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Minutes19Mar2010 - RAC core team minutes, March 19, 2010

Core Team Participation

Richard Mount, Jim Cochran (not available), Michael Ernst (U.S. Facilities Manager), Kaushik De (Operations)

Other Participants

Armen Vartapetian (U.S. Operations Deputy)

Quorum for a Full RAC Meeting?

This was intended to be a full RAC meeting. It was in conflict with the US ATLAS management meetings (every 2 weeks) and with other meetings due to the time-change-glitch. In view of the dismal attendance, it was decided to try again next week for a full RAC meeting.

Summary of core team discussions and decisions since last month's full RAC meeting (Richard)

This agenda item was aimed at the full RAC. Given the members present, it was reduced to a brief discussion of the "Summary of the concise description of the conditions for Regional Production achieving ATLAS validity and the approach to prioritizing requests. The document was approved with the addition of more emphasis on the importance of ensuring ATLAS validation and making the point that central ATLAS and US-Regional production both required the requestors to take the same actions to achieve ATLAS validation.

Presentation and discussion of disk usage/access statistics (Kaushik/Armen)

Kaushik had directed RAC attention to the new utility created by the DQ2 team http://voatlas89.cern.ch/run_search.py

The new utility provided most of the function needed by Operations and the RAC to enable good decisions. The unused dataset part of the utility was a little immature, for example in not reporting dataset sizes, in comparison with the more general (upper panel of the web page) query tool.

In the future, it would sometimes be important to break down the accesses to a datset by analysis group. It remained unclear how to get such detailed information.

Deletion of old MC datasets from NET2

Kaushik asked the RAC to approve deletion of the following MC datasets from NET2, which was 93% full. These datasets had not been accessed during the past 90 days, were created before 2008, and have at least 4 additional copies available to physicists after deletion:


This request was approved.

Kaushik was asked whether the deletion would be performed using the full ATLAS mechanism. He said he would consult with ADC on this issue. Armen pointed out that some deletion requests using the ATLAS mechanism had been pending for weeks.


Michael drew attention to the latest document summarizing the ATLAS computing resource needs for 2011 and 2012 at https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/pub/Atlas/ComputingModel/ATLAS_resource-needs-v16.pdf

The 2011 and 2012 "needs" have been significantly reduced, at least partly in response to management pressure. Michael urged the RAC and US ATLAS to examine whether it was realistic to make these reductions. Richard reminded all of his opinion that analysis needs were severely underestimated in ATLAS planning. The lower data volumes in 2011 and 2012 might just allow analysis needs to be met if the funding level did not decrease.

Action Items

  1. 2/12/2010: All (but especially Kevin/Jim/Ian), Propose the parts of the activity list above that are your responsibility and identify any activities that do not appear to be an appropriate task for any of the current RAC members. (Ongoing -will propose to decalre complete at next meeting)
  2. 2/12/2010: Richard Non-urgent simulation tasks - consult with physics groups on the best way to establish two-way communication with the RAC to meet this and other needs (Ongoing – see discussion of regional production)

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