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  • Global: glrd.usatlas.org
  • US central: xrd-central.usatlasfacility.org

BNL GIT repository

A git repository is available at BNL for Xrootd Federations to share configuration, common code/library, etc. To view or download over the web:

To checkout and update, you need git client or higher. When prompted, type in your BNL/usatlas username and password.

   * unset SSH_ASKPASS
   * git config --global http.sslVerify false # you may need this if git complain about wildcard certificate
   * git clone https://git.racf.bnl.gov/usatlas/git/federated_storage/xrootd   # the *initial* checkout step from BNL
   * cd xrootd
   * git fetch origin; git rebase origin/master  # do this step every time you need to refresh your copy
   * mkdir conf/<your_site>
   * cp <.../your_conf_file> conf/<your_site>/
   * # make your modifications
   * git add conf/<your_site>                    # if you want to add a new directory, or
   * git add conf/<your_site>/<your_conf_file>   # if you want to add a new file
   * git commit -a -m "your update notes"        # commit all your changes; they are *not* at the BNL git repository yet
   * git push origin                             # push your changes to the repository

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