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  • The Grid Laboratories of Wisconsin, a VO for the University of Wisconsin's Center for High Throughput Computing: http://chtc.cs.wisc.edu/
  • Contact: Steve Barnet <barnet@cs.wisc.edu>, Brooklin Gore <BGore@Morgridgeinstitute.org>, Dan Bradley <dan@hep.wisc.edu>, chtc@cs.wisc.edu
  • Submission system: GlideinWMS


  • Worker node OS should be RHEL 5 (or equivalent, such as SL5)
  • Worker nodes require outbound internet access (nodes can be behind NAT)
  • Worker node memory: 1GB / slot minimum, assume 1.5-2 GB
  • Worker node scratch: assume 10G per job slot - though typically using less than 1GB
  • The worker nodes require the OSG CA certs that are installed as part of the OSG Worker Node Client. Host certs on the worker nodes are not required.
  • Site squid (optional): used for data in some jobs ~200 MB
  • Job preemption is okay
  • glexec is not required

Workflow and Security profile


  • For every job slot, a pilot job process starts up.
  • The pilot job sends outbound TCP traffic over HTTP to a host at UCSD ("factory") and via HTTP to a host at wisc.edu ("frontend").
  • The pilot job spawns a condor startd, which spawns a condor starter.
  • The startd sends outbound UDP traffic to a single port on the frontend. This is randomly chosen (per pilot) from a range of 200 ports currently. This can be changed to TCP if necessary.
  • The startd and starter send outbound TCP traffic to two ports on one of the Condor submit machines at wisc.edu, to communicate with the condor_schedd and condor_shadow. The ports are chosen randomly (per glidein) from the host's ephemeral ports. The choice of ports can (and in some cases has) been reduced to a single static port, which is typically 9618.

Hosts and ports:

  • The frontend is glidein.chtc.wisc.edu (
    • ports: 80, 9618-9820
  • The factory is glidein-1.t2.ucsd.edu
    • port 8319
  • The Condor submit machines (more may be added in future)
    • submit.chtc.wisc.edu
    • login01.hep.wisc.edu
    • poplar.hep.wisc.edu
    • spaldingsubmit.botany.wisc.edu
    • simon.stat.wisc.edu
    • chtcsubmit.ansci.wisc.edu
    • condor.morgridge.net



GLOW VO status

Notation: led-green completed led-blue work is in progress led-red table to be updated

Site OSG Resource Status Job Max
TIER1 gridgk01.racf.bnl.gov led-green 500
AGLT2 gate02.grid.umich.edu led-green 50
MWT2 osg-gk.mwt2.org led-red 125
NET2_BU   led-green 15
UTA_SWT2   led-red 10
SWT2_OU_OSCER grid1.oscer.ou.edu/jobmanager-lsf led-green 64
WT2   led-red  

Known Issues

-- RobertGardner - 02 Aug 2011

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