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U.S. ATLAS Resource Allocation Committee


"The RAC committee decides priorities on the usage of computing resources (CPU and storage) funded by the U.S. Research Program. Most of these resources are pledged to the WLCG through a U.S. MoU. Overall ATLAS priorities for these pledged resources are set by the ATLAS CREM committee. The RAC will set resource allocations of pledged resources based on CREM guidelines. There are additional resources funded by the U.S. Research Program which are not pledged to the WLCG. The RAC will allocate these resources based on needs of U.S. funded physicists, in consultation with the U.S. physics community (via the U.S. physics forums and other channels), U.S. Operations Team and the U.S. Facilities Manager. Examples of the use of U.S. resources are 'regional production', 'group analysis', large scale MC production (1 billion SM sample in 2009 used for UAT09). We expect the RAC to play a central role in managing efficient usage of U.S. Research Program funded resources."

The RAC also coordinates LOCALGROUPDISK and other computing resource-related activities within US ATLAS


Jahred Adelman, Doug Benjamin, Paolo Calafiura, Chunhui Chen, Kaushik De, Rob Gardner, Mayuko Kataoka, Eric Lanšon, Verena Martinez, Armin Vartapetian

Advisory members: Tim Andeen, Wade Fisher, Joe Haley, Tae Min Hong, Sabine Lammers, Andy White


Meetings are held by phone on an "as needed" basis. The scheduled meeting time is TBD All interested US ATLAS members are welcome to join meetings.

RAC meeting agendas are available in the "Physics Support and Computing" Indico category.

Old RAC Minutes New minutes can be found linked from Indico agendas

Mailing List

The mailing list usatlas-rac-l@lists.bnl.gov is used to announce meetings and circulate information between meetings. All interested US ATLAS members are welcome to subscribe (subscription is moderated to avoid SPAM).

Disk Space for US Analysis Activities

LOCALGROUPDISK is a set of disk space at the US Tier1 and Tier2 available to US ATLAS members. This space is is not counted in the pledge to ATLAS. The RAC and the US Operations Team are committed to making LOCALGROUPDISK a valuable resource for US physics and performance activities. See USAtlasStorageSetUp - LOCALGROUPDISK in the US for the evolving information on how to use LOCALGROUPDISK.

US Regional Production

The RAC accepts requests for MC/other production from US ATLAS collaborators that need higher priority than is available within the larger ATLAS system. Requests should include a detailed physics justification for the request (e.g. increased background statistics, additional parameter points in a model for limit setting, etc) and should justify both the parameters and the number of events requested. This request should be addressed to the Resource Allocation Committee. This will trigger it being discussed in the next meeting of the RAC.

Dataset replication

The RAC also takes requests to replicate derivations and other data sets to US ATLAS grid sites for easier access by US ATLAS collaborators. Such decisions rest with not with RAC, but rather with the larger ATLAS collaboration. Nevertheless, we can follow up on such requests on your behalf. Please send a list of requested data sets to the [mailto:usatlas-rac-l@lists.bnl.gov][Resource Allocation Committee]]

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