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The goal is to systematically evaluate managed transfers to sites not in Tiers of ATLAS, in particular the common use case between Tier 2 and Tier 3 endpoints. The Tier 3 endpoints would have for example a Gridftp server in front of an Xrootd storage system.


  • Identify gridftp + xrootd(or any other SE option) Tier 3 testbed targets
  • Validate functionality for test T3 SE.
    • Use FTS to transfer files from T1/T2s to T3s
  • Throughput measurements T2->T3
    • Use Regular US ATLAS throughput program
  • Test/discuss management software
    • list/Scan/delete

Testbed sites

Demonstrator tests

  • US T1 and Tier 2s have already datasets used for the regular throughput testing. 
  • Validate required functionality from a few Tier 3 locations
  • Measure performance by source-destination combinations
    • From BNL FTS monitor, the throughput performance will be measured. throughput/number of files, etc...
    • Time required between submission request and complete arrival.  


  • Recipe for setting up Gridftp + Xrootd/plain local storage/NFS/etc... for a Tier 3 site (link to official ATLAS documents)
  • Client instructions for using dq2-FTS (link to official ATLAS procedure)

-- RobertGardner - 03 Aug 2010

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