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Part of SiteCertificationP22 to organize updates to OSG 3.x.y at all US ATLAS production sites.


  • OSG 3.X CE is rpm-based, the installation instruction can be found here.

    • OSG 3 CE comes with GRAM5 globus gatekeeper, in which we have found some fault tolerance issues during pilot submission, which is under investigation by OSG software team as of now (08-13-2012). So we suggest USATLAS sites hold off on upgrading to OSG 3 CE for now, till we fully understand the problem.

Worker-node client

  • The worker node client package of OSG 3 is also rpm based, to be installed on each worker node. Here is the instruction.

ATLAS worker-node client

  • ATLAS worker node client is a package to be installed on shared file system, by the ATLAS software manager, not by site admins. For more information, please check out this document.

  • NOTE!
    • Starting from DQ2 client 0.1.36, python 2.5 or above is required to run dq2 client.
    • For sites that have installed python 2.5 or 2.6 on worker nodes, the new python version will be used to run DQ2 commands in pilot jobs.
    • Sites should be cautious to upgrade python version, since some other ATLAS production components, eg local site mover, may not be compatible with the new python.
    • It's not mandatory to install new python on worker nodes as of today (8-13-2012). For sites that still use python 2.4, the old DQ2 client package will be maintained, and will continue to work.

Known Issues

  • To update OSG 3 rpm installation, there isn't a standard way of doing it as of now (8-13-2012). Below are several options site admin can consider:
    1. run "yum update" command on the CE and every worker nodes.
    2. follow instruction here to update only the OSG packages.
    3. A controlled way of doing the update will be to make a local mirror repo and create snapshots of the OSG and EPEL repos, and update OSG installation from the local mirror/snapshot.
    4. We also suggest OSG software team to make frozen repo for each release, which also includes the dependencies from other repos like EPEL, for all the OSG sites.


-- RobertGardner - 08 Aug 2012

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