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Site expectations

Site admins execute a pre-production readiness processes so as to fill in the below table with current status. Site admins can fill in the table with the latest status. The table will be reviewed on a bi-weekly basis at the Wednesday Facility Integration Program meeting.

Site certification table

Notation: led-green completed led-blue work is in progress led-gray not applicable led-orange defer to next phase led-red table to be updated

Site CPU/Storage upgrades Network Monitoring FAX CVMFS OSG CE & WN update OSG non-ATLAS access
TIER1 led-red led-red led-red led-red led-red led-red
AGLT2 led-green led-gray led-blue led-green led-green led-green
MWT2 led-green led-gray led-green led-green led-green led-green
MWT2_Illinois led-gray led-red led-green led-green led-green led-gray
NET2 led-blue led-blue led-orange led-orange led-orange led-green
SWT2_CPB led-red led-red led-red led-red led-red led-red
SWT2_OU led-orange led-orange led-green led-orange led-orange led-green
WT2 led-gray led-blue led-green led-orange led-green led-green

Prior Phases

-- RobertGardner - 18 Aug 2011

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