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Minutes of the Facilities Integration Program meeting, October 10, 2007
  • Previous meetings and background : IntegrationProgram
  • Coordinates: Wednesdays, 1:00pm Eastern
    • Phone: (605) 475-6000, Access code: 735188; Dial 6 to mute/un-mute.


  • Meeting attendees: Charles, Michael, Rob, Horst, Karthik, Tom, Saul, Wei, Dantong, Fred, Patrick, Jay, Hiro, Xin, Wensheng, Nurcan, Kaushik, Alexei
  • Apologies: Bob, Shawn

Integration program update (Rob, Michael)

Operations: Production (Kaushik)

  • Production summary (Kaushik)
    • Plagued by DQ2 problems - concerns about DQ2 0.4, same version as on LCG and BNLPANDA since Sunday. Good discussions with Miguel last week - lots of new developments. Real issue are these production quality? Serious impact on production over the past week. Communications between BNL and CERN - creating timeouts/truncation - needs fixing in the DQ2 code. Now have site services problems. BNL-fetcher.
    • LRC-BNL timeout problems (Hiro) - current web-interface code creates a temp files, and is supposed to remove the files. Lots of temp files did not get deleted, and problems with queries. Patrick notices a problem with the query XML output. (This is the code that provides http access to the LRC.)
    • User analysis impact - dCache was hammered, started experiencing problems on Friday. A single user submitted .25M jobs through pathena, with high failure rates >90%, user apparently not concerned. Results / files were archived to tape, and massive logfile creation. Shutdown user analysis queues. Have setup quota enforcement in panda.
    • Eowyn - could not get sufficient jobs - Karthik discovered a built-in limit of 30K jobs, which we reached due to the number of transfer jobs. Another Eowyn instance will be hosted by Rod Walker for Canada, France.
  • Shifters report and other production issues (Nurcan)
    • Will try again OU ITB site - 10K pilots sent, but there are problems running there. Need help from Marco and Xin.

Operations: DDM (Alexei)

  • DQ2 0.4 status. 3 weeks ago was deployed on LCG production sites. Functional tests at BNLDISK and UTA were successful. Request from Miguel for more changes to DQ2 0.4 - then ready for deployment on Friday. There were additional problems with the DQ2 client (an old bug resurfaced).
  • Three hosts: file catalog, agents, services on separate hosts is recommended. More specifically, the host running the agents need to be on a relatively powerful machine.
  • For GL, to test the fair share.
  • M4 has been reprocessed at CERN, ready for distribution (1.4 TB). Will start subscriptions from CERN to BNL. Old versions can be deleted on sites.

DQ2 0.4 testing (Hiro, Patrick)

  • See further DQ2SiteServices to capture deployment experience, known issues.
  • Hiro: not much different from previous versions - running with agents and queue catalog on same machine without problems (on BNLDISK). Upgraded BNLPANDA already.
  • Backlog issue: too many obsolete datasets - sitting in sub catalog in central services, taking up the queue.
    • Alexei: BNLDISK - 780K files - will send around the subscriptions. Notes that there were probs with Tadashi's subscription cancellations at central catalogs due to stabilities issues, errors not returned.
    • There was a problem with the DQ2 site services machine communicating with central catalogs.
  • UTA: installation complete. Have pulled db-release files, but no large scale tests.

FTS (Hiro)

  • Experience with the deployed FTS 2.0 in past two weeks
  • FTS monitoring - update?

Mysql LRC (John)

  • Evaluation progress

Accounting (Shawn, Rob)

  • Follow-up on pending accounting issues, see AccountingP2 and items therein.
  • WT2 - reporting correctly at Gratia level
  • NET2 - should be reporting correctly from October onwards.
  • SWT2 - normalization factors missing. DPCC should be okay. For UTA_SWT2 - need to change machine reporting Gratia reporting. Need to make sure data is being attributed to ATLAS correctly. Expect to be complete be
  • AGLT2 - reporting okay, just a some historical.

Load testing update, issues (Jay)

  • iperf is there, but not at all the sites. Plan is to use bwctl at all sites.
  • There is a question of the accuracy of the plots.
  • Load test graph:
  • Need an iperf endpoint for BU and Michigan.
  • BU will will install iperf.

Network Performance and Throughput initiative (Shawn, Dantong)

  • See work in progress at NetworkPerformanceP2
  • Follow-up with Dantong on UTA, SLAC, BU, OU sites
  • BNL to UTA. RTT 54 msec, 8 MB buffer size chosen. Found 30-40 Mbps per stream UTA -to- BNL. But 100 in the other direction. Applied tunings, but no improvement. Discovered a firewall on the UTA site. Started a large number of iperf streams - found 500 Mbps with 10 streams.
  • *Will work w/ SLAC next week.
  • Defer BU until SLC4 and 10G fiber installed.

RSV, Nagios, SAM (WLCG) site availability monitoring program (Dantong, Tomasz)

  • Tomasz is working on RSV probes - finding they are slow. Job manager test - taking 5 minutes.
  • SE probe already sent to Arvind.

Site news and issues (All Sites)

  • T1: working on decoupling services to support individual users and monitor the systems. Coarse grain monitoring of storage usage. In addition, DQ2 tests and other
  • AGLT2: racking up new servers in Ann Arbor; at MSU: Dell order is in, 50 quad-core computes, 200 TB disk (in next 10 days); room completed in next couple of weeks.
  • NET2: problems cleaning up disk from cleanse script (due to bnl-lrc); completed.
  • MWT2: working on integrating IU_OSG; UC_ATLAS_MWT2 memory upgrade; 20 new dual duals coming online to MWT2_UC soon.
  • SWT2_UTA: working on next round of equipment installed and running. Working on cleanse.
  • SWT2_OU: bringing equipment online this week.
  • WT2: no news.

RT Queues and pending issues (Dantong, Tomasz)

Carryover action items

Panda release installation jobs

  • Need to find a Facilities person to work with Tadashi

Analysis Queues (Bob, Mark)

  • See AnalysisQueueP2
  • Action item: Mark will provide similar instructions for PBS. -Mark still working on it.
  • Main problem is the set of AODs are not available.
  • Action items moving forward (each site):
    • We need to setup analysis queues
    • Allocate a small number of cpu's to this site


  • Encryption to syslog-ng Still to do, carryover.

Site performance jobs and metrics

  • Carryover

New Action Items

  • See items in carry-overs and new in bold above.


  • none

-- RobertGardner - 09 Oct 2007

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