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There are two methods that can be used to complete this task. This is part of SiteCertificationP27 of the IntegrationProgram.

Method 1: Script from Hiro



Here is an example:


Method 2: Script from Ilija


This script can be used to rename ATLAS data to Rucio paths. Requirements:

  • The user must have full rights to update LFC entries.
  • You need to do:
      export ATLAS_LOCAL_ROOT_BASE=/cvmfs/atlas.cern.ch/repo/ATLASLocalRootBase
      source ${ATLAS_LOCAL_ROOT_BASE}/user/atlasLocalSetup.sh
  • You need a valid grid proxy with role=production
  • Download and run the program: RucioRename.py

The Program

You need to give it a file listing all of datasets that should exist at a space token. You can obtain lists in this way:

dq2-list-dataset-site2 -N 01/01/2012 -D 01/01/2013 MWT2_UC_LOCALGROUPDISK > MWT2_UC_LOCALGROUPDISKfrom01_01_2012untill01_01_2013.dss ) 


  • The program will get list of files for each dataset.
  • For each file it will contact LFC to get list of replicas of that file.
  • The replicas corresponding to the site will be checked for existence.
  • The replica that does not exist will be removed from the LFC.
  • If the replica exists and file is already in Rucio format, it will do nothing.
  • If the replica is not in the Rucio file format, it will be renamed and the new replica registered in LFC and old record deleted.
  • An SQLite database is created having the same name as an input file but with added extension ".db" In the file, there is a table containing:
    dataset name | total files | files missing | files in Old gLFN | files in New gLNF | files renamed | replicas added| replicas deleted 
  • Ideally the last three figures should be the same, and files missing to be zero. If not, those datasets should be checked for consistency.


  1. Set surlBase, port, site_prefix, storage_token
  2. if your site does not support POSIX, you will have to change these commands: os.path.exists(pfn), os.path.exists(destDir), os.makedirs(destDir), and os.rename(pfn, destPfn) to your site's equivalents.


Here is an example:

python RucioRename.py MWT2_UC_LOCALGROUPDISKfrom01_01_2012untill01_01_2013.dss


-- RobertGardner - 25 Nov 2013

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