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Analysis Support


Support for the detector performance and physics analysis activities of U.S. ATLAS is provided by three Analysis Support Centers (ASC), an Analysis Support Group (ASG) consisting of experts in the different areas of software required to perform a complete analysis and a series of Analysis Forums (AF) for discussion and interaction among physicists working in specific areas of detector performance and physics analysis.

Analysis Support Group

The ASG consists of a group of experts in the areas deemed important to enable US ATLAS physicists be successful in detector performance studies and physics analyses. These areas and contact persons are listed below.

If you have any question or problem with running or developing ATLAS software for your physics analysis or detector performance studies, please send email to the PhysicsAnalysisSupport HyperNews gateway. However, you will first need to become a member of the BNL HyperNews following the instructions at the RACF US ATLAS HyperNews page, then you will need to subscribe to the Physics Analysis Support forum.

Useful information about ATLAS software and computing in the US may be found via the US ATLAS Software Support wiki.

  Support Area     Support Contact  
  ASG Chair & Deputy    Jim Cochran  515-294-9018 

 Rik Yoshida  630 252 7874 

  Software framework (Athena, CMT, how to run, ...)   TBD  TBD 
  Data management/Databases     Jack Cranshaw  630-252-6512 
  Distributed software (incl. grid)     Tadashi Maeno  631-344-2962 
  Software releases (incl. kit installation)     Fred Luehring  812-855-1025 
  Physics analysis tools     Nils Krumnack  515-294-4047 
  InDet tracking, b tagging and vertexing     Vivek Jain  812-855-5422 
  MuSpec tracking and muon ID     Kevin Black  617-495-5887 
  LAr calorimetry and e/gamma ID     Walter Lampl  520-626-7042 
  Hadron calorimetry and jets/Etmiss/tau    Peter Loch(interim)  520-621-8127 
  Trigger     Ken Johns  520-621-6791 
  ANL ASC Coordinator    Rik Yoshida  630-252-7874 
  BNL ASC Coordinator    Hong Ma  631-344-2919 
  LBNL ASC Coordinator    Jean-Francois Arguin  510-486-5113  

Analysis Forums

The AFs are an important part of the analysis support organization for US ATLAS. They are intended to provide a forum for informal discussions & assistance in areas of detector performance and physics analysis. These areas and AF conveners are listed below. To send email, click on the convener name.

  Analysis Forum     Forum Convener  
  MuSpec tracking and muon ID    Kevin Black  617-495-5887 

 Rob Harrington  617-353-6086 

  LAr calorimetry and e/gamma    Scott Snyder  631-344-5870 


 Jets and QCD    Brad Abbott  405-325-3961 ext 36335  
  b tagging    Flera Rizatdinova  405-744-5814 

 Gordon Watts  206-543-4186 

  InDet tracking and vertexing    Vivek Jain  812-855-5422  
  Trigger Forum    Eric Torrence  541-346-4618 
  Higgs Forum    Sasha Khanov  405-744-2404 
  Top Physics    Dhiman Chakraborty  815-753-8804 

 Pat Skubic  405-641-4487 ext 36329 

  Standard Model: Electroweak    Corrinne Mills  617-495-8568 

 Andrea Bocci  +41 22 76 78418 

  Standard Model: QCD    Prafulla Behera  +41 22 76 79467 


  Beyond the Standard Model - SUSY    George Redlinger  631-344-3056 

 Nurcan Ozturk  817-272-3082 

  Beyond the Standard Model - Exotics    Kevin Black  617-495-5887 

Analysis Support Centers

USAtlas analysis is supported by the L.A.B. composed of the three ASCs listed below:

  • L BNL for the Western region - LBLAsc
  • A NL for the Midwest region - ANLASC
  • B NL for the Eastern region - BnlAsc

These centers provide US ATLAS physicists with regional resources, tutorials, support, leadership and focal point for meetings. They provide infrastructure and analysis support in basic ATLAS software as well as expertise in certain areas of detector performance. More information about the role of the ASCs can be found in the following draft document: ASCrole_draft_14feb06.pdf.

On-going Analysis in the US

Upcoming Meetings

* US ATLAS Physics Workshop (Formerly ATLAS of the Americas meeting)

    • Boston, (August 15-17), 2011

Previously Held Meetings

Proposed meetings

  • Hadronic Final State Forum SLAC, (~November 28), 2011
  • Physics Analysis Jamborees LBNL (SUSY), ANL (Boosted Objects), BNL(Dibosons) (~Ocotober 20), 2011

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