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U.S. ATLAS Resource Allocation Committee production request. THIS PAGE IS DEPRECATED

Request Procedure

This page outlines the procedure for a 'Additional Production' request. The procedure consists of two parts:

ATLAS Approval for Official MC Production

In most cases, requests to generate MC on US resources will be intended to produce official ATLAS MC (any plan to use the MC in an ATLAS result requires that the MC be official). Therefore, pursuant to the ATLAS procedure the first step is to follow the guidelines for MC production. For a detailed list you can look at Request Procedure List which gives some guidelines (that page was prepared by the exotics group, but the procedure is the same for all groups). The first step is to prepare and validate the job options for the generation of your sample. A twiki page must be produced showing that the generation level results are 'validated'. Once the appropriate physics group has approved the sample production and the job options prepared we can move to the second step.

If one really desires non-official or "private" production, please contact the Resource Allocation Committee at usatlas-rac-l@lists.bnl.gov to discuss your needs.

Resource Allocation Committee Request

After the sample has been approved by the correct ATLAS physics group and the job options are part of an official ATLAS production cache a request must be made to the resource allocation committee. This request should include a detailed physics justification for the request (e.g. increased background statistics, additional parameter points in a model for limit setting, etc) and should justify both the parameters and the number of events requested. This request should be addressed to usatlas-rac-l@lists.bnl.gov. This will trigger it being discussed in the next meeting of the resource allocation committee

Production Request

After the request has been approved by the appropriate physics group and the resource allocation committee the request can proceed. For the actual production to proceed a spread sheet must be prepared. This includes information such as the dataset number, cross-section, filter efficiency, generator, and center of mass energy. An example is shown here in the attached file prod_request_MC9.xls. After this spread sheet has been prepared then it should be sent to the resource allocation committee. This will then be sent on to the production system which will trigger the sample production by the US resources.

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