               0.11763E-04    0.59897E-04
 W1SS+  -->  Z1SS   W+                       0.10674E-01    0.54352E-01
 W1SS+  -->  Z2SS   E+     NUE               0.85195E-15    0.43380E-14
 W1SS+  -->  Z2SS   MU+    NUM               0.85195E-15    0.43380E-14
 W1SS+  -->  TAU1+  NUT                      0.18569E+00    0.94551E+00
 W2SS+  -->  Z1SS   UP     DB                0.43620E-06    0.13671E-06
 W2SS+  -->  Z1SS   CH     SB                0.43620E-06    0.13671E-06
 W2SS+  -->  Z1SS   TAU+   NUT               0.13385E-03    0.41949E-04
 W2SS+  -->  Z1SS   W+                       0.24827E+00    0.77808E-01
 W2SS+  -->  Z2SS   UP     DB                0.84739E-06    0.26558E-06
 W2SS+  -->  Z2SS   CH     SB                0.84738E-06    0.26558E-06
 W2SS+  -->  Z2SS   TAU+   NUT               0.44090E-04    0.13818E-04
 W2SS+  -->  Z2SS   W+                       0.75041E+00    0.23518E+00
 W2SS+  -->  Z3SS   UP     DB                0.33553E-06    0.10516E-06
 W2SS+  -->  Z3SS   CH     SB                0.33553E-06    0.10516E-06
 W2SS+  -->  Z3SS   E+     NUE               0.11182E-06    0.35045E-07
 W2SS+  -->  Z3SS   MU+    NUM               0.11182E-06    0.35045E-07
 W2SS+  -->  Z3SS   TAU+   NUT               0.11183E-06    0.35049E-07
 W2SS+  -->  NUEL   E+                       0.10414E-01    0.32637E-02
 W2SS+  -->  NUML   MU+                      0.10414E-01    0.32637E-02
 W2SS+  -->  NUTL   TAU+                     0.30411E+00    0.95309E-01
 W2SS+  -->  EL+    NUE                      0.24101E-01    0.75533E-02
 W2SS+  -->  MUL+   NUM                      0.24101E-01    0.75533E-02
 W2SS+  -->  TAU1+  NUT                      0.52329E+00    0.16400E+00
 W2SS+  -->  TAU2+  NUT                      0.11502E+00    0.36047E-01
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  Z0                       0.64724E+00    0.20285E+00
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  DN     DB                0.81789E-06    0.25633E-06
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  ST     SB                0.81789E-06    0.25633E-06
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  UP     UB                0.20101E-05    0.62999E-06
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  CH     CB                0.20101E-05    0.62999E-06
 W2SS+  -->  W1SS+  HL0                      0.53321E+00    0.16711E+00
 HL0    -->  E-     E+                       0.20574E-10    0.40682E-08
 HL0    -->  MU-    MU+                      0.86867E-06    0.17177E-03
 HL0    -->  TAU-   TAU+                     0.24846E-03    0.49128E-01
 HL0    -->  DN     DB                       0.25816E-07    0.51048E-05
 HL0    -->  ST     SB                       0.10431E-04    0.20626E-02
 HL0    -->  BT     BB                       0.41154E-02    0.81376E+00
 HL0    -->  UP     UB                       0.79721E-08    0.15764E-05
 HL0    -->  CH     CB                       0.19974E-03    0.39495E-01
 HL0    -->  GM     GM                       0.78685E-05    0.15559E-02
 HL0    -->  GL     GL                       0.17013E-03    0.33641E-01
 HL0    -->  W+     E-     ANUE              0.15628E-04    0.30902E-02
 HL0    -->  W+     MU-    ANUM              0.15628E-04    0.30902E-02
 HL0    -->  W+     TAU-   ANUT              0.15628E-04    0.30902E-02
 HL0    -->  W+     UB     DN                0.46885E-04    0.92707E-02
 HL0    -->  W+     CB     ST                0.46885E-04    0.92707E-02
 HL0    -->  W-     E+     NUE               0.15628E-04    0.30902E-02
 HL0    -->  W-     MU+    NUM               0.15628E-04    0.30902E-02
 HL0    -->  W-     TAU+   NUT               0.15628E-04    0.30902E-02
 HL0    -->  W-     UP     DB                0.46885E-04    0.92707E-02
 HL0    -->  W-     CH     SB                0.46885E-04    0.92707E-02
 HL0    -->  Z0     NUE    ANUE              0.15756E-05    0.31155E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     NUM    ANUM              0.15756E-05    0.31155E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     NUT    ANUT              0.15756E-05    0.31155E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     E-     E+                0.79298E-06    0.15680E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     MU-    MU+               0.79298E-06    0.15680E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     TAU-   TAU+              0.79298E-06    0.15680E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     UP     UB                0.27167E-05    0.53718E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     CH     CB                0.27167E-05    0.53718E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     DN     DB                0.34997E-05    0.69202E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     ST     SB                0.34997E-05    0.69202E-03
 HL0    -->  Z0     BT     BB                0.34997E-05    0.69202E-03
 HH0    -->  E-     E+                       0.16420E-06    0.10415E-07
 HH0    -->  MU-    MU+                      0.69330E-02    0.43973E-03
 HH0    -->  TAU-   TAU+                     0.19855E+01    0.12593E+00
 HH0    -->  DN     DB                       0.20292E-03    0.12870E-04
 HH0    -->  ST     SB                       0.81988E-01    0.52002E-02
 HH0    -->  BT     BB                       0.13683E+02    0.86787E+00
 HH0    -->  UP     UB                       0.10764E-10    0.68271E-12
 HH0    -->  CH     CB                       0.22800E-06    0.14461E-07
 HH0    -->  TP     TB                       0.11078E-02    0.70260E-04
 HH0    -->  GM     GM                       0.12914E-05    0.81910E-07
 HH0    -->  GL     GL                       0.33890E-03    0.21495E-04
 HH0    -->  W+     W-                       0.18626E-05    0.11814E-06
 HH0    -->  Z0     Z0                       0.88917E-06    0.56396E-07
 HH0    -->  Z1SS   Z1SS                     0.29835E-02    0.18923E-03
 HH0    -->  HL0    HL0                      0.16059E-02    0.10186E-03
 HH0    -->  TAU1-  TAU1+                    0.25636E-02    0.16260E-03
 HA0    -->  E-     E+                       0.16317E-06    0.10408E-07
 HA0    -->  MU-    MU+                      0.68894E-02    0.43943E-03
 HA0    -->  TAU-   TAU+                     0.19731E+01    0.12585E+00
 HA0    -->  DN     DB                       0.20165E-03    0.12862E-04
 HA0    -->  ST     SB                       0.81478E-01    0.51969E-02
 HA0    -->  BT     BB                       0.13603E+02    0.86763E+00
 HA0    -->  UP     UB                       0.10324E-10    0.65847E-12
 HA0    -->  CH     CB                       0.21886E-06    0.13960E-07
 HA0    -->  TP     TB                       0.55016E-02    0.35091E-03
 HA0    -->  GM     GM                       0.92514E-06    0.59008E-07
 HA0    -->  GL     GL                       0.58681E-03    0.37429E-04
 HA0    -->  Z1SS   Z1SS                     0.75185E-02    0.47955E-03
 HA0    -->  HL0    Z0                       0.14149E-05    0.90245E-07
 H+     -->  NUE    E+                       0.16943E-06    0.16114E-07
 H+     -->  NUM    MU+                      0.71537E-02    0.68036E-03
 H+     -->  NUT    TAU+                     0.20488E+01    0.19486E+00
 H+     -->  UP     DB                       0.19078E-03    0.18145E-04
 H+     -->  CH     SB                       0.77085E-01    0.73313E-02
 H+     -->  TP     BB                       0.83812E+01    0.79711E+00
 H+     -->  HL0    W+                       0.17176E-05    0.16335E-06

-- SriniRajagopalan - 18 Nov 2005

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