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Minutes12Mar2010 - RAC core team minutes, March 12, 2010

Core Team Participation

Richard Mount, Jim Cochran (Analysis Support Manager), Michael Ernst (U.S. Facilities Manager), Kaushik De (Operations)

Other Participants

Ian Hinchliffe (physics Advisor), Armen Vartapetian (U.S. Operations Deputy)

Minutes of the 3/05 core team meeting

Were approved

Regional Production and ATLAS Policy

Tom LeCompte had called attention to the ATLAS Policy leading to approval of Physics results. Richard confessed to not having been aware of this document. On the other end of the spectrum, Ian was an author of the document, but recognized that when he described the logic of the policy in the previous day’s PS&C Level 2/3 meeting, he had not explicitly reminded people that the document existed.

In discussions, it became clear that the core team thought the ATLAS policy on Monte-Carlo production (section 3 of the policy document) was very appropriate. It appears to clearly set out how “Private” production could be used to obtain valid ATLAS results. It does not explicitly mention Regional Production, but this is just a particular case of private production.

Richard proposed to thank Tom for the pointer to the policy and apologize for any exasperation caused by ignorance of its existence.

After discussion of how US Regional production would be prioritized, Richard proposed to draft a concise description of the conditions for ATLAS validity and the approach to prioritizing requests.

ESD Data Distribution

Kaushik proposed the following distribution for ESD10:
BNL   100% (already decided)

AGLT2   80%
MWT2    10%
NET2    10%

SLACT2  50%
SWT2    50%

The small fraction at MWT2 and NET2 could be increased as these sites bring new disk space on line. In response to a question about decreasing the fractions at other sites as MWT2 and NET2 take larger fractions, Kaushik said he would like to leave this open for now.

The RAC core team approved this proposal.

The proposal also triggered a discussion about usage monitoring as a pre-requisite for good decisions about disk space once the data analysis is in progress.

Kaushik agreed to circulate a dump of current usage information to the RAC two days before next week’s meeting so that the RAC could have a concrete discussion on the usefulness of the existing “almost-in-production” usage monitoring tools.

Regional Production request from the Wisconsin Group

Kaushik had received a request for a total of about 13M MC09 events to be produced. He noted that the request had arrived at the moment when the previously idle CPU resources had become saturated with official ATLAS production.

The RAC core team approved running the requested simulation at a priority lower than that of official ATLAS production. If there were no gaps in the ATLAS production, giving the regional request priority access to some unpledged CPU resources might be considered.

Kaushik was asked to remind the submitters of regional requests that a commitment to complete the ATLAS validation process would increase the priority of the request.



Action Items

  1. 3/12/2010: Richard: Draft summary of US Regional Production policy and practice for the RAC Twiki (Completed)
  2. 3/5/2010: Richard: Attempt to generate ATLAS enthusiasm for a policy on regional production (Discovered policy on Private production – Complete).
  3. 3/5/2010: Richard: Propose formal inclusion of RAC decisions in PS&C level 2/3 Management meeting minutes (Complete – proposal accepted).
  4. 2/12/2010: All (but especially Kevin/Jim/Ian), Propose the parts of the activity list above that are your responsibility and identify any activities that do not appear to be an appropriate task for any of the current RAC members. (Ongoing)
  5. 2/12/2010: Richard Non-urgent simulation tasks - consult with physics groups on the best way to establish two-way communication with the RAC to meet this and other needs (Ongoing – see discussion of regional production)

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