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U.S. ATLAS Analysis Support

The main Analysis Support Page is under the ATLAS Twiki HERE (requires ATLAS authentication).

* The information on this page is collected for the convenience of people who cannot authenticate to the ATLAS TWiki. * The earliest versions of the Old Analysis Support Page are still on this TWiki.


The main US ATLAS Analysis Support Pages with frequent updates are in the main ATLAS pages (ATLAS member access only) linked above. Some general information about the Analysis Support is provided on this page.

The aim of the US ATLAS Analysis Support Management (US ASM) is to support the members of US ATLAS in maximizing the impact of their efforts in producing ATLAS physics results. US ASM comprises the following three areas.

  1. Analysis Support Centers.
  2. Technical Support Group.
  3. Analysis Support Panel.
US ASM is headed by a manager and a deputy manager (ASM and DASM).
ASM Ayana Arce Oct 1, 2016-Sep 30, 2018
DASM Kevin Black Oct 1, 2016-Sep 30, 2018
ASM Erich Varnes Oct 1, 2014-Sep 30, 2016
DASM Ayana Arce Oct 1, 2014-Sep 30, 2016
ASM Jason Nielsen Mar 1, 2013-Sep 30, 2014
DASM Erich Varnes Mar 1, 2013-Sep 30, 2014
ASM Rik Yoshida Mar 1, 2012-Feb 28, 2013
DASM Jason Nielsen Mar 1, 2012-Feb 28, 2013

Analysis Support Management Plan

* US_ATLAS_Analysis_Support_Management.pdf: US ATLAS Analysis Support Management Plan

Analysis Support Centers

US ATLAS Analysis Support Centers (ASC) are at ANL, BNL and LBNL.

Objectives of the ASCs are to:

  1. Provide US ATLAS physicists with regional resources, tutorials, leadership and focal point for meetings.
  2. Provide infrastructure for analysis support.
  3. Provide expertise in ATLAS software and certain areas of physics and detector performance.

ASC Coordinator
ANL Sasha Paramonov
BNL Michael Begel
LBNL Zach Marshall

Technical Support Group (TSG)

The objectives of the Technical Support Group are:

  1. Technical software development to support US ATLAS Analyzers
  2. Education of US ATLAS Analyzers on analysis and related software.

The members of TSG are supported by the US ATLAS Operations program. US ATLAS Tier3 coordination is also part of the TSG.

Analysis Support Panel (ASP)

Analysis Support Panel (ASP) is an advisory body to the Analysis Support

The main objectives of the ASP are:

  1. Review requests from US physicists on usage of US ATLAS computational resources being made to the Resource Allocations Committee (RAC), when necessary, and recommend priorities.
  2. Identify and recommend data sets (particularly D3PD’s) to be copied to US Cloud for analysis.
  3. Plan and carry out US ATLAS local meetings in cooperation with ASCs order to benefit US ATLAS analysis efforts.
  4. Facilitate collaboration for US ATLAS analyzers.
  5. Speakers Committee is a subcommittee of the ASP

On-going Analysis in the US

Major updates:

-- RikutaroYoshida - 20 July 2012 -- RikutaroYoshida - 28 Jan 2011 -- JamesCochran - 19 Nov 2008 -- OliverBaker - 17 Sep 2007 -- StephaneWillocq - 14 Feb 2006 -- StephaneWillocq - 20 Feb 2006 -- JerryGieraltowski - 21 Apr 2006 -- StephaneWillocq - 02 Jan 2007

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