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Typical Athena jobs require access to data that resides in database server. Currently two databases are used: Geometry database for building ATLAS detector description (GeoModel), and conditions database for LAr conditions data. The ATLAS Distributed Database Services web page describes the database operation. The primary servers are at CERN, and BNL provide replica database. The load of the replica databases can be viewed by the monitoring site.

The default Athena jobOptions are set up for using the CERN databases. To switch to the BNL replica, the following steps should be followed.

Geometry Database

The primary database at CERN is an Oracle server. The replica at BNL (a few other sites) are MySQL database. To switch to use the BNL local replica (dbdevel1.usatlas.bnl.gov), add the following python statements at the end of your jobOptions:

RDBAccessSvc = Service( "RDBAccessSvc" )
RDBAccessSvc.Technology = "mysql"
RDBAccessSvc.HostName = "dbdevel1.usatlas.bnl.gov"
RDBAccessSvc.SchemaName = "ATLASDD"
RDBAccessSvc.UseDBConnSvc = False

Conditions Database

The current conditions database (for release 11) is MySQL based. The server at CERN is atlasdbdev.cern.ch and atlasdbpro.cern.ch, and the server at BNL is db1.usatlas.bnl.gov. To switch to use the BNL local replica, add the following python statement at the beginning of the jobOptions:

LArCondCnvDbServer = "db1.usatlas.bnl.gov"

-- HongMa - 24 Feb 2006

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