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Provide a "well-known" network test point at each US ATLAS Tier-2 site. Each distinct resource location should install an instance of the Network Performance Toolkit and "publish" this host (email Shawn).

This will give us a start on providing network testing capabilities and related network metrics for each site. This will be critical to allowing us to isolate network related problems from other site/host issues.


Rich Carlson has provided details on Network Performance Toolkit. You can either download the ISO from there or email Rich requesting a CD (Rich handed out CDs at the June Bloomington meeting).

The ISO/CD can be booted directly and a persistent configuration can be created via USB key or by creating an appropriately named file on a local disk partition. A writeup of using this method is documented for the UTA Install.

Alternately these tools can be installed on an existing system which has the required Web100 support. See AGLT2 NDT install Twiki for details about doing things this way.


Sites Installed (Please add to this list!)

-- RobertGardner - 27 Jun 2007

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