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Data Storage at U.S. Atlas Tier I Center

MySQL databases

MySQL is a relational database system that is widely used in ATLAS for storage of constants and metadata. The ATLAS MySQL distribution is installed at /afs/usatlas.bnl.gov/offline/external/mysql.

The status of various MySQL database servers at U.S. ATLAS Tier I and other facilities is summarized at MySQL Monitoring page. Some MySQL databases can be browsed at U.S. ATLAS phpMyAdmin page.

Note that ATLAS increasingly uses another database system - Oracle.

DataBaseServerForAthena explains how to use the BNL database replica for Athena jobs.

Replication of ATLAS data

A large dCache system for managing the storage and exchange of hundreds of terabytes of data has been deployed into USATLAS production system for the benefits of USATLAS users. BNL USATLAS dCache system works as a disk caching system as a front end for Mass Storage System --- BNL HPSS system. Clients can access the dCache through the Storage Resource Manager protocol, SRM, which is evolving to an open standard for grid middleware to communicate with site specific storage fabrics. For U.S. users the replication and access to replicated data is provided by the Magda distributed data manager (with search engine). In the nearest future the ATLAS Distributed Data Management (DDM) group plans to provide new software, DQ2, to manage access to ATLAS data that is distributed at sites all around the world.

This wiki page EventDataAccessAtBNL explains how to access the ATLAS data challenge datasets at BNL.

-- AlexUndrus - 28 Dec 2005

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