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Analysis Jamboree for Readiness Exercise at ANL/BNL/LBNL, Sept 2008


On Sept. 9-12 (Tues-Fri) we will have a Jamboree held simultaneously at ANL, BNL, and LBNL. We will focus on our readiness for data analysis. The first 2 days will be spent preparing new (and not so new) users to manipulate the various tools needed to perform an analysis. The second 2 days will be spent submitting jobs, checking their status, and performing the final steps of their analysis.

The overall motivation is to test both the computing system and the users (or more specifically the various analysis Twiki pages). To make this a meaningful test, we need all potential analyzers to participate. So even if you cannot physically attend one of the Jamborees, please try to participate remotely in the activities of the last 2 days and provide feedback to us about any problems you have.

The plan is that we will consider the FDR-2x as our data set and that everyone go through as rigorous a version of their analysis as possible in a 2-day time period (including MC efficiencies/backgrounds, lumi info, etc.) from DnPD production (as appropriate) through to "final" plots. Please let your respective Analysis Forum convener (see AnalysisSupport) and me know which MC data sets you will need so we can make sure they are available on the T2/T1 system. (Note that these small MC samples best correspond to the FDR-2a simulation and reconstruction.)

We plan to make available several "template" analyses which users may build on if they so desire. Prior to the Jamboree, all potential users are strongly encouraged to work through the tutorials on the jamboree wikipage, which Akira has kindly updated to work with release 14.2.20. We will discuss the development of the template analyses and the latest pathena recommendations at the forthcoming weekly US FDR+M6 meetings (http://indico.cern.ch/categoryDisplay.py?categId=296).

Dates and Agenda Outline

The dates for the Jamboree
Sept 9-12, 2008, Tuesday to Friday

The agenda for the Jamboree will be filled shortly.


The BNL meeting will take place in BNL Physics Department, Building 510A, Room 2-84 for general meetings (with a secondary Room 2-111 on the same floor) , and additional space for breakout sessions in Room 1-105 and Room 1-113 in the same building, and a coffee lounge in Room 1-100. Physics Bldg map

Please refer to the BNL Map for directions to lab and the physics department.

Detailed information about the meetings at ANL can be found here: http://atlaswww.hep.anl.gov/asc/meetings.php


We require a registration for the Jamboree so that the Analysis Support Centers can prepare for the meeting accordingly. There is no registration fee.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact

On the registration form, please indicate the analysis topics you are interested in.

Details for BNL attendees are in this page: BnlAsc#Visiting_BNL.

For LBNL participants, please indicate whether you are a US citizen or not. Non-US citizen should specify the country of citizenship, and place of birth. Vistor information for LBNL can be found in http://www.lbl.gov/visitor-info.html

A list of registered participants at BNL and LBNL, and ANL.

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