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The Panda server is the central hub service where Panda core operations take place. Overall architecture is shown below.


The Panda server is composed of several components:

  • PandaTaskBuffer? - the Panda job queue manager, keeps track of all active jobs in the system
  • PandaBrokerage? - matches job attributes with site and pilot attributes. Manages the dispatch of input data to processing sites, and implements Panda's data pre-placement requirement
  • PandaJobDispatcher? - receives requests for jobs from pilots and dispatches job payloads. Jobs are assigned which match the capabilities of the site and worker node (data availability, disk space, memory etc.) Manages heartbeat and other status information coming from pilots.
  • PandaDataService? - data management services required by the Panda server for dataset management, data dispatch to and retrieval from sites, etc. Implemented with the ATLAS DDM system.

The Panda server is implemented as a stateless multi-process REST web service over Apache mod_python and with a MySQL back end? . Interaction with clients is via http (passive read operations) and https (active operations like job submission, pilot interaction). Secure https is authenticated using grid certificates, using mod_gridsite.

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