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Minutes of the US ATLAS Data Management meeting, Nov. 24, 2009
  • Previous meetings and background : IntegrationProgram
  • Coordinates: Tuesdays, Noon Central
    • (605) 715-4900, Access code: 735188; Dial *6 to mute/un-mute.


  • Meeting attendees: Charles, Armen, Bob, John, Hiro, Wei, Shawn, Rob, Patrick, Saul, Wensheng, Michael
  • Apologies: Pedro
  • Guests:

Topics for this week

  • Data deletion - all
    • Continuing ACL issues - BNL, MWT2, AGLT2??
    • Charles - quick check shows directory ACL's were fine, but some file ACL's were wrong (old files, about 3k out of 3M)
    • Hiro - most problems are due to old pilot problem, and also since US pilots are using US production role (need to check if this is still necessary)
    • Plan of action - instructions by Charles and Hiro to check and fix LFC permissions?
    • USERDISK cleanup - Hiro
      • Running at all 5 Tier 2's, but could be having problems at AGLT2 (Chimera?)
      • Deleting records in LFC first, then delete physical files using bulk deletion (50 files)
    • To remind cleaning policy in the US:
      • MCDISK/DATADISK - cleaned by Central Deletion (but may also be cleaned by site only if there is space shortage)
      • MCTAPE/DATATAPE - cleaned by Central Deletion, with notification to BNL to make sure files are fully removed from dcache
      • SCRATCHDISK - cleaned by Central Deletion
      • GROUPDISK - cleaned by Central Deletion
      • HOTDISK - never cleaned?
      • PRODDISK - cleaned by site
      • USERDISK - cleaned by Hiro
      • LOCALGROUPDISK - cleaned by Hiro
  • Tier 3 migration to BNL LFC - Hiro
    • All sites done
  • Tier 2 migration to BNL SS - Hiro
    • Postponed till next meeting
  • Available space status - Armen
    • Lots of data09_1beam, data09_900GeV coming to sites
    • Tier 1 tokens - looks fine
    • Tier 2 tokens - looks fine, lowest available is 40 TB on DATADISK
    • BNL SCRATCHDISK issue from last week, LFC cleaned but storage not cleaned (10TB) - Armen will follow up by email
    • MCDISK plans - expect 100 TB in next 6 weeks (but some already done), and 100 TB early 2010
  • Hot issues
    • dcache instabilities at AGLT2?
      • Shawn - being monitored. If caused by deletion, will find out soon.
    • workernode space issues at NET2?
      • Analysis jobs failing, about 100, running out of space, by Johannes (HC)
  • AOB
    • Hiro - NET2 needs to change srm version to 2.2.0

-- KaushikDe - 24 Nov 2009

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