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In order to support remote deletion of user datasets (not supported within DQ2 framework) a new feature has been added to the LRCWWW interface to support deletion of PFN records from the LRC (via https: requests) and also the deletion of the actual files (which may require some additional configuration so that file ownership is not a problem - there is a "helper script" to do the actual removal).

All requests are done via https and require the user to have a valid x509 cert.


The code can be found at http://repo.mwt2.org/viewvc/lrc-adler32

There is a README file there with more detais.

Recent changes

  • support for adler32 checksums
  • addition of deletePFNs method

Installation instructions for site admins

See http://repo.mwt2.org/viewvc/lrc-adler32/README and http://repo.mwt2.org/viewvc/lrc-adler32/README.gridsite

Instructions for users

See: http://repo.mwt2.org/viewvc/lrc-adler32/README.delete_user_dataset

Questions or comments, email cgw@hep.uchicago.edu

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