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Argonne Analysis Support Center


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The Argonne Analysis Support Center (ArgonneASC) is supported by the ATLAS group of the High Energy Physics Division of Argonne National Laboratory. A strong connection is maintained between the ArgonneASC, CERN, US Tier 1 Centers, and the Midwest Tier 2 Center (a joint initiative between the ATLAS groups at The University of Chicago and Indiana University).
The mission of the Argonne Analysis Support Center(ArgonneASC) is to support detector performance and physics analysis activities. At the ArgonneASC physicists can expect to receive training on how to use ATLAS software via tutorials and one-on-one interaction both resident and visiting physicists. Newcomers can expect to receive an overview of the ATLAS experiment, including an overview of analysis activities. After training, physicists are expected to return for occasional visits to the ArgonneASC for help with their analysis and/or for help with more advanced software features. The ArgonneASC is a focal point for analysis meetings in the Midwest Region and also for occasional face-to-face meetings of the Analysis Forums. The ArgonneASC provides a home to a community of users making occasional visits and contributing to the intellectual vitality of the center.


Expertise in the following topics can be provided by ArgonneASC personnel:
  • ATHENA framework
  • ATHENA-POOL integration
  • ROOT-based (physics) analysis
  • ATHENA-bases analysis
  • Physics analysis: Calibration/Simulation/Event Generators
  • Jet Energy calibration
  • Tile Calorimeter Performance
  • Standard Model Physics: Vector boson production
  • ESD/AOD Data Access Models
  • Dynamic Data Management/Location
  • Event/File level metadata
  • Data Cataloging, Retrieval, and Streaming
  • Tag Database (Production and Access)
  • POOL changes that affect user interfaces
  • GRID-based data access



Related Links

User Information

  • Contacts
  • _Facility Overview_
  • Visitor Info - see "Related Links" for ANL Visitor Info
  • Help Desk - If you are having a problem, there are several ways to proceed.
    • FAQ - Check the FAQ to see if your problem is a common one.
    • Web pages - Review the relevant User Information and Training documentation on this site to learn about the ArgonneASC facility and to self-diagnose and solve your most common problems.
    • Email list - You can send requests via email to tier3_users_support

Computing Resources

The Argonne ASC Computing Resources link provides an in-depth description of its expectations and both current and planned capabilities.

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