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Using NX (NoMachine) at BNL

Installation of NX client

You can download NoMachine Enterprice Client at here where there are versions for Windows, MAC OS X and Linux, as shown below

Setup of NX client

ssh tunnel to NX server

First you need create a ssh tunnel to the NX server with a port associated with your localhost, says 7022 below:

ssh -NfL 7022:atlasnx02:22 atlasgw.bnl.gov

You can just use the hostname atlasgw above if you have already configured ssh on your local as described on the SPAR page

Setup of NX connection

When you run the installed NX client, you will see the following NX client welcome page:

After skip a few tip pages, then you will see:

Click on "New" to create new connection. The following are steps to configure a connection:

Step-1: Using Protocol of "ssh"

Step-2: Host name for the connection: localhost at port 7022, according to the ssh tunnel created.

Step-3: "Use the NoMachine login" as authentication

and no server key to be used:

Step-4: "Don't use a proxy"

Step-5: Assign a name for the configured connection, says "atlasNX-22"

After the setup of NX connection is finished, you will see the following with the above connection name "atlasNX-22" shown

Connection to NX server

Click "Connect", a login page will show:

where you need input your username and password at BNL.

Once NX server is connected, there are some choices for X Window desktop:

Please DO NOT USE zsh as your login shell for acas machines at BNL, otherwise you would NOT be able to create any desktop.

Clicking on "Create a new GNOME virtual desktop", we will get:

together with a few tip pages which you click "OK".

Tips on using NX client

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