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Minutes of the US ATLAS Data Management meeting, Feb 24, 2009
  • Previous meetings and background : IntegrationProgram
  • Coordinates: Tuesdays, 3:00pm Central
    • (309) 946-5300, Access code: 735188; Dial *6 to mute/un-mute.


  • Meeting attendees: Pedro, Armen, Hiro, Rob, Charles, Saul, John, Bob, Patrick, Wei, Wensheng, Shawn
  • Apologies: Alexei
  • Guests: None


A regular meeting to discuss site-level data management issues in depth, for US cloud, to include topics such as:
  • Storage validation (filesystem, LFC, DQ2 catalog)
  • Data placement policies
  • Data deletion policies, plans
  • Data transfer problems
  • Datasets required at sites for analysis, datasets to be deleted, etc
  • User & group dataset policies
  • Storage capacities required in space tokens
  • Storage capacities reporting

Topics for this week

  • Introduction - Kaushik
  • Storage reporting status - Armen
  • PRODDISK cleanup - Charles
    • proddisk-cleanse.py http://repo.mwt2.org/viewvc/admin-scripts/lfc
      • probably too general if cleaning PRODDISK only
        • Starts from LFC (for pandamover data) and optionally DQ2 listings (if -dq2 flag specified). Does not traverse filesystem, so will not find "orphan" files on filesystem (see next item)
        • Evolved from cleanse.py (pre-space-token). Would be good to have a spec for what this program should be doing (overlapping datasets, etc).
      • cleaning pandamover data (_dis datasets) - works well, by data range, would be nice to have a storage threshold option also
      • can also clean DQ2 data (only file/LFC deletion, _sub datasets or mistakes), would be nice to have an option to delete dataset info from central catalog.
    • Site usage:
      • MWT2 - cleans both types of data, on demand (when fills up), use default of 2 weeks (files older than)
      • AGLT2, NET2 - same as MWT2
      • SWT2 - so far only used to clean pandamover data once
      • WT2 - only tried once, older version

  • Stray file checker ccc.py Charles
    • CCC = Complete Consistency Checker - http://repo.mwt2.org/viewvc/admin-scripts/lfc/
    • Looks for ghosts (present in catalog but not on disk) and orphans (vice-versa)
    • Somewhat dcache specific, but easy to modify for other fs
    • Discuss in future meeting

  • Current deletion policies - Hiro, Armen
    • Tier 2's are not cleaning any other space token (only PRODDISK)
    • some data may have gotten deleted in other space tokens - we will pick this topic up later
    • For obsolete data, we would like to clean centrally from BNL all US cloud, after notification to user
    • Technical problems - these datasets are no longer in central catalog
      • Discussing with DDM the possibility to get the information from central catalog (Pedro has filed Savannah ticket)
      • Backup plan, get a dump from DQ2 catalog
    • Hiro is developing deletion tool (keeps list of all datasets to be deleted in the US cloud)
      • Daemon does cleanup automatically
      • Tool is space token specific
      • Let's try this centrally from BNL (unless load becomes too high - then we have to run at each site)
    • USERDISK cleanup at BNL - users have been notified, but not been cleaned
      • Waiting for Hiro's tool to be ready
      • Can also be used for cleaning Tier 2's
      • Always notify user (more details from Armen here)
  • Hot issues
    • What if space gets filled up - discuss next meeting.
    • List of datasets that must be present (possibly deleted from DATADISK)
  • AOB

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