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Minutes of the Facilities Integration Program meeting, November 7, 2007
  • Previous meetings and background : IntegrationProgram
  • Coordinates: Wednesdays, 1:00pm Eastern
    • Phone: (605) 475-6000, Access code: 735188; Dial 6 to mute/un-mute.


  • Meeting attendees: Michael, Rob, Charles, Nurcan, Mark, Kaushik, Saul, Jay, John, Gabriele, Hiro, Xin, John B, Wei, Horst, Karthik, Torre

Integration program update (Rob, Michael)

Operations: Production (Kaushik)

  • Production summary (Kaushik)
    • Production still up and down w/ very few jobs. There are lots of jobs assigned, but not activated; problem is RDO files on tape and cannot feed out the the sites (whch process them quickly).
    • Michael: currently there is about 120 TB disk available - move to a larger BNLPANDA disk-only area. In total, over 1100 TB available, but much of it has been assigned to dedicated physics tasks, service challenges - meaning and role changing. Starting the FY08 installation process - first bunch of upgrades available in January.
    • Gabriele: should be more in contact w/ production managers as to how to use a new scratch area. Plan on a short visit next week during the Tier1 meeting next week - Thursday. Also need to publish which datasets are available on disk.
    • Everything on BNLPANDA is in a mixed disk/tape situation. No management or factorization - for example frequently needed datasets can get migrated to disk. Pin files on disk at the dataset level.
  • Production shift report (Mark)
    • Input files
    • MWT2 - DQ2 0.4 upgrade complete
    • siteinfo.py updated
    • Pusher process died, restarted
    • New release of Pilot3 installed at BNL
    • BNL - two operators availale till midnight (Kevin/Enrique) - to cover BNL site issues after hours. Will post contact info on shift twiki.
    • eLog - had a student at UTA working on this. Need to find a machine - hope to have a week or two.

Operations: DDM (Alexei)

  • Status of M5 processing and distribution of datasets to the facility

DQ2 0.4 deployment (Hiro, Patrick, Shawn)

  • See further DQ2SiteServices to capture deployment experience, known issues.
  • Next site: MWT2 - done.
  • Patrick reports a DQ2 host failed - not sure if it was a hardware failure. Also notices a large number of zombie processes wrapped around glite-transfer processes (possible a status call). Wei also reports this happening at SLAC as well (3 started since November 3, still there). Happening at BU, AGLT2 (1500), UC. Submit as a DDM Savannah ticket. Could be an FTS issue.

Analysis Queues (Bob, Mark)

  • See AnalysisQueueP2 - Nothing changed since last week.
  • Looking at sites with analysis queues - starting first with sites w/ Condor queues. Proceed w/ OU first (waiting to come back online). Can start by getting an entry in siteinfo.py. (Horst: still working on Ibrix issue - hope to get back to it later this week, early next week.)
  • Then move onto PBS/LSF queues.
    • Action item: Mark will provide similar instructions for PBS. -Mark still working on it.
    • Setup one machine, soley reserved for analysis.
    • Wei - running LSF - probably be running another queue - using fairshare - what to give it? Need to discuss this in-depth.
    • Site admins: please contact Bob at ball@umich.edu to discuss setting up analysis queues.
  • Can test w/ event generator jobs. Can direct to a specific site, need analysis pilots going in. Needs to be based on pilot3.

Accounting (Shawn, Rob)

Follow-up on (see AccountingP2) issues.

Network Performance and Throughput initiative (Dantong)

  • See work in progress at NetworkPerformanceP2
  • OU progress - cannot get good performance with a single stream (~250 Mbps), up to 940 Mbps w/ multiple threads. Also some directional - dependence.
  • Follow-up on BU - no changes to atlas.bu.edu.
    • Worked with Augustine and Shawn - step-by-step; changed tcp buffer size - BNL-to-BU (950 Mbps). BU now at 10 Gpbs.
    • Finding lower performance BU to BNL due to 2% packet loses, killing tcp performance.
    • Traced to a problem with a dirty fiber causing CRC errors at the NOX.
  • This week - fix BU, do OU.

Throughput initiative - overview (Shawn)

  • First step is to make sure the hosts are properly tuned, above.
  • Hiro preparing the files and has initiated a transfer, 3.6 GB files in a test subscription.
  • Ramping up to a higher rate, using FTS controlled by Hiro.

Load test displays, issues from the last week (Jay)

  • 1 stream:

  • 12 streams:

  • Making live graphs available on web page via MonALISA respoitory.
  • Looking into gridview plots via web service publisher
  • Focus on AGLT2


RSV, Nagios, SAM (WLCG) site availability monitoring program (Tomasz)

  • No change about RSV probes.
  • There were some firewall issues creating false alarms.
  • Plan to switch this into instances - one for "internal" and one "external". Need some hardware for the second server. Target before SLAC meeting.

Site news and issues (All Sites)

  • T1: Lots of issues regarding missing data on disk necessary for production. Currently investigating - dcache to hpss service. M5 data taking has stopped. US ATLAS did an outstanding job in getting the data.. more than >72000 files, >2000 datasets. 100% of raw data (all except one file) replicated to BNL. They started on Tuesday of last week - since then >40 TB. 20TB/day, 250-300 MB/s sustained over multiple days. Written to tape and disk. Internal bandwidth 500-600 MB/s.
    • OSG update to 0.8 one server this week, second week of 15th.
  • AGLT2: OSG 0.8 - worked fine (outside AFS). Ugraded to Condor 6.9.4. All working well. Problem with channels in FTS. Create a channel per SE.
  • NET2: Update on accounting issue - looking at WLCG accounting - "not obviously wrong". Problem with cleanse.py. DB release subscription. Upgrade to OSG 0.8 right after SC07.
  • MWT2: DQ2 0.4 upgraded. At IU_OSG - having troubles w/ GPFS. OSG 0.8 in the next week.
  • SWT2_UTA: No major hardware issues for the last week. Busy getting latest cluster online - storage characterized. OSG 0.8 before SLAC meeting.
  • SWT2_OU: bug fixed rpm for Ibrix issues. DQ2 LRC is working - latest DB releases. Expect to get 10 Gbps into machine room in about a month. Expect to ask Xin releases this afternoon.
  • WT2: Still working on prep for Tier2 meeting. Remote access - working on remote access. OSG 0.8 - before Thanksgiving. Filesystem interface to Xrootd. 10 Gbps network upgrade postponed to next year.

RT Queues and pending issues (Tomasz)

Carryover action items

Panda release installation jobs

  • Wei is working with Tadashi; fixed a proxy problem.


  • Encryption to syslog-ng Still to do, carryover.

Site performance jobs and metrics

  • Carryover; some benchmarking work w/ quad core opterons.

New Action Items

  • See items in carry-overs and new in bold above.


  • none

-- RobertGardner - 05 Nov 2007

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