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Minutes of a meeting to discuss role of Proof at Tier2 facilities, and the presentation at the upcoming Facilities workshop at UNC.
  • Note: This is following up from the last November's Tier2/Tier3 workshop at SLAC we discussed options for supporting analysis at various facilities. See the Facility planning session of that workshop here. One of the issues was to consider introduction of PROOF (+xrootd) services at Tier2 facilities by the summer. We discussed as a first step writing down a skeletal plan on how to get there.
  • Attendees: Sergei Panitkin, Ofer Rind, Robert Petkus, Michael Ernst, Patrick McGuigan, Bruce Mellado, Neng Xu, Rob Gardner

Proof Farm development at BNL for FDR-1 (Sergei)

  • Xrootd_PROOF_BNL_Feb08.ppt: Sergei's presentation
  • Describes extension of Proof farm, and addition of 640 GB of (high bandwidth) SSD disks.
  • Data transfers from dCache, and integration with DDM. Local file catalog system developed for analysis farm resident data. Approximately 25 TB of xrootd farm space.
  • Custom scripts developed for this purpose, using xrdcp and the xrootd door on dCache.
  • There are root version mismatches between the latest (recommended) release by the PROOF developers (v5.18) for a PROOF server, and clients running root v5.14 (such as Athena in rel 13). Will run two farms until later Athena releases update root.
  • LRC created, custom dq2_cr for xrootd files created.

Proof+Condor COD at Wisconsin

  • PROOF_COD.ppt: Neng's presentation
  • Focus on xrootdfs (file system) testing.
  • DQ2 tools working directly on xrootdfs (no need for an intermediate large disk cache).
  • Allows mounting of xroodfs on desktops at CERN. Performance and authentication issues being addressed.
  • Progress on PROOF-Condor integration for multi-users. TCondor class developed.
  • Implementing Condor Computing On Demand (COD) to allocate free CPUs for PROOF analysis jobs on a cluster supporting normal production.
  • Demonstrated pausing of a normal Athena production job, scheduling a (short) Proof analysis jobs, and then resuming the Athena production job. Verified the Athena job state successfully written to swap, then reloaded with no problems.

Plans for UNC workshop

Other action items

  • Setup Hypernews forum for discussions on these topics.

-- RobertGardner - 20 Feb 2008

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ppt PROOF_COD.ppt (5847.5K) | RobertGardner, 20 Feb 2008 - 10:01 | Neng's presentation
ppt Xrootd_PROOF_BNL_Feb08.ppt (570.0K) | RobertGardner, 20 Feb 2008 - 10:02 | Sergei's presentation
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