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Minutes11Jun2010 - RAC core team minutes, June 11, 2010

Core Team Participation

Richard Mount, Jim Cochran, Rob Gardner (for Michael Ernst), Armen Vartapetian (for Kaushik De)

Other Participants

Torre Wenaus

Operations Report (Armen)

The last two weeks were uneventful. Reprocessing was completed and there was relatively little new data due to the LHC technical stop. The next "deep reprocessing" campaign will be September or later. Nevertheless, the US cloud had been almost full for the last week. Monte-Carlo production is in validation and will start in 2-3 weeks. This will be a full re-simulation with many improvements. Before that some pileup sample production is expected.

Manual deletion is underway at NET2 and SLAC (e.g. 60 TB of MC08 and MC09). About 40 TB of dark data remains at SLAC. Data distribution is quite slow right now, but the T2s are still filling up.

Progress on implementing usage-driven data distribution (Torre)

The scheme has been written up by Kaushik and has been submitted as a 1-page demo project to the Amsterdam Workshop. As of today, Tadashi "signed on" and will implement the required database modifications early next week.

Progress on "Additional Production Workbook/Wiki" (Kevin)

Kevin could not make the meeting.



Action Items

  1. 5/7/2010: Richard, Create a web page summarizing the dataset distribution targets in the US (Called into question by the abandonment of distribution targets in favor of usage-driven data distribution)
  2. 4/9/2010: Kevin, Create first version of a Twiki guiding US physicists on requesting Additional Production. (In progress)
  3. 3/26/2010: All but especially core team, Find time during the ADC Workshop next week to identify a point-of-contact for Valid US Regional Production (on hold pending a better definition of what this task should be following successful completion of some Exotics Additional Production).

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