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  • Part of the NetworkMonitoring activity in US ATLAS, Phase 20 (FY12Q2), c.f. SiteCertificationP20.
  • Previous phase: NetworkMonitoringP19
  • The action item for this quarter is for sites to upgrade their perfSONAR-PS bandwidth instances to support 10GE testing. Once your site has deployed a working, configured 10GE perfSONAR-PS instance, please mark the corresponding box on the certification for Phase 20 as "green".

perfSONAR 10G upgrade

  • All sites to update throughput hosts to 10G.

The recommendation is to do a new install on new hardware. Many sites are choosing to upgrade both their latency and bandwidth nodes to new Dell perfSONAR-PS systems (available on Dell's LHC portal). Remember to add a 10GE NIC (Intel X520DA? dual-port SFP+ for $199 recommended) to the node intended for 10GE bandwidth use.

Also, sites will hopefully keep their existing perfSONAR-PS nodes (readdressing them appropriately) for use in future perfSONAR-PS release testing "at scale". A related action item is for sites to get new DNS names for the old equipment. We should keep the list of test names here:

Site perfSONAR-PS Test Instances

Site Latency Bandwidth
AGLT2_MSU psmsu03.aglt2.org psmsu04.aglt2.org
AGLT2_UM psum05.aglt2.org psum06.aglt2.org
MWT2(IU) iut2-net3.iu.edu iut2-net4.iu.edu
MWT2(UC) uct2-net3.uchicago.edu uct2-net4.uchicago.edu
MWT2(UIUC) n/a n/a

Sites can choose either a 'netinstall' (which puts the OS on the local disk) or they can use a bootable CDROM. One consideration for sites is that the 'netinstall' will allow easier upgrading (via 'yum') vs having to burn a new CDROM when there are updated versions.

Information on the current version is here: http://psps.perfsonar.net/toolkit/releasenotes/pspt-3_2_1_1.html

Instructions for installation (of either type) are available at: http://code.google.com/p/perfsonar-ps/wiki/pSPerformanceToolkit32

You can download from here: http://software.internet2.edu/pS-Performance_Toolkit/

Sites should note that there are some recommended "maintenance" steps that occasionally need to be applied. You can download a copy of the perfSONAR-PS maintenance document


For information about LHCONE, please see http://lhcone.net/

For prototype monitoring of a test subset of LHCONE sites: https://perfsonar.usatlas.bnl.gov:8443/exda/?page=25&cloudName=LHCONE

Details about setting up LHCONE perfSONAR-PS monitoring is at: https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/LHCONE/SiteList

Our plans for USATLAS include having at least 3 Tier-2s and the Tier-1 using LHCONE by the end of May 2012.


DYNES is being deployed at many of the USATLAS sites. All Tier-2 sites, except for MSU and SLAC are currently being provisioned for DYNES. There is (shortly) a call for additional sites to propose participation in DYNES (by March 23, 2012). I would strongly encourage MSU and SLAC to apply to this CFP.

See information about DYNES at http://www.internet2.edu/ion/dynes.html

-- RobertGardner - 28 Feb 2012

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