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Minutes of the US ATLAS Data Management meeting, June 22, 2010
  • Previous meetings and background : IntegrationProgram
  • Coordinates: Tuesdays, Noon Central
    • (605) 715-4900, Access code: 735188; Dial *6 to mute/un-mute.


  • Meeting attendees: Charles, Wensheng, Armen, Bob, Shawn, Wei, Saul, Patrick,, Rob, Hiro, John, Pedro
  • Apologies:
  • Guests:

Topics for this week

  • PD2P Status - Kaushik
    • PD2P = PanDA Dynamic Data Placement, in operation about 1 week (since 6/16)
    • Working well (I have been monitoring daily) - needed one tuning to avoid replicating RAW, RDO and HITS
    • Analysis of subscriptions: 293 subscriptions total, 41% AOD, 37% ESD, 13% NTUP, rest DPD etc
    • Another way to slice: 73% MCDISK, 27% DATADISK
      7 AGLT2_MCDISK
      9 MWT2_UC_MCDISK
      39 NET2_DATADISK
      78 NET2_MCDISK
      73 SWT2_CPB_MCDISK
    • Majority AOD is a surprise - since these should have been distributed automatically, users are now getting them faster through PD2P
    • Propose to stop all ESD and DESD subscriptions to US Tier 2's - unanimously agreed.
  • Space status - Armen
    • BNL in good shape. Some Tier 2's are tight.
    • Saul - NET2 is going to run out of space in 20 minutes! Decision - delete the RAW datasets locally.
    • Kaushik - since PD2P is working well, we will delete 20-40% of old data in the next couple of days, starting with sites in most danger.
    • Armen - Kaushik needs to discuss with ADC how to automatically/centrally delete data from sites which do not impose hard quotas on space tokens.
  • USERDISK deletions - Hiro
    • Already deleted all user files from 2009. Getting ready to start the process till Mar 31, 2010.
    • Fixing email address of some people
    • Now showing top 20 user for each site
    • Simone requested that deletion should be done through central services
    • What about deleting group*, mc*, data*... from USERDISK? Kaushik: put limit of 1 month only. No emails. Armen will send email to groups the first time.
  • DATADISK/MCDISK deletions - Wensheng
    • Submitted several bunches of deletions in recent days. All done except the ones from yesterday.
  • Hot issues
    • Shawn - need to make it easier for users to put data on GROUPDISK.
  • AOB
    • Action item - Hiro looking for dark files on MCDISK and DATADISK at BNL.
    • Action item - Need to automatically delete empty datasets older than 2 weeks - Charles will look into making script. Working on it, and other ccc issues.
    • Action item - Kaushik will follow up on topic of making all US sites consistent with long/short names in LFC.

-- KaushikDe - 22 Jun 2010

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