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Minutes7Jan2011 RAC Minutes, January 7, 2011

Members (*=present, #=apologies)

*Richard Mount, Kevin Black begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting (Physics Forum Chair), *Jim Cochran (Analysis Support Manager), Alexei Klimentov (ATLAS ADC), Ian Hinchliffe (Physics Advisor), Rik Yoshida (Tier3 Coordinator), Michael Ernst (U.S. Facilities Manager) [apologies - Rob deputized], *Rob Gardner (Integration Coordinator), *Kaushik De, (U.S. Operations Manager), *Armen Vartapetian (U.S. Operations Deputy)

Ex-Officio: Torre Wenaus, Stephane Willocq, Mike Tuts, Howard Gordon

Approval or Correction of Minutes

All previous draft minutes were approved

Operations Report (Kaushik)

CPU Issues

A spectacularly successful holiday! No resources fell on the floor. Borut was active every day and stretched to the limit.

Rob commented that while he had seen 140k jobs for one user, in the main production dominated and analysis sometimes dropped to zero at some sites.

Storage Issues

The disk space situation was quite good - deletions (finally) caught up. Simulation dominated the new disk space usage.

Additional Production

Cavern Background

Charlie Young, representing the ATLAS cavern background effort, had requested resources at one or two specific sites to run cavern background simulation production. FLUKA licensing issues (plus fixable, in principle, issues with other parts of the simulation code) made it necessary to begin by submitting jobs manually at sites. SLAC was proposed as the initial site. In the longer term, the official (via Borut) submission mechanism should be made to work, but jobs would still have to be directed to one or two sites.

The RAC noted that this production should be considered official ATLAS production. The use of US sites was welcome, but the contribution to ATLAS needed to be correctly accounted for in the medium to longer term.

W' --> WZ

Kevin Black had made a request: "This [W' --> WZ sample] was actually supposed to be approved for standard production but missed being produced. The exotics conveners have already approved this sample but we would like to use RAC resources in order to produce the samples now. /afs/cern.ch/user/a/apenson/public/www/WprimeWZVal/jobOptionsMC10.xxxxxx.PythiaWprime_WZ.py.tar.gz

Note that this also contains new datasets that were suppose to be produced but were missed."

The RAC approved this request.



Action Items

  1. 9/24/2020: Kaushik: Organize the nature and timing of the effort to create an automated mechanism to give US-requested additional production priority access to US non-pledged resources. On hold - manual system works just fine for now

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