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XAODttbar - xAOD example of ttbar


This is a xAOD example of ttbar reconstruction, similar to D3PD example of ttbar. but for xAOD input dataset.

This example is in EventLoop framework, using Atlas analysis release. The analysis is controlled by a steer script in ROOT macro, allowing to run in standalone ROOT, ProofLite and Proof farm. The input files are xAOD root files from FAX.

Package description

As shown below, this test example is composed of a simple ttbar reconstruction package "ttbarSel", a ROOT main control macro, and a few shell scripts to set up the analysis env, build the package and run the job.

|-- build.sh                # package building script
|-- mySetup.sh              # env setup script
|-- run_ttbar-FAX.sh        # script to run the job
|-- run_ttbar.C             # the ROOT main control macro
|-- valid1_fax.clist        # the LFN list of input files in a dataset
|-- ttbarSel                # the simple ttbar reconstruction package
    |-- Root
    |   |-- LinkDef.h
    |   `-- ttbarSel.cxx
    |-- cmt
    |   `-- Makefile.RootCore
    `-- ttbarSel
        `-- ttbarSel.h

How to run

Env setup

You can just source "mySetup.sh" to set the necessary env in which it will ask you for GRID pass phrase. This script sets up the env of FAX and Atlas analysis Base 2.0.21 by:

export ATLAS_LOCAL_ROOT_BASE=/cvmfs/atlas.cern.ch/repo/ATLASLocalRootBase
source $ATLAS_LOCAL_ROOT_BASE/user/atlasLocalSetup.sh

rcSetup Base,2.0.21

then generate the LFN list of files in a xAOD dataset by FAX command after creating a vo proxy:

voms-proxy-init -voms atlas
fax-ls -o valid1_fax.clist $dset

Package building

After setting up the above env, you can use RootCore? commands to find and compile needed packages via script "build.sh" in which it is:

rc find_packages
rc clean
rc compile

Run the job

Then you can run the job using script "run_ttbar-FAX.sh", which reads:

echo "\n`date` started job of ::$label::"
rm -rf $label
time root -q -b -l 'run_ttbar.C("'$label.clist'","'$label'")' >&! $log
echo "`date` finished job of ::$label::\n"

The line above actually to run the job can be expanded as:

root -q -b -l 'run_ttbar.C("valid1_fax.clist","'valid1_fax")'

where "valid1_fax.clist" is the list of input files, and valid1_fax is the sub-directory name into which the job will write.

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