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  • Priority: High
  • Description: Mainly, ATLAS would like the VDT/OSG team to continue their effort on the RPM-based component installation, configuration, and documentation. Considering what was changed, the transition leading to the first release of this kind was very smooth. Let's make sure that continues.


  • Priority: High
  • Target date: completed end March 2012
  • Description: ATLAS needs OSG and ATLAS WN client packages for SL6. Since CMS is pursuing this request on a more aggressive schedule than ATLAS, our needs will likely be met automatically. SL6 support for infrastructural services (CE, SE, Gratia, etc.) is a low priority for ATLAS. We are content to continue to use SL5 for such services. (The RHEL5 official production life cycle doesn't end until March, 2014).


  • Priority: Low but firm
  • Target date: completed end September 2012
  • Description: ATLAS would still like to see OSG release a CREAM CE.
    • This need is firm, but not urgent. Usability, scalability, and full integration with standard OSG services (RSV, Gratia, etc) is more important than quick delivery.
    • Getting the CREAM CE into production would also help begin the process of eliminating Globus dependencies. If Globus support is fading, this becomes an urgent concern.

Reliance of OSG components on Globus Toolkit

  • Priority: High
  • Description: The rpm-based CE will has gram5 at its core (which will be new) and dependencies in related services The client tools (wn-client, osg-client, wlcg-client) rely on Globus.

CVMFS & related

  • Priority: Lower
  • Description:
    • Distribute stable releases of CVMFS software itself, and consider providing software repositories for certain VDT components (eg. clients).

-- RobertGardner - 24 Jan 2012

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