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US ATLAS Analysis Support Center at BNL


The mission of the Analysis Support Centers (ASC) is to support the U.S. ATLAS detector performance and physics analysis activities. These centers are expected to provide U.S. ATLAS physicists with training on how to use ATLAS software via tutorials and one-on-one interaction. The ASCs are also expected to support physicists making visits for help with their analysis and/or more advanced software features. It is anticipated that the ASCs are home to a community of users making occasional visits and contributing to the intellectual vitality of the centers. The ASCs play an active role to ensure that U.S. ATLAS physicists effectively participate in the overall ATLAS working groups.

The support at the BNL ASC is provided by the ATLAS groups in the Physics Department at Brookhaven National Lab, in connection with the regional groups in the US Northeast.

US physicists are encouraged to contact the personel for any analysis needs, as well as to make use of the facilities at BNL.


Next Meeting at BNL

On-going physics analysis topics at BNL

  • Search for stop in 0-lepton final state
  • Search for High mass Higgs to 4l or llqq
  • SM Higgs to invisible, in final states of ZH (Z-->ll), H+1 jet (mono-jet), and VBF production of H.
  • SM Higgs to a pair of dark Z
  • WW production
  • Same-sign WW from Vector Boson Scattering
  • tt-bar in lepton+tau+jets final states
  • ttH

Fellows, Scholars and SCGSR awards

BNL ASC hosts visitors from US ATLAS institutions, including those who received awards from the following programs:

  • US ATLAS Fellows (2011-2012): Junie Zhu (Michigan), Dmitri Tsybychev (Stony Brook)
  • US ATLAS Fellows (2013-2014): Junjie Zhu (Michigan), Sarah Demers (Yale)
  • US ATLAS Scholars (2014-2015): Jake Searcy (Michigan), Ben Kaplan (NYU), Walter Hopkins (Oregon)
  • US ATLAS Scholars (2015-2016): Gabriella Sciolla (Brandeis), Tae Min Hong (Pittsburgh), Dmitri Tsybychev (Stony Brook)
  • SCGSR Award (2015-2016): Giordon Stark (Chicago)
  • SCGSR Award (2016-2017): Ian Snyder (Oregon), Hannah Herde (Brandeis)


Visiting BNL

Visitors who already hold a valid BNL Guest Badge may come on site without notification to the main gate. Visitors who already have approved guest registration, but do not have a Guest Badge will have to notify the BNL main gate of their arrival by checking in here. US citizens without an approved guest registration are allowed on site, but we must know the dates of your visit so that the main gate can be notified.

All others must apply for the BNL guest registration by completing the Brookhaven's Guest Registration Form well in advance of the meeting. You will be notified when the guest registration is approved. When you arrive at BNL with the approved guest registration for the first time, you must stop at the security office by the main entrance where you will be issued a temporary pass, then proceed to the RHIC/AGS Users' Office to complete the check-in procedure.

NON-US citizens without approved BNL guest registration should complete the BNL Guest Registration form as soon as possible, since it takes additional time for the approval process, especially for people from "sensitive" countries.

Please also note that obtaining a BNL computer account at USATLAS Tier-1 requires an approved guest appointment (irrespective of citizenship).

BNL Visitor information is http://www.bnl.gov/visiting/ .


A guide to some of the options are listed on the DiningNearBNL page.


On-site housing in the BNL dorms is available (approx. $47/night). Summer housing is always tight, so we encourage you to reserve early. There are also on-site guest houses available at approximately $110 per night. For details, see BNL onsite housing webpage http://www.bnl.gov/staffservices/onsitehousing.php . On-site housing is in high demand in the summer, please make the reservation early.

For reservation, please contact the house office directly. Staying in BNL on site housing requires a guest appointment regardless of citizenship. BNL on-site housing for non-US citizens can only be confirmed after the guest appointment is approved.

For off-site housing, we suggest ( the rate may not be up to date. Check both discount rate and special BNL rate).

  • Hampton Inn
    2000 North Ocean Avenue
    Farmingville, NY
    Phone : +1-631-732-7300
    Directions : East on the Long Island Express, Exit 63 North

  • Springhill Suites by Marriott
    2 Sawgrass Dr
    Bellport, NY

  • more information on BNL housing webpage

Computing Environment

We assume everyone will bring a laptop to work on, and everyone has a BNL ATLAS computer account at the Tier-1. See https://www.racf.bnl.gov/experiments/usatlas/getstarted/useraccounts for getting new accounts.

With the BNL ATLAS computer account, one can use the Shared Tier-3 at BNL. See this twiki for details: https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/AtlasComputing/SPARatBNL.

Network connections, Wireless

All computers connected to BNL network need to be registered with the BNL ITD. When you first connect to the network, your web browser will be connected to a page to register your computer. Enter the appropriate information on the page (your Guest number is needed), re-start the network connection, you will then be connected.

The physics building has visitor wireless network. The name of the wireless access point is Corus. A few wired connections (inside firewall) are available in rooms 2-84 and 1-105. You need to set http proxy in the web browser after registration, for both wired connections, please choose "Auto-detect proxy settings" or "Auto proxy discovery" (for Safari under Mac), check the link for detailed instructions.

If you enable X11 on your laptop, please make sure the usual vulnerability is closed. See details here http://www.phy.bnl.gov/computing/index.php/Computer_Insecurity.

Tier-1 computer account.

If you have not logged onto your BNL account lately, you should be aware that using ssh private key is required. Follow this link.

During Jamborees, we ask for additional interactive nodes be made available. They are included in the pool of the interactive machines, so using "rterm -i" after logging on the gateway is sufficient.


The printers, a large Canon machine (also a copier) and a HP LaserJet? printer, are in the printer/mail room (1-81) at the end of the Omega Group hallway.

Printing from laptop on the wireless network

The same Canon printer, atlascanonc5235, as well as a HP printer atlashp, both in room 1-81, can be reached through a CUPS server. There is another HP printer in room 1-105 (next to the coffee lounge) for wireless access only.

To print from your laptop, you need to set up a printer queue on your laptop.

  • For windows, Goto Control Panel==> Printer and Fax ==> Add a Printer ==> A network printer ==> connect to a printer on internet, and use these url
    • For Canon printer, http://cups:631/printers/atlascanonc5235, select the driver for Canon iR-ADV C5235/5240.
    • For HP printer in room 1-81, http://cups:631/printers/atlashp, select the driver for HP Color LaserJet? 3800.
    • For HP printer in room 1-105, http://cups:631/printers/phyconfrm.phy.bnl.gov, select the driver for HP Laser Jet 4100 series
  • For Mac OS X, Goto "http://localhost:631/admin" on your browser, click on "Add Printer" under "Printers" section, then choose "Internet Printing Protocol (http)",
  • For Fedora, System==>Administration==>Printing (or system-config-printer as root). Use New to add a printer; put in the queue name, select a queue type of "Networked CUPS (IPP)", server cups, and the additional parameters:
    • For Canon printer: queue: /printers/atlascanonc5235, model: manufacturer Canon, iR-ADV C5235 (or just use generic postscript)
    • For HP printer in room 1-81: queue: /printers/atlashp, model: use generic postscript. (The HP-specific setting may not work.)
    • For HP printer in room 1-105: queue: /printers/phyconfrm.phy.bnl.gov, model: use generic postscript. (The HP-specific setting may not work.)
  • You should be able to figure it out for other Linux distributions from the above!

Past BNL Analysis Support Center Activities


-- ShuweiYe - 10 Jan 2017

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