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Frontier server installation details

The Apache Tomcat and Frontier servlet requires a JAVA distribution. For this installation Java 1.5 was used and its environment variable points to


The files xml-apis.jar and xercesImpl.jar are also required by Tomcat and where installed as shown:

[cgamboa@gridui01 xerces-2_8_0]$ pwd

[cgamboa@gridui01 xerces-2_8_0]$ ls

data     LICENSE.DOM-documentation.html  LICENSE-SAX.html  resolver.jar    
docs     LICENSE.DOM-software.html       NOTICE            samples         
LICENSE  LICENSE.resolver.txt            Readme.html       xercesImpl.jar

The previuos files can be found on Xerces XML Java Parsers 2.8. A binary distribution was used.

In order to have connectivity between the servlet and the database Oracle JDBC Drivers were used. Thus the library ojdbc14_g.jar was installed in the tomcat’s common/lib subdirectory as shown:

[cgamboa@gridui01 lib]$ pwd

[cgamboa@gridui01 lib]$ ls

commons-el.jar           jasper-runtime.jar       naming-factory.jar    
jasper-compiler.jar      jsp-api.jar              naming-resources.jar
jasper-compiler-jdt.jar  naming-factory-dbcp.jar  ojdbc14.jar

After Tomcat is installed and the frontier servlet is deployed as described here. Some modifications to the Frontier.xml servlet have to be done in order to have connectivity with the BNL data base.

The files

, config.properties and web.xml have to be modified in order to finish the installation of the frontier server. Consequently,

For the frontier servlet:

[cgamboa@gridui01 localhost]$ pwd

[cgamboa@gridui01 localhost]$ cat FrontierBNL.xml

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
<Context debug="99" displayName="froNtier BNL Database Web Application" 
docBase="FrontierBNL" path="/FrontierBNL" reloadable="true">
<Resource auth="Container" name="jdbc/frontier" type="javax.sql.DataSource"
d driverClassName="oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver" validationQuery="select 
* from dual" maxIdle="1"
  maxActive="10" maxWait="-1" username="frontier" password="xxxx" 

For the file conf.properties

[cgamboa@gridui01 classes]$ pwd

[cgamboa@gridui01 classes]$ cat config.properties


And for the web.xml file the part that has to be modified:

[cgamboa@gridui01 WEB-INF]$ pwd

[cgamboa@gridui01 WEB-INF]$ cat web.xml

    <!DOCTYPE web-app
    PUBLIC "-//Sun Microsystems, Inc.//DTD Web Application 2.3//EN"

    <display-name>Frontier 3</display-name>
    <description>Frontier 3 - XSD v2, writing, finders, etc.</description>
     <session-timeout>300</session-timeout>    <!-- 300 minutes -->



            This is the refererence to the Oracle data source 
            used to talk to the database configured in Frontier.xml. 

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