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Policy for Space Token Implementation at USATLAS Sites

DATADISK: if site has active central analysis queue, and is getting data by PD2P data distribution

USERDISK: if site has active central analysis queue

SCRATCHDISK: if site has active central analysis queue

PRODDISK: if site has active central production queue

GROUPDISK: size defined by ATLAS, space managed by physics/performance group disk managers 

LOCALGROUPDISK: unpledged resource, space managed by local group 

HOTDISK: for conditions data and DBReleases distribution (in the future this will no longer be needed if CVMFS is used for DB releases)

Space Token Size Recommendations at USATLAS Sites (in % of the total storage) 

All US sites use flexible space token partitions in order to maximize use of storage (free space is allocated proportionately 
among many tokens, leaving some minimum free space as shown below).

USERDISK:  10% (cleaned by US facilities)

SCRATCHDISK:  1.5% (cleaned by ADC)

PRODDISK:  3% (needs regular cleaning by site)

GROUPDISK:  size defined by ATLAS (~20%); if free space is more than 150TB(T1)/100TB(T2), some of that free space 
can be temporarily used in DATADISK, as long as the free space in GROUPDISK is kept at minimum level of 150TB(T1)/100TB(T2)

LOCALGROUPDISK:  size defined by local group (should be ideally all space beyond pledge, minimum 50TB)


DATADISK:  remaining space, should be >50%   

GROUPDISK quota request for the US Cloud

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