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This page attempts to coordinate efforts within the US ATLAS facility working towards the overall ATLAS Tier 3 program of work.

  • Initial draft of milestones for "Phase 2", following the deployment period of the June 8-9, 2010 "Phase 1 Tier 3"
        DQ2/FTS (Hiro) : ready to deploy (end June)
        XrootD monitoring (Patrick): ready to deploy (end June)
        Puppet for T3 (Yushu): ready to deploy (end June/beg. July)
        PCache for T3/Data Mover (Charles): 
               -Functionality Specifications     (August/September)
        T3Panda with data affinity (Panda team+Charles);
               -Understand needed software    (July/August)
        T3data subscription
               -Technical proposal                  (July/August)
  • Note these milestones will be tied to overall ATLAS milestones as they are better defined
  • Note efforts to come from various parts of ATLAS
  • Time period: roughly FY10Q4: July-Sep, 2010

Managed transfers to Tier 3

  • DQ2/FTS (Hiro) : ready to deploy (end June)
  • TBD: T3data subscription
    • Technical proposal (July/August)

Data access at Tier 3

  • TBD: pache for T3/Data Mover (Charles):
    • Functionality Specifications (August/September)


  • TBD: T3Panda with data affinity (Panda team+Charles);
    • Understand needed software (July/August)

Xrootd Support for Tier 3

  • XrootD monitoring (Patrick): ready to deploy (end June)
  • Probable new release given Phase 1 experience

-- RobertGardner - 21 May 2010

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