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SLAC missing file check (from Wei):
  • I checked all ~1.6m files in our LFC and we miss 1586 of them:
    • a. 622 of them belongs to Hiro's dq2ping
    • b. 5 of them belongs to a local users who was probably testing
    • dq2-put/dq2_put at the time,
    • c. 959 of them belongs to retired site SLACXRD:
      • 301 trig1_misal1_csc11.005014.J5_pythia_jetjet.recon.AOD.v13003003_tid017640
      • 475 trig1_misal1_csc11.005011.J2_pythia_jetjet.recon.AOD.v13003003_tid017636
      • 175 mc12.006990.SherpaWenu4jets.genfast.AOD.v12000702_tid017014
      • 3 trig1_misal1_csc11.005011.J2_pythia_jetjet.recon.AOD.v13003003_tid017634
      • 4 misal1_csc11.005009.J0_pythia_jetjet.digit.RDO.v12003107
      • 1 misal1_csc11.005012.J3_pythia_jetjet.simul.HITS.v12003103
  • I brought back a few of them in "a" from BNL successfully. We will bring all in "c" back even though it is a retired site. I will work on dataset=>LFC consistency check later.
  • I have no plan to check LFC=>DQ2 datasets and storage=>LFC in the near future.

-- KaushikDe - 21 Jul 2009

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