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CVMFS Tests setting at BNL

Shuwei Ye performed tests on aplay3 machine with an access to BNL CVMFS replica of ATLAS repository with all ATLAS software installed (in

The speed comparison was performed for standard ATLAS jobs using 16.0.2 release located on AFS, NFS, and CVMFS file systems at BNL. Each job ran twice to determine implications of caching in a local disk by CVMFS and AFS file systems. The tables below show the runtime measurements (with linux time command).

Runtime enviroment setup:

attempt afs cvmfs nfs
1st 21.4s 7.11s 17.07s
2nd 9.05s 5.61s 6.40s

EventGeneration job (110 evts with Evgen_trf.py)

attempt afs cvmfs nfs
1st 2m03 1m11 1m13
2nd 1m27 56.1s 1m21

Simulation job (3 evts with AtlasG4_trf.py)

attempt afs cvmfs nfs
1st 28m15 27m53 27m47
2nd 27m56 27m39 27m49

Digitalization job (3 evts with Digi_trf.py)

attempt afs cvmfs nfs
1st 4m22 3m07 3m30
2nd 4m22 3m04 3m41

Reconstruction job (3 evts with Reco_trf.py)

attempt afs cvmfs nfs
1st 15m09 12m51 13m52
2nd 16m18 12m34 14m16


The results show that jobs run faster when the software is located on CVMFS. The acceleration depends on the job type. The largest speed-up was observed for the job Setup procedures (60% faster on CVMFS). There is no significant difference between the first and second run attempts.

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