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  • Attending: Sarah, David, Horst, Shawn, Saul, Rob, Patrick, Wei, Andy
  • Apologies: Hiro, Ofer

FAX Status:

this meeting

  • Rob: issue with redirector at central region. will upload config file to git repository


Panda Movers

ANALY /Performance (Rob, Ilija, Doug)


  • What are the requirements for clients? X509 proxy with valid ATLAS voms attribute; X509 infrastructure (/etc/grid-security/certificates, etc.)
this meeting
  • X509 Proxy workaround to all FAX client sites: (Short version of the proposed workaround from David):
# more $OSG_APP/atlas_app/local/setup.sh.local
export XrdSecGSIUSERPROXY=${X509_USER_PROXY}_XrdProxy
voms-proxy-init –quiet	\ 
     -voms atlas:/atlas	\ 
     -vomses "path-to-a-vomes/vomses”	\ 
     -key $X509_USER_PROXY	\ 
     -cert $X509_USER_PROXY	\ 
     -out $XrdSecGSIUSERPROXY	\

cmdsd+dcache/xrootd door

last meeting:

  • Sarah: dCache xrootd door's performance similar to dCap door.
  • A "authorization" plugin for the dCache/xrootd door which uses the cached GFN->LFN information to correctly respond to GFN requests (Hiro/Shawn/?). Hiro, will work on a Java API for LFC first.
this meeting:
  • Ilija is working on the plug-in. propose a meeting during the CHEP2012 week with dCache developr (Paul).


  • place holder

Xrootd release 3.1.0 deployment

Summary of previous meetings: notes only
  • Xrootd releases come out with some functional validation by stakeholders and large sites. But lack a formal release validation process.
  • CMS abandoned Dcap plug-in for Xrootd OFS. They use dCache xrootd door directly or Xrootd overlap dCache.
  • Known issues:
    • RPM updates overwrite /etc/init.d/{xrootd,cmsd} which have LFC environment setup. Those setup should go to /etc/system/xrootd which survives rpm updates. Patrick will test it.
  • SWT2: N2N? crashing issue is understood (conflict of signal usage in regular xrootd and Globus). Solution is either use a proxy, or regular xrootd with "async off".
  • Xrootd 3.1.1 is ready for deployment at all sites.
this meeting
  • Issue with 3.2.0/3.2.1. site should either stay at 3.1.1, or upgrade to 3.2.1. Do not stay at 3.2.0.

-- WeiYang - 16 May 2012

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