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Code Repositories


ATLAS code repository is a Subversion (SVN) repository. Old CVS code repository is frozen in 2009 and will be available in the foreseeable future. See twiki page on SVN in ATLAS for details.

U.S. ATLAS Tier I Center maintains the mirror of ATLAS SVN repository at /usatlas/projects/svn. It can be easily accessed with file method (SVNROOT=file:////usatlas/projects/svn). This mirror is available for checkouts only. The import and commit operations should be performed with CERN ATLAS SVN repository accessible with svn+ssh method (SVNROOT=svn+ssh://svn.cern.ch/reps/atlasoff). The details are provided on the CERN Central SVN Service How To Page. The latest svn version (1.6) is installed in /opt/usatlas/bin (automatically included in PATH in US ATLAS group environment). As well SVN version 1.4 is installed in /usr/bin area on acas machines. But please use this version (1.6) to access the U.S. ATLAS SVN mirror. The efforts are underway to make the SVN mirror accessible with both svn versions (1.4 and 1.6).

Warning: if a SVN 1.6 client encounters a pre-1.6 working copy, it will automatically upgrade the working copy format as soon as it touches it, making it unreadable by older SVN clients. If you are using several versions of SVN on your machine, be careful about which version you use in which working copy, to avoid accidentally upgrading a working copy.

The commit rights to the ATLAS SVN repository can be requested from atlas-sw-svnmanagers@cern.ch.

Old CVS repositories

The local U.S. ATLAS CVS repository was set for the personal work of U.S. ATLAS members and development projects. It is not used anymore. The personal modules were named with usatlas account usernames. The location is at CVSROOT=/afs/usatlas.bnl.gov/project/localcvs.

The frozen CERN ATLAS CVS repository can be accessed with the gserver or ssh methods only (see this page for details).

For gserver access method the CERN Kerberos Version 5 ticket is needed. It can be obtained with kinit command:

setenv (or export) CVSROOT :gserver:isscvs.cern.ch:/local/reps/atlas
kinit <your CERN account>@CERN.CH

Also the executable /opt/usatlas/bin/cvs should be used (automatically included in PATH in US ATLAS group environment)

The advantage of ssh method is that it does not require kerberos tickets to access the CERN CVS repository. The setup is:

setenv (or export) CVS_RSH "ssh"
setenv (or export) CVSROOT ":ext:<your CERN account>@atlas-sw.cern.ch:/atlascvs"

Tag Collection for ATLAS releases

The tags for ATLAS releases are collected by special tool Tag Collector. The Tag Collector provides the list of ATLAS releases and their tag content. The releases under construction are marked with a green or yellow "traffic light" that indicates an opened or locked status for the submission of new tags. The requests for version updates in locked releases should be sent to atlas-sw-tagapprove@cern.ch mailing list. For opened releases new versions are submitted through the Tag Collector web interface (with the condition that a developer must be in the managers or developers lists for the package). The new package versions appear in the next nightly build of the corresponding release.

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