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Within an OSG installation containing Monalisa (I used an OSG 0.6.0 CE install), source the setup.sh or setup.ch file in the root directory of OSG. Then run, "monitoring/configure_osg.sh". Enter in the correct information or just enter to choose the default. When it asks, "Would you like to start the Monalisa monitoring services?", choose y for yes. Type, "vdt-control --list" and make sure MLD is enabled. If not, type, "vdt-register-service --name MLD --enable".

Within Service/VDTFarm/ml.properties, uncomment the following: "set lia.Monitor.group=..." and change it to "set lia.Monitor.group=usatlas".

Make sure you have the required outgoing port access (using telnet host port for example) listed at http://monalisa.cern.ch/monalisa__Documentation__Service_Installation_Guide.html. If port 80 is being proxied at your site, add it to JAVA_OPTS in Service/CMD/ml_env (e.g. JAVA_OPTS="-Dhttp.proxyHost= -Dhttp.proxyPort=3128")

Type "/etc/init.d/MLD start". You will see a process ID. Make sure that this stays running after a couple of minutes or so. If not, something went wrong.

Now, to use the Monalisa client, first make sure you have proper port access:

  • LUSs: monalisa.cern.ch:4160,8765; monalisa.cacr.caltech.edu:4160,8765
  • Proxies: monalisa.cern.ch:6001,6002,6003; monalisa2.cern.ch:6001,6002,6003; monalisa.caltech.edu:6001,6002,6003; monalisa.cacr.caltech.edu:6001,6002,6003
  • Topology services: monalisa.cern.ch:9095; monalisa-chi.uslhcnet.org:8095
  • iNetGeoConfig: monalisa.cacr.caltech.edu:80
  • dl: monalisa.cern.ch:80; monalisa.caltech.edu:80
If port 80 is being proxied at your site, run javaws, and choose "Edit/Preferences/Network Settings", click "Use proxy server" and fill in the appropriate proxy information. Then, start the Monalisa interactive client by going to http://monalisa.cacr.caltech.edu/monalisa__Interactive_Clients__MonALISA_client.html. Start the client by clicking the "Start Monalisa Interactive Client". If it asks which program to open with, browse to your Java bin directory, and choose javaws. Make sure the usatlas group shows up under Groups and that is selected. Make sure your farm (site) shows up on the 3D map and in the various other views on the left.

-- JayPackard - 13 Jul 2007

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