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This task covers the installation and configuration of OSG 0.6. This release will bring improvements and important new functionality to the US ATLAS facility infrastructure, including:
  • Accounting service based on Gratia; this infrastructure will be required for US ATLAS reporting into WLCG's APEL system.
  • OSG information services based on CEMon (Condor ClassAds and BDII)
  • Optional OSG storage element based on a VDT-packaging of dCache.

CE Installation and configuration

  • Starting point is the CE Install Guide. Additional information on other components is in the documentation table.
  • Note: Don't expect entries in /etc/xinetd.d until after you run vdt-control --on (The CE documentation is a little confusing on this point)
  • If you are using GUMS, you may need to modify $VDT_LOCATION/gums/etc/gums-client.properties. It may set the GUMS server to the localhost by default, and you need to change this to your GUMS server's hostname.
  • If you use Gratia with PBS/Torque you may want to reduce the log level and/or rotate the logs more frequently. Loglevel can be changed in $VDT_LOCATION/gratia/probe/pbs-lsf/ProbeConfig.

Post-install validation of VORS reporting

  • Check the VORS page for reporting of the CE.
    • Find and click on your site, scroll to the bottom "Resource Functional Test Results" and click on the link to see site_verify results.
  • Has views for Site-verify, BDII, Gratia

Post-install validation of site-services

  • Run site-verify locally. Can also check in VORS.

Post-install validation of Gratia probes and reporting

  • Check reporting in the Gratia pages for your CE.
  • Gratia logs in $VDT_LOCATION/gratia/var/logs

Post-install validation of published site attributes

OSG Storage Element (SE)

  • Presently the only option for this is the VDT-based dCache system, see:
  • See StorageServicesP1
  • Verify OSG SE monitoring, if applicable.

Helpful hints, troubleshooting

  • To check if a (host or other) certificate is valid
openssl x509 -noout -in hostcert.pem -dates
  • There are other switches that are useful, e.g.
 openssl x509 -noout -in hostcert.pem -subject

-- KristyKallbackRose - 12 Jun 2007 -- RobertGardner - 10 May 2007

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