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The Frontier Client API

In order to test the FrontierBNL installation the Frontier client API was used. Notes and source to install the Frontier client API can be found here.

For general testing purposes and to avoid firewall connectivity problems the API was installed in the same machine under my account.

[cgamboa@gridui01 ~/frontapi]$ ls
bin  expat  frontier_client__2.4.7_cms__gcc_3.2.3.tar.gz  include  lib  README  RELEASE_NOTES  ups

The scripts that come with the Frontier client API were initially desinged at Fermilab. However, the script title as "fn-req" was used to retrieve queries to the Oracle database.

To use this script correctly the Frontier BNL proxy and the Frontier server need to be specified on the environment variables of the client session as:

[cgamboa@gridui01 bin]$ 
setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /direct/usatlas+u/cgamboa/frontapi/lib
setenv FRONTIER_SERVER1 http://gridui01.usatlas.bnl.gov:8080/FrontierBNL
setenv FRONTIER_PROXY1 http://gridui01.usatlas.bnl.gov:3128

Onces the environment variables have been defined the fn-req script can be deployed as:

[cgamboa@gridui01 bin]$ ./fn-req -f test_query.sql

Where fn-req -f is the script name that is specified to read its imput from the file test_query.sql. This file will include a SQL query to be retrieved.

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