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FAX Status:


Redirection topology (Wei)

  • EU, UK, FR, DE redirectors are setup at CERN (UK rdr may move to RAL)
  • prefer peer relationship between BNL redrirector and EU redirector (due to network latency).
  • Redundant rdr setups at US?
  • Add fail over configuration to all US sites:
BNL, BU, UTA, SLAC and MWT2 regional redirector:  xrootd.redirect glrd.usatlas.org:1094 ? /atlas
UC, UIUC, OU (t2):  xrootd.redirect xrd-central.usatlasfacility.org:1094 ? /atlas
AGLT2: do nothing (current configuration contains a workaround of a bug in dCache Xrootd door. The workaround conflicts with the setup for fail over)

Federating dcache xrootd door (Ilija, Shawn)

this meeting:
  • A working prototype is available at AGLT2


Adding redirection monitoring at all sites:
  • for pure redirectors (glrd.usatlas.org, MWT2 regional rdr, etc). Please add the following
xrootd.monitor all flush 60s rbuff 4k dest redir atl-prod05.slac.stanford.edu:9930
  • for data servers/proxy servers that already have xrootd.monitoring, please make sure "rbuff 4k" and "redir" (and the above xrootd.redirect line) are added in the right place (note: they is needed to report redirector failover, and with xrootd 3.2.2, it also help to workaround a bug that prevents monitoring info from been sent)
xrootd.monitor all ... rbuff 4k dest redir .... atl-prod05.slac.stanford.edu:9930

Panda Movers Update (Patrick)


previous meeting X509 Proxy workaround to all FAX client sites: (Short version of the proposed workaround from David):
# more $OSG_APP/atlas_app/local/setup.sh.local
export XrdSecGSIUSERPROXY=${X509_USER_PROXY}_XrdProxy
voms-proxy-init –quiet	\ 
     -voms atlas:/atlas	\ 
     -vomses "path-to-a-vomes/vomses”	\ 
     -key $X509_USER_PROXY	\ 
     -cert $X509_USER_PROXY	\ 
     -out $XrdSecGSIUSERPROXY	\
this meeting if all sites have updated to xrootd 3.2.2, we don't need this workaround at site anymore (get confirmation from sites)

-- WeiYang - 01 Aug 2012

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