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Milestones for NetworkMonitoring during Phase 13 of the Integration Program, SiteCertificationP13.

Perfsonar infrastructure

The primary goal for this quarter is to insure that perfSONAR is properly installed can configured for the appropriate scheduled tests.

To mark off "completed" for this component of the Integration Program please verify the following:

  • Both perfSONAR boxes installed and connected
  • Current perfSONAR release 3.1.3 installed on both delay and bandwidth hosts
  • USATLAS tests configured/scheduled to each other Tier-2 "site" and to BNL:
    • OWAMP tests configured to each other Tier-2 site and BNL
    • PingER tests configured to each other Tier-2 site and BNL
    • THROUGHPUT tests configured to each other Tier-2 site and BNL

I am attaching the current spreadsheet showing the set of known (US)ATLAS perfSONAR sites for reference. For general reference about configuring perfSONAR please see http://code.google.com/p/perfsonar-ps/wiki/pSPerformanceToolkit31.

Summarizing, to mark this entry complete please verify that ALL other Tier-2 and the Tier-1 sites are configured for scheduled tests in your perfSONAR deployment.

Transaction test

Hiro is working on setting up "transaction" testing for each site. This is a work in progress and likely won't require Tier-2 sites to make any changes to suppor this work. Once it is ready we will update this page to include a link to the test results.

-- RobertGardner - 11 May 2010 -- ShawnMckee - 02 Jun 2010

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xls USATLAS_perfSONAR_installations_v1.2a.xls (42.0K) | ShawnMckee, 02 Jun 2010 - 13:14 | Spreadsheet of (US)ATLAS perfSONAR sites
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