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Minutes of the Facilities Integration Program meeting, March 26, 2008
  • Previous meetings and background : IntegrationProgram
  • Coordinates: Wednesdays, 1:00pm Eastern
    • Phone: (605) 475-6000, Access code: 735188; Dial *6 to mute/un-mute.


  • Meeting attendees:
  • Apologies: Rob

Integration program update (Michael)

Special topic: DQ2 0.6 upgrade (Hiro)

  • Follow-up: deployment readiness - as of last week, the final version still testing, not available.

Next procecurements

Analysis Queue Update (Nurcan)

  • TWiki page for submitting pathena jobs on the FDR Data PathenaOnFDRData.
  • Follow-ups from the Jamboree week (these are listed also in the twiki page):
    • The issue with not being able to retrieve the output dataset if the same output dataset was used in an earlier unsuccessful pathena submission is solved. Tadashi implemented a protection in pathena (3/21/08).
    • Deleting user datasets made with pathena: the work already started, the implementation is in place, some tests have been done, final requirements/features to be added (Hiro and Charles).
    • Automatic redirection of analysis jobs within a cloud. Namely, no need to specify site - pathena will choose the best site based on data availability and available CPU's (needs couple of weeks to implement).
    • A survey: analysis packages used to run pathena at the analysis queues are listed here.

Operations: Production (Kaushik)

  • Production summary
  • Production shift report

Operations: DDM (Hiro)

  • Follow-up
    • CCRC08 replication status
  • From last week: AOD replication to Tier2s for analysis - we need a higher level plan for identifying and managing the placement of data to Tier2s. Kaushik - have been discussing this, we have two new Panda hires coming on board. These are higher level services coming above the Tier2s. Need to bridge the gap between now and when these services would be available.

ATLAS requirements for storage elements (April 2)

  • Follow-up - progress from sites
    • Now a formal requirement space tokens at the Tier2s. Outlined in Kor's document for CCRC08.
  • AGLT2
  • MWT2
  • WT2
  • NET2
  • SWT2

LFC integration (John/Mark/Hiro)

  • Follow-up: meeting held this Tuesday

Accounting (Shawn, Rob)

Summary of existing accounting issues.

Throughput initiative - status (Jay)

  • Report from Monday's meeting

Panda release installation issues (Xin)

  • Any release installation issues to follow up? Xin thinks we can start using it now. The issue is how to submit the pilots to do these jobs. There is a plan possible to use autopilot, but there may be problems. Xin will follow-up with Torre.
    • Last week No update - still tied up with Condor-G. Revisit this week.

Nagios Alerts - Focus review (Dantong)

  • Any follow-up

RSV, Nagios, SAM (WLCG) site availability monitoring program (Tomasz)

Tier3 issues

Site news and issues (all sites)

RT Queues and pending issues (Tomasz)

Carryover action items

  • Procurements
    • We need to come up with a good plan for the split between storage and CPU. There is some flexibility.
  • Accounting: US ATLAS Facility view (Rob) - status: John Gordon follow-up with APEL developers; expect something in about a month.
    • News from John Gordon:

New Action Items

  • See items in carry-overs and new in bold above.


  • None

-- RobertGardner - 19 Mar 2008

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